Thursday, October 12, 2006


Do you believe that Paul Gallegos "discovered" evidence of FRAUD a few weeks after he took office?


  1. Absolutely not. The alledged PL fraud and subsequent law suit was planned and initiated months before PG took office, via Ken Miller and friends (Schectman). The same (Dr.) Ken Miller that sells 215 recommendations out of his garage, the same Dr. Miller that led the charge against EPD regarding the Moore shooting, the same Dr. Miller that lives in McKinleyille but donates $2000 to Larry Glass for his Eureka City Council election campaign, the same Dr. Ken Miller that wants to influence the selection of the new EPD chief ( something I'm sure is at the top of the list of important things for other McKinleyville residents).

    I'm not sure if PG was just paying pack those PL haters that gave him so much support (money, footwork, campaign assistance) OR it was part of a bigger plan to make PG out to be the "unknown prgressive" DA that took on the big bad corporations, the hated PL. Part of the current PG myth to make PG appear to be some kind of hero and have integrity?

    The PL suit ended up being a disaster. It wasted lots resorces, divided the comunnity, and had lots to do with the recall (wasting lots of money). Even though the PL "fraud" suit was a failure, PG is still getting mileage from it. PG's handlers and/or PR team make him out to be a local folk hero, the new David, with PL and "the good ole boys" as the new Goliath. PG (and Miller) keep the myth alive by talking about an appeal. It's been what ? A year? And still no appeal! And let's not forget we got Tim Stoen, the kool aid king, out of this all. Stoen, of Jonestown massacre fame, gets "hand picked" as the ADA, causes hate and desention (and a sexual harrasment complaint-remember that) uses the DA's office to attack and persecute a political enemy (August), gets demoted by PG (who says "Tim is a stud", then quits (in shame) and goes back to Mendocino County.

    I've gone beyond the question but, in the first few weeks Gallegos couldn't find his ass with a map let alone "discover" fraud by PL.

  2. I thought the leaked e-mails confirmed that the evidence came from Dr. Miller. Is there another story now?

  3. No I think that is the story. Miller (& Schectman?)had the so called "evidence" and began working on the PL lawsuit prior to PG taking office. The STORY is that the part about "discovering" evidence a few weeks into office is just that, a story. In fact calling it a story is being kind.

    Come on Eric, anyone with 1/2 a brain and just a little insight knows that Tim leaked his own e-mails.

    Do have any information to the contrary? If you do I'd love to hear it. Information that is, not some made up spin fairy tale to make your buddy look good. But as you always ask for, demand, FACTS.

  4. Agreed 9:48, which is why the police found absolutely no evidence of "leaking" or "wrongdoing." Little Timmy, Ken and Richard concocted another conspiracy. Sort of like the claim that someone got into PG's house and "turned up the heater."

    Truly pathetic.

  5. That was a pretty pathetic attempt to get PG victim "status" during the recall. Oh yes, someone breaks into the DA's house full of everyday items like TV's, appliances, camera's, DVD's, and whatever but they don't take anything they just turn up the heat !! And the DA's wife alluded that maybe PL was behind it. Comical but sad.

  6. It's what I have stated calling the "Salzman Surprise" RIGHT BEFORE the election, SOMETHING BAD MAGICALLY HAPPENS. The "heat" being turned up, and "Eureka Jobs" stuff on TV.

    Both had two things in common.

    Salzman was runing the show.
    These happened right before the elections.

  7. That's right!

    I was just thinking today, as I passed all the Bass for Mayor signs that LaValle will probably get desparate soon, and with Salzman's counsel (he's being paid by LaValle according to campaign expenditure documents) will have to pull some similar stunt.

    Just wait...I bet it happens.

  8. Dear 10/12, 8:42 am, What you failed to mention was there was never a background check done on Tim Stoen, prior to his hiring as Assistant District Attorney. Sounds like he refused the check, so Paulie got it past the Board of Sups as an emergency funding matter. Its not a wonder Tim refused the check, since he had planned the murder of Lester Kinsolving and all the devious other acts the peoples Temple had planned and some carried out. Imagine trying to apply for a law enforcement position these days and not having a background check done on you. And this clown, Tim was appointed our Asst. DA in Humboldt County, the #2 law enforcement position. Shows you the level of integrity Paulie has. Love to hear how the Board of Sups feel about Paulie now? Roy

  9. Gallegos, Stoen, Salzman, Schectman, Miller, Clanton, Merserve, Bowman, LaVallee, Glass, Twombly, Shellenberger, and of course Swartz !

    Such a cast of characters ! Such a big bed.

  10. Yes we have a DA, supposed to the the chief law enforcement officer of the county, and he could not pass a basic Peace Officer background check ! Crazy but true.

    There is some speculation that Gag's will try and bring Timmy back if the new DA in Mendocino gives him the boot. And there is speculation that Timmy is going to get the boot ! Vroman was his only chance, his safety net.

  11. Come on Eric, anyone with 1/2 a brain and just a little insight knows that Tim leaked his own e-mails.

    Do have any information to the contrary?

    Uh, no. And I don't have any information to the contrary that the government captured Aliens who crashed on Earth and are holding them at Area 51. But that doesn't mean I believe it. The burden is upon the one making the proposition, especially in light of the lack of a motive.

  12. Sort of like the claim that someone got into PG's house and "turned up the heater."

    Actually, the Gallegos family has been subjected to harassment far creepier than that.

  13. "the burden is upon the one making the proposition" ! Oh Eric, enough with the lawyer legaleeze to try and slime out of this one.

    as to the last post ....

    "harassment creepier than that", I never heard or read about anything other that the two BS burlgaries, which were false alarms on the alarm system. Don't know if I should feel sorry for them or wonder if it's just another story?

  14. With regards to the "break in" - at the time it struck me as exactly the same kinds of tactics employed by Jim Jones. In order to garner sympathy and keep his followers close he staged a couple of similar "events" - in one of them he claimed to have been shot by an unknown assailant across the field. When no bullet holes were evident he claimed to have miraculously healed himself. Diversions.

    Many people believe the "leaked" e-mails were leaked by Stoen himself, since they were printed off his computer, apparently. Does it make sense? Maybe not to you and me, but these are not normal people you are dealing with here.

  15. I never heard or read about anything other that the two BS burlgaries

    I don't know if it's appropriate for me to talk about it, because I don't want to give people ideas. Nothing I've heard about is unusual for a controversial public figure, however, it's real.

  16. Dear Eric, Do you think that Paulie is the only victim of harassment? You had better think again and be prepared to change your underwear, because you do not have a clue. Roy

  17. Harassment .......... like the harassment (persecution) of Debi August? You mean that kind? Or the harassment of the EPD after the Moore shooting? You mean that kind of harassment?

    Or just saying negative, even if they're all true.

    Eric,I can understand that you may not want to betray a confidence or to give ideas to other bad guys BUT, do you really know that it is true? Or were you just told llke everyone else was told about the leaked e-mails and the "alledged breakins?

  18. What I heard wasn't overly dramatic, just mildly creepy. And the fact that the Gallegos' haven't made a big deal about them suggests to me that they're true.

    I mean they get weird phone calls, which you'd expect. But a little more than that.

    And really, I feel the same way about the Bush family, the Clintons, the Arkleys, and the Gallegos' - why do people have to bring their kids into it?

  19. Eric, I agree family and kids should be off limits. If Daddy is a politician he is the target of public attention, not the family.

    I wouldn't expect wierd phone calls. I get pissed at telemarketers calling.

  20. Even people who write letters to the editor get weird phone calls, Eric.

  21. status of the PL case
    swiped from heraldo:
    anonymous said...

    Date Description Notes
    11/18/2005 Exempt filing fee.

    11/18/2005 Notice of appeal lodged/received. People of the State of California filed 7-26-05

    11/18/2005 Notified parties of local rules and procedures.

    11/18/2005 Received: Designation of Record (CRC, rule 5) filed 9-29-05

    12/12/2005 Default letter sent; no case information statement filed.

    12/29/2005 Civil case information statement filed. Judgment/order needed & ** is here **

    12/29/2005 Letter to counsel - 15 days to file case information statement. judgment/order needed

    01/31/2006 Filed document entitled: Judgment/order needed to attach to DKT filed 12/29/05.

    07/11/2006 Record on appeal filed. c-7 r-2

    08/04/2006 Requested - extension of time.

    08/04/2006 Granted - extension of time.

    09/06/2006 Telephone conversation with: Belinda from the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office stating that an eot for the aob is on its way.

    09/11/2006 Requested - extension of time.

    09/13/2006 Granted - extension of time.
    9/29/2006 01:27:13 PM

    heraldo said...
    Thanks, 1:27. Can you post the link where you found that?
    9/29/2006 04:48:55 PM

    eric v. kirk said...
    Boy. Why did it take 8 months to get the record ready? That consists of the court file, any exhibits, and the transcript for any hearings. But this case never even went to trial.

    I've filed a few appeals and we've never taken this long to get to the briefing. The waiting usually comes after we've completed it. But I don't do a whole lot of appeals, so I can't say what's normal.
    9/29/2006 10:35:41 PM

  22. Hey Erik, I used to get wierd phone calls all the time around election season from the supporters of Gags. Sometimes they called me more then twice a day. Getting odd phone calls isn't anything special. And, do we know that the calls are for him, his wife is still working as a defense lawyer right?

  23. I feel for you Eric, you seem a little too brainwashed. Now weird phone calls count.


  24. Weird phone calls definitely count. Until you've received them, apparently you won't take them seriously.

  25. OK, what is the definition of a "weird" phone call ? Does weird mean obscene? Threatening?

  26. Oooh how scary.

  27. Lions and tigers and bears oh my !


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