Monday, October 02, 2006


This from Eric's blog last week - "Estelle Fennel promised a follow-up tonight with an interview with Paul Gallegos on the controversy. The Graham trial jury is deliberating, or was at last report, so it's conceivable that something could break there that eclipses the Bowman issue, but I'll be listening at 6:00."

No word as of yet as to why Paul was a NO-SHOW.


  1. you bet erica.

    Paul is a no show more than 50% of the time, more like 80% (unless you're giving money to him). some call it flakey, some call it unprofessional, but I just call it typical Gallegos.

  2. Still no answers. Why would Gallegos fail to show up for a friendly interview designed to throw him softballs and give him the opportunity to spin his latest debacle?

  3. Why do you care?

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  5. Thanks for your comments to Rose; I've forwarded them on to the Sheriff's Dept and the Eureka Reporter. Have a nice day!!!!!!! Roy

  6. See!, the above exchange is just another example of the ugly, infantile personal vendetta (yes, these are vendettas, not "agendas") that certain persons have decided to work from. It's a huge waste of time, energy, and resources; and gets us absolutely no-where. While the poser "gallegos" poster uses vile language and imagery to make his point, the content of watchpaul is no less aggregious, as it also is a thinly veiled personal attack.

    The weapon of forgiveness is much more powerful than the weapon of revenge.

  7. I suspect the above comment was posted by Nick Bravo since he popped into another thread. Nick you are welcome here but keep it clean.

  8. There is no "revenge" here 1:48, merely a desire to set the one-sided record straight, to present the truth of the matter, backed up by the documents that prove what are otherwise viewed as baseless allegations.

    Gallegos' exploits in Del Norte County are backed up by documents. Salzman's plan to use the DA's office to solicit, accept and use special interest money to fund a public prosecution, backed up by documents that prove both he and Gallegos were less than truthful when speaking to the Times Standard, these and many more.

    Salzman, in particular has manipulated and used the media shamefully. He has gotten away with it.

    As Activist groups have come to use the court system as a panzer unit, having a DA willing to do their bidding is a powerful new weapon, and I believe what we are witnessing here is a desperate attempt to protect that.

    Filing the PL lawsuit at the behest of a campaign backer is inexcusable, regardless of how you think of PL.

    Using the court system to go after a political foe, as in the case of Debi August, in inexcusable.

  9. Accepting the largest single campaign donation from the Bear River Tribal Council and then tacitly ok-ing the dismissal of nine serious felony charges against the Bear River Tribal Council Chairman's son five weeks after the donation was given in inexcusable.

    Special interests run Paul's office: Ken Miller's Humboldt Watershed Council writes the PL lawsuit for Paul's office, Progressives and enviros run Salzman's/DA office campaign to smear Debi August, One Bear River family contributes the largest single donation and smears Paul's rival with allegations of racism right before the election.

    These are the special interest groups Paul office represents against the citizens of Humboldt County who deserve an honest District Attorney with integrity like the one Paul's special interest groups got Paul to fire right before he won Prosecutor of the Year award by his district attorney peers.

  10. My point (1:48) is that the energy that goes into this blog (the strong writing skills, the research, etc)is narrowly focused on the personal attack of your foes. It is quite clear to me that any public good that may come out of ALL this is quite secondary to that.

    And so, the rest of us reasonable, and just as strong-minded, people trying to make a difference in our particular area of "activism" get caught in the backwash. I resent that immensely.

    Where is the out-stretched hand of human kindness? I can understand the initial flush of rage at perceived injustice, what I can not abide is the well-callused grudge.

    So, now, where does that put you if you have to let go of this? Can you?

  11. Dear 1:48 and 4:45 pm, Richard is that you or 1 of your operatives trying to be the savior of reason? A little outta character, don't you think? It might be smart to stop rearranging the furniture on Paulie's "Titanic" and start thinking about how to save the regressive's cause, before that sinks along side Paulie. Roy

  12. Dear 5:05,
    I am actually someone totally new to this -- that's why it struck you as a little out of character. I am just afraid at this point to reveal who I am, no wonder.

    What is telling to me, however, is that you over-rode your intuitive sense and went with the ingrained reaction to call me Salzman. Think about that. It is part of the "backwash" I spoke of earlier.

    I would like to have my position considered. This is not cerebral, political posturing for me, this is my life.

    You read the papers, you know it is "rancorous" here.
    Let's move away from that, do our jobs in an honorable manner, think about how our actions affect our neighbors. You know, the stuff we were suppossed to learn in kindergarten?

  13. "infantile personal vendetta" ?

    "waste of time" ?

    "the out-stretched hand of human kindness" Stop it. You can't be for real?

    Exposing wrong doing is not a waste of time. This blog (Rose's) actually has well documented and factual information, not just someones tainted one sided line of BS.

    To just "let it go" would be like condoning or accepting a long list of wrong doing.

  14. Some public good will come of this if people like you come to recognize that all is not what you have been told it is.

    While I respect your tone and your opinion, I infer that you believe Salzman is justified in the tactics he employs and Paul can do no wrong. I wish it were so, because I believe they take advantage of and use the high ideals of people like you. And I resent that.

    What I have asked from the beginning is that both sides of the story be told, so that people can make up their minds from a totally informed place. That is the purpose of this blog.

  15. Thank you 5:54. My comment above is addressed to 5:24.

  16. Yes, (sigh) I am for real.

    What you need to realize, nothing I've read here has convinced me of any wrong-doing. It mostly has the tone of innuendo and conspiracy-theory. Which in turn, is a disservice to righting any wrongdoing that you are able to see.

    The methods are hurting other people. I just ask that you try to recognize that there is a third side to this.

  17. Hurting what people? I might recognize the third side if I knew what it was.

    There is alot more than innuendo and conspiracy-theory. Since you're taking the time to read this, and to respond, you might take the time to read all (ALL) of this blog from the beginning. And read all the links too. After reading all the posted information and links then maybe I (and others I assume) might give some consideration to your comments.

    And I still can't believe you (your comments) are for real.

  18. Dear 6:31 pm, Remember the Wizard of Oz? "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". Roy

  19. anon 6:14.
    Let's start from the beginning then. Do you believe that Paul Gallegos "discovered" evidence of Fraud a few weeks after he took office?

  20. Does anyone REALLY believe that?

  21. I was bored this evening and was doing a little research on the computer. I pulled up the website for Measure T, including video of an April 25th meeting that DA Gallegos and Kaitlan Sopoci-Belknop spoke on measure T. For a little entertainment you might want to download and view Mr. Gallegos' speech, it's only 5 minutes long! It is worth the effort. You need to watch it thru a couple of times to really let it sink in !! The speech from Kaitlan is about 19 minutes. Both of them talk alot but really don't say anything! One thing Kaitlan brings up is that ... donations from corporations is a "form of legalized bribery". Aren't Indian gaming Casinos incorporated ?

    If you have 35-40 minutes to kill it's worth the effort just to witness the speaking abilities of these two corporation fighters.

  22. Measure T was nothing more than their latest attempt to hogtie Palco. They have no compunction about taking big money from any and all other sources. local or not.


    Thanks for the laugh.

    "literally a form of legalized bribery, unique to Humboldt County"

    what a pair

  24. I read in the paper that Paul Gallegos donated (unk amount over $99) to Dave Merserve's campaign. Pretty interesting. And what was also interesting is that he didn't give anything to Jeff Swartz, the infamous But I guess there is still time before the election?

    Dr. Ken Miller is being doing his share of giving too.

    And it just keeps getting better!

  25. I will admit, 6:14, to feeling a spark of anger at your comment about people being hurt - on your side, I assume. Perhaps you'll elaborate. I would be interested in hearing and you might be surprised to find that I might agree. I believe Richard Salzman's divisve brand of politics has hurt your cause, and the activist community in general, that it harms people on all sides of the spectrum.

    But let me assure you that whatever you are referring to pales in comparison to the people I know of who have been and are being hurt as a result of the actions taken by your hero. In many ways.

    And your fear of speaking out pales in comparison to the numbers of people I am aware of who fear speaking out - whose fear is based on reality.

    As I became involved in this story, I also had a choice, to remain silent out of fear or to speak out, and I decided to speak. I have also, over the past four years, spoken to inummerable people who live with the repercussions of what your hero has done and continues to do. A few of them have had the courage to speak up. And more and more of them are doing so.

    This unfortunate climate of fear can be laid directly at the feet of the man responsible for this divisive and vitriolic atmosphere, and that man would be Richard Salzman. With nasty letters to the editor about any perceived 'enemies of Paul' and behind the scenes manipulation of the reporters and the media he works to destroy reputations and thus silence the critics of Paul.

    You would do well to take a long hard look at what you have been told is true, and start asking some hard questions. Next, carefully examine what it is you stand for and tell me how this 'rancorous' and dishonest brand of politics helps anyone.

    And again, I say, you may find that we are not that far apart.

  26. 6:14 - if nothing that you have read by way of actual documents (not innuendo) has failed to convince you of anything, then you either have your head in the sand or are on the HCDCC and refuse to use the brain god gave you.


    I expected more from you.

  27. HCDCC - Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee
    Run by former Gallegos spokesperson Patrick Riggs
    Endorsed - guess who - Gallegos
    Credibility - zero


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