Friday, October 13, 2006

Richard Salzman's "Dream Team"

Richard Salzman's candidates...
Larry Glass, Nan Abrams and Ron Kuhnel, Peter LaVallee, and Bonnie Neely, writes:

October 12, 2006

Coordinated campaign effort reminds citizens
it's not too late to register to vote

On Monday, Oct. 16, a rally will be held at the Eureka Gazebo beginning at noon to urge the citizens of Eureka to vote on Nov. 7. Voter registration forms will be provided, and the goal is to register at least 100 new voters of all parties.

The campaigns of Eureka City Council candidates Larry Glass, Nan Abrams and Ron Kuhnel, along with the campaigns of Eureka Mayor Peter LaVallee and Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor Bonnie Neely, are urging citizens to vote in the upcoming election. These individual campaigns are coming together on Monday to remind citizens they can play an important role in our local democracy by voting.

This is a grassroots effort to inform citizens they have until Oct. 23 to register to vote, as well as an opportunity for citizens not yet registered to do so regardless of party affiliation.

For more information, call campaign headquarters 442-9800
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  1. So much for Bonnie's weak and empty claim that she has nothing to do with Salzman and the AEB.

  2. Dream Team ! It's more like a NIGHTMARE! That would be a great movie, Nightmare at the Gazebo! But who would play the role of Richard? PEE WEE Herman maybe?

    Bonnie has sold her soul, whatever soul is left. She is desperate (this is her only job in twenty years or so) and will jump in bed with whatever side she think will do her good.

  3. Bonnie has not denied that she is being helped by Richard Salzman. Who keeps putting this stuff out? Yes, Richard is helping Bonnie!

  4. That Richard, what a guy !
    Always "helping" people !

    But that begs the question????????
    What kind of person (politcian)would want the help of Salzman? After the stinging expose the NCJ did on is "letters to the editor" ? By using him or accepting his help you take on some of the slime !

    Not to mention all the factual information put out on this blog about Mr. Richard. Makes you wonder what dirty tricks he's up to now. Just because he didn't get prosecuted doesn't mean he didn't commit the crime. The decision not to prosecute was more financial (cost effective) than anything.

    Salzman would right a letter to the editor saying his "party line" or opinion, then write other letters saying how great he is and then signed those letters with fake or other peoples name. What a slimey piece of shit. Under another Attorney General (Duke) he would have been prosectued.

    A vote for Bonnie, or any candidate supported by Salzman, is a wasted vote. The "dream team" is the new "good ole boys" which will be far more dangerous than anything before. And I mean dangerous to the County/community as a whole. Well I guess it would be good for the marijuana growers community.

    Have a good Saturday.

  5. RICHARD's wet dream.

  6. If a politician hires someone who lies, cheats and steals to get his way -- what does that say about the politician?

    Salzman = Sleaze

    Politicians who hire Salzman = Sleazy politicians

    Ask yourself – is this what you want?

  7. Why would someone associate with Salzman? He wins! Geist. Gallegos. Measure T. Neely. Kerrigan. And you wonder why anyone would solicit his expertise? People only peripherally keep track of local politics. It is just the serious politicos who even have heard of him. As much as you might hate it and don't want to admit it, he is good at what he does....getting people elected.

  8. Neely? Not yet. And you sure don't see Neely embracing him with welcome arms. Far from it. And you sure don't see his name listed prominently on her endorser list. If he is working with Neely it is a dirty little secret.

    Kerrigan? He was a successful young politician with a great future ahead of him. He would have won on his own. He hadn't made any real enemies, but he got scared, and he turned to Salzman. Now he is no longer a clean politician, and his weak attempts to distance himself from Salzman for a brief period after the Journal's Web of Lies revelations were not sincere.

    Geist? Yes. Salzman helped the first time, but this last time she won handily without any assistance from Salzman. Far from it. HIs "Dump Geist" bumperstickers are a joke.

    Measure T? Will cost this county alot of money when it loses in court. You can thank Salzman for that.

    And Gallegos? He is a catastrophic failure as a DA. The full effects of his tenure are just beginning to be seen.

  9. How true Rose, how very true.

    I think there will be a virtual collapse of the DA's office in the next 6 to 9 months, as in almost completely ineffective.

  10. You have Salzman, the political Sleazoid (the "web of lies") and one of his success stories Paul Gallegos, (the twice convicted plagiarizer).

    What a pair, honesty, integity, character ... in Dickies dream.

  11. Rose: Yes, Salzman works on Bonnies campaign. Call her up and ask. This is no secret around Eureka. Why do you question this? No dirty secret. As far as that goes, call Kerrigan. No conspriacy, just local politics. Are you backing Bonnie and having a hard time justifying?

  12. I would never support anyone associated with Salzman, now I what he is about.

  13. Richard Salzmann, who lives in Trinidad and works as a paid consultant to write phony letters and put bumper stickers on parking meters is a hack.

    Whatever his perceived successes, those candidates could have easily won without him using regular old clean politics. Even Paul.

    The voters ate up Paul's running on the beach with his kids photos vs Terry Farmer who now works for the State attorney General's Office-and uses a walker. Youth won, not experience, not integrity. Its been provenover and over that Paul doesn't have enough of an idea of integrity to discern this in others.

    And of course if he used Richard Salzmann's template for writing letters to the paper-shame! But you get what you pay for voters, "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups". Saw that on a bumper sticker in the parking lot of the CoOp!

  14. Paul could not have won this last election without the Salzman assistance, and I'm not sure all he did. But we know that PG is in Salzman's debt (pocket). And we have no idea what Salzman's real agenda is or who is pulling his strings. No we have Kerrigan, Neely, Glass and ????? in Salzman's debt. I am sooooo disapointed in Bonnie. Oh well.

    Do you think I could get one of those bumper stickers.

  15. I just want to remind everyone about the "documented" Paul Gallegos plagiarizm incidents. It's just one of the many issues that have come up in connection to Gallegos. It is such a window into his character I think we need to be reminded of what kind of DA we have.

  16. Rose posting on Rose's blog again.

  17. Oh stop it Richard, Dickie, you know it isn't Rose.

  18. Why would I need to do that?

  19. So did anybody attend the gazebo rally?

  20. I didn't, wanted to spare my appetite.

  21. Eric wrote, "So did anybody attend the gazebo rally?".

    Mresquan did, under an alias of course. Saw him on T.V.

  22. "Why would I need to do that?"

    Fill up the dead space.

  23. Perhaps you didn't read the intro paragraph. This isn't necessarily intended as a chat blog, so there is no need to fill up "dead space." It is here to post a permanent record of the documents that back up the allegations about Paul Gallegos' conduct, such as his exploits at Pelican Bay, his efforts to enact Salzman's Plan to solicit, accept and use special interest money to fund public prosecutions, and so on.

  24. and you're doing a good job.


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