Saturday, October 21, 2006

The poster boy for Measure T speaks

The poster boy for Measure T speaks, but says nothing.

Did the pro-fluoride side violate Measure T? – Oct. 17, 2006
Kevin L. Hoover
Eye Editor
Arcata Eye

“I don’t know yet. I would have to get more information,” said DA Paul Gallegos. “You might want to report it to the Arcata Police Department if you think it is a crime.”

EUREKA – Measure T, passed by Humboldt County voters in June, prohibits non-local corporations from contributing to “all elections within the jurisdiction of Humboldt County.” The ban includes non-profit organizations, and requires a fine in the amount of 10 times the contribution for violators.

The Sacramento-based California Dental Association (CDA) gave the Citizens for Healthy Teeth – Vote No On Measure W committee $5,000 on Sept. 18, and the donation was accepted. Was that a violation of Measure T, and does the CDA owe Humboldt a $50,000 fine?

No, say Measure T backers and Arcata’s city attorney.

Backers of Measure W, which would eliminate fluoridation of Arcata’s water, had contacted county officials and the news media last week over the matter.

Measure T proponent Katlin Sopoci-Belknap said her understanding from legal sources was that municipal law overrides county law. But she said enforcement would be up to the district attorney.

“I don’t know yet. I would have to get more information,” said DA Paul Gallegos. “You might want to report it to the Arcata Police Department if you think it is a crime.”

City Attorney Nancy Diamond was more definitive. “Measure T doesn’t apply to the City,” she said. “It was a county initiative.”

Connie Stewart, both a Measure W opponent and Measure T backer, said the No on W committee wouldn’t have accepted the contribution if it were a violation.

“County measures do not apply within city limits,” she said. “We did our due diligence.”

And speaking of Measure T - Is the Times Standard, a non-local corporation, acting in violation of Measure T when it endorses candidates?

According to this Opinion, "Measure T does not differentiate between large and small or profit and nonprofit corporations in Humboldt County. The Times-Standard is not a “local” corporation, so none of the political opinions expressed herein nor any rebuttal would be allowed."

Well, I guess “You might want to report it" to EPD "if you think it is a crime.”


  1. For a good laugh, click on the measure T website and then watch the Video on PG and Scopoinci &^^$, they are both sooooo lame. But it is entertaining.

  2. After saying Measure T applied to the entire county, cities included, Kaitlin now admits well, maybe it doesn't. I look forward to when Kaitlin runs for re-election. I know it's just a water board, but she needs to be removed for office.

  3. All candidates running for office in the cities of Arcata and Eureka received a letter from Katlin Sociopath stating that Measure T was in force throughout all Humboldt County.

    Now she admits that it might not be true.

    Tell us Katlin, what is the truth?

  4. So ordinances in the City of Arcata appear to be exempt from Measure T restrictions. Does that apply to candidates as well? And is that only candidates who are running for City positions, or does it apply to any candidate who locates their campaign headquarters in Arcata? Or Blue Lake? Or Fortuna? Or any other incorporated part of Humboldt County? Trinidad?

    What a massiver boondoggle.

  5. That Gags - what a pillar of jurisprudence.

    Gallegos for Supreme Court!

  6. Kaitlan for county dog catcher. On second thought no, that's an important job.

  7. There're a lot of interesting aspects of the Measure T story - the way they misinterpreted and twisted the Court ruling
    - the so-called 'experts' they brought in to regale the public with snake oil promises
    so reminiscent of the recent "experts" brought in by CREG - all non-local.

    Then, Gallegos' curiously disinterested response, reminscent of the way he's treated Shunka (Earth First!), and various activists along the way.

    You have to wonder what he stands for.

    And you know, he answered that. “One is that I do everything to make people happy which means I don’t stand for anything except for just something,” he said. “The other is I stand for something and I try to be a leader and take some people, a group of people, a community someplace and I say guess what folks, this is who I am. I stand for your beliefs. We share these beliefs or we don’t. You get the option to judge that. This is who I am and I am committed to leading us this place, wherever it is...."

    Eureka Reporter Gallegos defends record, looks ahead 7/3/2005

  8. Gallegos is his own worst enemy when he responds to questions he has not prepped for, shoots from t he hip so to speak. Low brain wattage ?

  9. Measure T doesn't govern endorsements, but I have to go back and read the law regarding municipal elections. Back later.

  10. Section 7. Statement of Law.

    The Prohibitions in Section Five shall apply to all municipalities, districts and special districts in which the jurisdictions are located wholly within the geographical boundaries of Humboldt County, California.

  11. Well, who you gonna run to Eric ? Paul ? You have your first test case ! Go for it.

  12. Rose will there be a sequel to Mr Gallegos statement? You know-after Richard Salzman has a go at it??


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