Monday, October 02, 2006

More letters

Apparently the letter writer believes Mr Arkley made "generous campaign contributions" to Worth Dikeman's campaign. In fact he did not.

Perhaps the letter writer missed this in one of the previous articles: "In the previous election involving GALLEGOS — the recall effort in March 2004 — the single largest donation, $17,000, came from local business owners Rob and Cherie Arkley, followed by one for $10,035 from Petrolia resident R.B. Cogswell."

The reason Mr. Arkley's campaign contribution, and presumably Mr. Cogswell's contribution, to Paul Gallegos was not an "issue" was that neither Mr. Arkley nor Mr. Cogswell had a case pending before Gallegos' court, nor did he have any family members with a case pending before the court who could be given what appears to be favorable treatment. The same applies to other large donors to Paul Gallegos, such as the Blue Lake Casino.

It was the Gallegos campaign who jumped up and down accusing anyone running against Paul of taking money from Palco and lecturing on the impropriety of taking money from any person or entity who had a case in from of the DA's office. They should have taken their own advice.

Now, Gallegos is caught between a rock and a hard place, either admitting that he gave favorable treatment to the son connected to one of his largest donors, or he claims that his office is in the habit of dismissing nine felonies, and agreeing to probation.

Coming up: Gallegos campaign contributions


  1. Thought you might like some pictures from dear old Humboldt Herald

    What these mean, I don't know, but thought that others might like to think that he is being "fair" with his Dikeman coverage...

  2. You have to wonder if these people are really going to want to live in the community they are creating.
    Gallegos' supporters see cops as a red light in their rear view mirror.

  3. I can't wait for the list of Gallegos donations? Will it include all above $100 ? Hope so.

  4. Yes. It is tedious typing, but interesting. The poster boy for "local contol" epitomizes "do as I say, not as I do."

    And the lovely Kay Rackauckas (as the Law Offices of Kay Rackauckas) donated $1,500, as noted on a late contribution report.

  5. I love living here. And it is getting better every day. Soon we get a new chief. Hope he has some balls.

  6. Whatever do you mean 10:28 ?

  7. Don't mean to be a nag but .... I sure would like to see PG's campaign donation list! It is public record isn't it?


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