Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The New Religion

James Faulk makes some interesting points today Enough with October surprises about some of the zealots who have been setting the tone of the last few elections.

For more on the topic, read Michael Crichton's
Environmentalism as a Religion


  1. I doubt that Pres Bush read Michael Crichton's book but he was the first I noticed that made politics a religion-"if you're not with us-you're unpatriotic!"

    This is a backlash-the Democratics locally are turning Politics as Religion into a minor artform. Peter's little 'bomb' was a dud...

    Too bad it might have been 32/68-now he is just an embarrasment.

    Another poster said "(Peter) pulled a Salzman which leaves him holding the stinky"...No, its much worse.

  2. I agree. LaVallee should not be mayor.

  3. All this is taking alot of heat of Gag's, Swartz, and the new guy (forgerer).

  4. There's a deeper level to this environmental religion that Crichton may know of but cannot write about without risking all hell breaking loose for him.

  5. If you know what it is share, in 100 words or less.

  6. I refer to this as "Stoen's new religion", and we all know that Stoen will do anything for the cause. It helps explain his no-holds barred attempts to get Palco, go after Debi August and employ the "dirty-tricks department."

  7. Speaking of Tiny Tim, I haven't heard of him taking any cases to trial in Mendocino and winning !? Has anyone ? Or for that matter taking any cases to trial at all!

  8. Ok, God tells me to spill my guts.

    It's tree worship, I tell you. Them thar enviros are out there worshipping trees as the top species in the climax succession pattern governing all life on land. Which used to be true, trees and grasses determined what kind of animals live in a place and hence what sort of human society develops, if you're at the hunting-and-gathering level.

    But civilization has changed all that as now our human species does determine even climatic conditions which in turn will govern tree species, etc,. This means we are the top climax succession species, not trees, not untamed Nature because what we do industrially now affects the global weather.

    Thus, I hope you're following this, Michael Crichton's argument against human's affecting global weather can be used to support tree worship. I can't wait to run and tell our local tree sitters.

    Btw, God is the bearded dragon located on my shoulder who whispers in my ear telling me what to write.

  9. If Stoen had any cases you would be sure to hear about it since he tries his cases in the press, trying (usually successfully) to scare his intended victim into settling, giving him another notch in his belt, another great and powerful Oz.

    Debi August called his bluff and forced him into trial, getting as far as jury selection before his case was tossed out.

    Palco - his case never even passed demurrer, meaning it didn't even qualify to go to trial. Laughed out of court.

  10. Didn't Paul Gallegos approve both of those cases ?


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