Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Speaking out!

Thanks to all who have emailed with thoughts for Worth Dikeman. All have expressed universal sadness at the tremendous loss caused by his firing.

He was the glue that held the office together in the last four difficult years, the one who people went to went they needed advice, had legal questions, or were wrestling with a difficult case. His eternal optimism, sense of humor and exceptional moral character will be sadly missed.

This blog is a safe place for you to post comments, anonymously or not. Share your stories and feelings.

It is also a safe place to reveal the problems, and the truth about Paul Gallegos.

Much of what has gone on has been allowed to go on because too many stood silent - out of fear, mostly.

I encourage you to speak out. Here, and to the editors of the North Coast Journal, Eureka Reporter, McKinleyville Press, and the Arcata Eye.

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  1. your lame ROSE get a support a racist

  2. "I encourage you to speak out. Here, and to the editors of the North Coast Journal, Eureka Reporter, McKinleyville Press, and the Arcata Eye."

    Interesting list, Rose. Thanks for pointing out which are the most fraudulent newspapers and editors.

  3. Only the Times Standard continues to drink the Kool-Aid.

    Time for "R Trent" to move to greener pastures.

  4. Well it's pretty obvious that 3:46 PM, 7:14 PM, and 7:14 PM are the same ignorant pig.

    Let's get back to basics; you're right Rose. Many people will not speak out for fear, fear of retaliation. If you speak out at the DA's Office you get fired if you're a Deputy DA. The law enforcement officers spoke out and look what it's done for them. Debi August spoke out and see how she was treated and how much money it cost her. PG, his controllers and followers will use/abuse their power to go after anyone that opposes the gang or dishes out any critisizm.

    I think many people are getting fed up with everything going on with PG and his gang. Dikeman's firing, the plagiarism (DISHONESTY / FRAUD) is just a window into PG. PG is a vindictive man who is and has been intoxicated with his position and power.

    Who knows what may come out. There was the super slueth that figured out the "My Word" scandal for PG. There is more out there. I think tracking the plea bargains and PG's association with "CERTAIN" defense attorneys could be quite revealing. The general public needs to know, keep up the good work.

    Speculation is that Tim Stoen won't have a job after January 1st ! Will PG give him a job ? No one else will hire him !

  5. Rose said...
    Only the Times Standard continues to drink the Kool-Aid.
    Time for "R Trent" to move to greener pastures.

    I like the pastures here just fine, Rose.

    And speaking of "Kool-Aid", why don't you try it some time?

  6. Aren't you getting tired of making excuses for this bozo? He keeps messing up, he's lazy, and he really doesn't give a shit about your cause. He isn't half the man you are, and you are inherently more honest than he is - it's gotta wear on you. And covering his ass has destroyed your reputation.

    Turn away from the dark side, come back to the light.

  7. he really doesn't give a shit about your cause.

    Hah! You don't a shit about my cause, so who are you to judge?

  8. Why not use your name?

  9. OK, sorry, I know - which name?

  10. Good one Rose!

    Zing, right between the eyes!

    Take that Jennifer, or Trent, or Bill, or Sally, or whatever name it is this time.

  11. Rose, as I mentioned before, anyone whom knows Worth realizes he is not a racist. I'm confused why the court does not think the decisions made by Worth were those of cultural beliefs and differences. Racism, no way! The regressives are using this only to take the bullseye off of bozo PG. Roy

  12. As I understand it - the couts have traditionally held that if there were 'race neutral' reasons for excluding certain prospective jurors, that trumped a possible "racial" reason.

    What the 9th Circuit appears to be saying is that now, in these politically correct times, no hint of "race" will be tolerated regardless of whether or not there were overwhelming "race neutral" reasons.

    This will have wide reaching effects, and will undoubtedly increase the number of appeals on the basis of this, suddenly in vogue, technicality.

    Because of the seriousness of the overreaching effect of this decison - it is possible that the US Supreme Court will now agree to hear the appeal that should be filed by the CA Attorney General's Office.

    Worth Dikeman is no racist, as all who know him will tell you. The smearing of his name by Gallegos' handlers is disgusting and disgraceful.

  13. Hoping Worth doesn't get tired of all this and give up on the lot of us.

    The many glowing letters in support of Worth, his character, expertise, patience and dedication still echo around the trees here.

    No one can say anything similar for Paul Gallegos-righteous surfer dude maybe. Keeps his grass mowed?

  14. I forgot, Richard, you do still have Estelle Fennel and KMUD. She's still drinkin' the purple Kool-Aid. Ya better quit lyin' to her. Pass that message on to Paul.

  15. You're jealous, Rose. I knew you'd have it in for me when I didn't reciprocate your interest. Are you going to punish me for the rest of my life?

  16. Why isn't Shellenberger taking you on the bigger ride? International affairs, and all.

  17. Get over it, Rose.

  18. Rose NO!! Put the gun down! Please! Put the gun down!!!

  19. I don't think means it that way. I think she's pointing to the karma locomotive hurtling down the tracks towards the Progressive bus stalled on the tracks at the crossing..

  20. Name one good thing that Paul Gallegos has done.

    Not the Palco suit - It's already shown that he didn't "discover" evidence of fraud. That his handlers were in the office helping draft the suit, which didn't even qualify to go to trial, didn't even pass demurrer, thrown out by the judge.

    Not bringing the office into the 21st Century. There are documents proving that the computer system was ordered before Gallegos took office.


    It's been nice 'talking' to you Richard, but you're boring me.

  21. Rose you should be pleased that Dick is addicted to your blog.

  22. no Dicks are needed though...
    Sorry couldn't stop myself from that retort hehe

  23. I think that you have to be a former defense attorney to be hired by Gallegos. It seems to be a requirement in one's resume.

    You have to ask yourself why career defense attorneys feel comfortable being prosecutors in this office.

    Is it because the DA is so leniant that these former defense attorneys can do more good for criminals by working for the DA?

  24. Isn't that a quote from Swartz?

    "you can do more good for your clients as a prosecutor"

    a statement made to a defense attorney on the 2nd floor ... what a guy HUGO is.


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