Monday, October 23, 2006

A Moment of Silence (w/updates)

Monday - In these politically charged times, a moment of silent reflection. And prayer, for the child 16 year old who lost his life, for his family and friends who must endure a tragedy, and for the officer or officers whose lives are forever changed as well.
TS - Teen dies from gunshot wounds
Tuesday - Update:
"His mother did say he was in trouble about six years ago for bringing a knife to school and was not currently attending any schools.... Marjorie Burgess said her son has lived in three different foster homes, has been in Juvenile Hall multiple times, and has lived in group homes over the last few years... Angelique Omstead, Christopher Burgess' girlfriend, said three Humboldt County Probation officers entered the home. ”They said, 'What's up, Chris?' and Maced us,” Omstead said"
TS - Police bullets kill Eureka teen
TS - Son was unarmed, says grieving mom
ER - Eureka teen shot multiple times, dies
ER - Friends, family remember slain teen following shooting
Discussion on Fred's
Wednesday - Update:
TS - A knife, a chase - and 3 shots in the chest
TS - Mayor vows openness in teen shooting
ER - EPD Chief holds news conference on fatal shooting
ER - La Vallee Discusses Shooting
Thursday - Update:
TS - Sadness, anger over teen's death
”The system failed my son; the system failed her son,” said Joaquin Fitzgerald, whose son, Joaquin Fitzgerald Jr., 16, is being held on homicide charges for the killing of Tracy Daniel Reynolds in February."
ER - Hundreds protest against police
"Margorie said she has an attorney coming up from out of the county to file a suit with regard to her son’s shooting death."
Saturday - Update:
TS - Tensions run high over teen's death
ER - Burgess shooting protest continues
ER - Police seek possible witnesses
And then:
TS - Teen shot by officer was on meth
Teen's blood positive for drug
ER - letters - The 'system' needs some answers before execution
And, Ken Miller strikes again...
In his chosen occupation, he should've anticipated meth in the toxicology reports, but instead he tries to lay the groundwork for another ambulance chasing lawsuit against his foes, the cops... (will post link as soon as it is up)
Then, Wednesday, November 8:
NCJ - The Broken Boy - Chris Burgess' short, complicated life

Christopher Burgess - Letters to the Editor w/ OBIT


  1. As the Cheri Moore shooting affected the primary-this incident will surely have an impact on Nov 7. How this changes the outcome remains to be seen but you can bet there will be someone ready to exploit it for all its worth.

  2. Eric's already drooling on his blog.

  3. I picture Ken Miller salivating. Vultures circling. You'll hear it start on KMUD in the morning.

  4. Why does the Times Standard have to put the poor childs name in the paper when they don't even know what happened? It makes me sick.

  5. Will there ever be a police review commission in Eureka?

  6. Screw that, we need a District Attorney review commission for Humboldt County.

  7. Like any other incident, there is an immediate and comprehensive process in place. It will be reviewed by a multi-agency task force.

    Do not jump to conclusions here. And don't immediately assume that anyone will receive unwarranted protection or that anything will be "swept under the rug."

    And stop and think, if a "police review commission" is put in place right now in this political climate, will it be made up of witch-hunters? Will it truly be an unbiased fact finding group? And how will you ensure that with groups like local solutions and AEB/CREG/Eureka Civic Assoc. seeking to stack the deck? You can't.

  8. Another thing to consider is the effect of all this anti-cop agenda being spread and fomented by Ken Miller.

    Just as you have now lost experienced, seasoned prosecutors, so you are losing experienced, seasoned law enforcement officers.

    Once you lose them, and as word spreads about the political climate and working conditions here, what do you expect will happen? Just look to the DA's office to see.

  9. Amen Rose.

    Have a little patience, a little faith. Any police shooting will be completely investigated, just like the Moore shooting and the one before. And for all you cop haters the DA's office will have a major part in the investigation so don't go off half cocked! Just because the police shot and killed someone doesn't mean they acted improperly. Wait for the facts to come out before speculating.

    It is a tragedy, and seems worse because of the age of the suspect.

  10. Well the public saftety commission was "stacked" and not to the left by any means.

  11. THe cops are a greater threat than the DA wil ever be.

  12. Disagree 11:33 - you and the mental midgets that you rant with have ruined the DA's office and have resulted in law enforcement leaving the county in such an amount that there are unfilled positions and really green people trying to stop the bleeding. You are more dangerous.

    Frankly, I am looking for real estate elsewhere as this is falling apart even quicker than I thought.

  13. Don't let the redwood curtain slap you on the butt.

  14. 11:38 am. My wife and I understand your position. Please do not allow people like 11:33 am and 11;38 am opinions to have any effect upon you. I wouldn't doubt if its not the same person. Doesn't matter much to me what they think; we know who they are and what their mission is.The truth will prevail and beat them at their stupid little head games. Roy

  15. The good ole boys and girls are bailing out. What more could we ask for?

  16. Actually you get Animal Farm!

  17. Just how many of them have left for McKinnleyville or Fortuna in the last 5 years?

  18. Does 1:50 actually believe that attorneys who haven't had an education at an accredited university are better than the experienced prosecutors we've lost-who HAVE that education at an accredited university?

    Pretty sure Terry Farmer required a background check and would NOT have a hire previously suspended for forgery, stealing money from a client and substandard representation...even IF he got that close to a private practice attorney fresh out of school.

    When you posters who think this is pretty regular stuff are crime victims-do you want PG and 'friends' prosecuting the bad guys? Giving them probation is more likely...or do you want a real DA?

  19. I'll take what I have. Thank you. Your mudslinging makes me all the more sure.

  20. Eric's already drooling on his blog.

    Where did that come from Steve? I've barely discussed it, and didn't even dedicate a post to it until well after your comment.

  21. I think we all agree this is tragic and that people should wait for the facts. No one knows what happened, but this was no five year old 'child.' And the history is relevant. It could just as easily have been one of the officers who was shot.

    Remember the beat cop in the movie Die Hard - the one who talks to Bruce Willis from the parking lot? It's funny/sad that people can more easily relate to him and sympathize with him than even try to understand and relate to the very real officers who work for us every day. The ones who leave their homes in the morning not knowing if they will return, not knowing if they will see thier wife or kids again, not knowing if this will be the day that someone comes after them, and they have to respond.

    That people can relate more readily to the characters in the new DA sitcom Shark than they can care about the very real people who work, and have worked in their very own DA's office.

  22. Well, we related to him because the FBI guys were depicted as morons. The idea was that the street learning down in the rank and file is more useful than the book learning of elites who had their jobs handed to them because they had connections.

    Something like that.

  23. what is the "we" crap Eric....there you go spouting your elitist view of the world....

    I didn't relate to him because I thought the FBI were morons, but because he was portrayed like a real person faced with a real life problem in a time of crisis and made a decision that altered his life and anothers irrevocably. He was not stupid, mean or indifferent. He felt the pain of it.

  24. Geeze. You got a lot out of that movie, didn't you? And here I thought it was just simple fun.

  25. "Eric's already drooling on his blog.

    Where did that come from Steve? I've barely discussed it, and didn't even dedicate a post to it until well after your comment."

    Hey, eric, asked and answered. By you and me, day before yesterday. Why try to make it look like I'm slandering you?

    To refresh your memory..

    "Eric, I'm curious. Is the report of the teenager being killed the "juiciest stuff" you're talking about? If so, you and and fellow goul the good Dr. should be getting quite a chuckle out of what may be a new police debacle.

    But I don't think the boy or his parents or the police involved would appreciate yours and Ken's drooling for new information to rack the police over the coals for.

    I hope I'm wrong.---

    I have no objection to it being posted. What I heard is little consequence by comparison. Just good gossip. ---

    Ok. You're not being ghoulish.

    Something is definitely wrong in the way police respond if this turns out to be another Cheri Moore situation. Maybe they have a plausible excuse for excessive force but if they don't, there's something most definitely awry in EPD attitude and procedures." ---

  26. And please don't think that my bafflement on this case has me joining Ken Miller in bashing the EPD politically. I'm just concerned that two people have died so quickly in succession in EPD responses.

  27. Steve - what I am concerned with is the escalation of citizens doing things of this nature. I think it is reflective of a breakdown here in Eureka and Humboldt and that things are getting more crime ridden and dangerous.

  28. Well Steve you were starting to sound like Miller!

    You're concerned about the succession? Do you think there is a schedule for these types of things? In today's T/S the Chief of Police in Trinidad gave out some citizens awards. The Chief was arresting some parolee out of Fresno and was losing a fight, the 7 citizens came to his aid/rescue. What could have happened if those good citizens hadn't been around or been willing to help? Well the parolee could have gotten the Chiefs gun, shot him, and gone on do more crimes.

    With the collapse of the DA's office and criminals not being held accountable, some will become emboldened and go to the next level. After all nothing happens, they just get their case dismissed or they get probation. This kind of thing will happen more, it's inevitable. Fewer cops, ineffective prosecution, and all the folks drawn to HC for the wrong reasons. You can't blame the cops, but you and Miller will.

  29. 4:03 Mudslinging????

    What about facts anyone can access on Google-is mudslinging. Its just the facts.

    Non accredited college educated attorney wins local election for DA, ends up firing or in any case 'losing' most of the seasoned deputies he inherited, now is left with hiring who will work for this bastard---other alumni of non accredited law schools...the latest being a person disbarred 3 times! No background check in any country would have passed this schmuck!

  30. I had a bunch of teenagers in my house today (4) 17-19 years old. My son, one of the 19 yr olds reads the paper and thinks independently-asks questions as a rule. We discussed what happened Monday right after we heard about it-I said at the time there is more to this story...

    His two younger friends were here today, saw the paper open and said something I didn't agree with-so a discussion ensued.

    The gist of my post is this-I use my parental authority and influence to educate not only my kids, but the ones I have access to. I ask them to think, get their news froma variety of sources, ask questions and don't make up their minds until they have more to go on.

    I argued that 3 probation officers aren't usually required to check on kids on probation. I asked them to think of reasons on their own for that to be the case Monday.

    I said I'd read that probation officers don't carry weapons, just Mace and that it didn't work when the probation officers used it on the suspect-twice.

    I said the paper stated there are other witnesses that have no connection to the suspect or the officers involved.

    I asked them to read the articles in both papers and wait for a toxicology test to come back to say whether this 16 yr old, 180 lb kid was on anything at the time.

    Something that might have impaired his judgement and caused him to be aggressive with the probation officers-made him run when they asked him to stop.

    The parent in me asked them to think about all these things and if they are ever, hopefully never, in a similar situation-I asked them to do whatever the officer tells them to do-STOP! DROP IT! These are not orders to disobey-not because this is a police state or cops are crooked-if you teach your kids that you could be risking their lives!

    Be responsible and teach your kids that authority isn't a bad thing-they may respect you more if you care to protect them.

  31. Hey, eric, asked and answered. By you and me, day before yesterday. Why try to make it look like I'm slandering you?

    Honestly, I was responding to a number of comments on my blog, and I was baffled there. If my off the record info was in any way based on the case I would never have used the word "juicy" to describe it. My post was about local SoHum personalities - much more appropriate for a gossip column. I guess the timing led you and others to assume otherwise.

  32. A comment on the recent shooting: Sad. However, I found most telling the quote in either the T.S. or Eur. Rep from the mother of the other teenager who is on trial for killing the homeless man: She said: "The system failed him just like it did my son." WOW! We wonder why these kids are such screwed up messes.

    Yes, the system failed them. The system of babies to be born to two caring parents who will put their needs on the top of the list. The system of their worthless selfish parents who have excused their behavior just like they excuse their own poor parenting by blaming it on everyone else and society. Those kids have certainly been failed. It makes me sick.

    I feel so sorry for the police in this case. Who knows if it was justified? Who will ever know? The only testimony will come from the police who were there, and no one in this community will believe them. It is a no win situation no matter how you look at it.

    I am thankful I do not send my husband out the door as a police officer each day. I hope my sons don't choose it. Not because it isn't an admirable profession, but because it is such a thankless, dangerous job.

  33. I agree with you, 10/26, 4:30pm, about the fact that these parents take no responsibility for the roles they played in their children's lives. Point the blame finger and go to the media to threaten a lawsuit. That's just great. God help us all that we have to listen to worthless parents like this and deal with the results of their bad parenting.

  34. "This isn't a thankless job-many of us thank them silently each time we see a black and white on the street"

  35. 10/26/06 4:30 PM

    I believe him. I will believe whatever the off duty sheriffs deputy says and what the probation officers say.

    I won't believe anything that piece of shit excuse of a mother, or her group, say. Afterall the mommy wasn't there. And do you really believe that three probation officers (social workers with badges) just walked into the house, said hello, and then pepper sprayed everyone ???????

    There is also forensic evidence that can prove some facts. Like this distance the criminal was from the cop, the gunpowder residue on the criminal's clothes.

  36. I won't believe anything that piece of shit excuse of a mother, or her group, say. Afterall the mommy wasn't there. And do you really believe that three probation officers (social workers with badges) just walked into the house, said hello, and then pepper sprayed everyone ???????

    No, but why is it that we don't know why they were there, nor what precisely it was that set the kid off?

  37. Because he was a minor.

  38. And Eric, perhaps because the investigation results won't be available until the investigation is concluded....Oh yeah..that must be over your head too.

  39. Just because you are Eric V. Kirk doesn't mean the police and the DA investigators have to give you updates before the final product is out. They must not be bloggers and don't know who you are. That's right they have jobs!

  40. Marjorie Burgess needs to go sit in a church and spend some time reflecting on her mistakes that led her son to the point of being shot in a ravine. Not be marching the streets and screaming at everyone in her path.

    The people who have fostered this madness giving her license to publicly expose every flaw of her being are not doing her any favors. Heraldo calls it a good thing. Buhne is correct, it is a trainwreck.

    This isn't TV, it's not the Jerry Springer show, her anguish shouldn't be for public entertainment and she should not be being used to further anyone's political agenda, whether it be getting elected or getting EPD.

    This is society at its worst.

  41. This is what Eureka and Humboldt County have become.

  42. ONLY if we let it.
    ONLY if good people do nothing.

  43. I think it's too late Rose.

  44. No. It's not too late.


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