Sunday, October 01, 2006

The latest Letters and Opinions

The beautiful thing about the Blog-sphere is that now, for the first time, there is a place for the entire record. As it happens, and a chance for people to weigh in.

The Eureka Reporter's letters to the Editor are online. The Times Standard and North Coast Journal are not at this time.
Will work on transcribing letters from the other papers and posting them in the comments section.

Here's the latest:
Ethical quagmire created by Gallegos' acceptance of casino's contribution

Writer hopes editor's note was not an indication of a right-wing agenda
Yeah, and then they'll say, if you had any problems you should have brought it up at the time.

Gallegos is 'public servant,' not Legal Spiegel

Aren't we being taken for fools

UPDATE: 11/18/2006
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  1. Wouldn't you have to have ethics to have an ethical quaqmire ?

    That's assuming facts not in evidence. Nobody has accused Gallegos of having ethics.

  2. 3:34pm - I love you!

  3. 3:34 - you would also have to have intelligence and common sense, neither which he has. Gallegos had to go to an unaccredited law school after he evidently couldn't make the grade his first year. He has gutted his office of all that he felt inadequate around and hired a bunch of lame brains that couldn't find their backsides with two hands and a flashlight. That is why they are getting convictions and taking pleas for voluntary manslaughter down from original charges of first degree premeditated murder with special circumstances.

  4. Yeah and that is why there is no more first offense DUI' its all reckless driving or infractions. Most if not all the Domestic violence cases are pled down to disturbing the peace or simple battery.

    How about the guy with 9 felonies reduced to a charge he can expunge and he did no jail time.

    How about the 4 rapists having the charges dropped for false imprisonment.

    Oh yeah...he has brought quality justice to us....Not....


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