Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just sad.

After Ken Miller Moore's son files claim against city

Before Ken Miller Cheri Moore's son speaks out

Guess that answers the question...
"If a suit is filed, it will further buttress local doctor Ken Miller's second career -- third career? -- as a midwife of politically charged litigation. Miller was the one who brought the now-dormant Headwaters lawsuit to the office of District Attorney Paul Gallegos. Cunningham said that Miller had been working with Kaupp on the potential Moore lawsuit."

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  1. No doubt Rose.

    An educated opinion;

    It's obvious from letters to the editor (& blogs)that Miller was the primary advocate/force behind the coroners inquest. Miller hates the cops, especially EPD, and as pointed out previously Miller was in colusion with Cunningham to file the lawsuit. This will occur, sad but true.

    The next step in Miller's plan is to get criminal charges filed against EPD officers. It makes the civil case better for Miller/Cunningham and helps Miller have his way with the EPD. The real problem/tragedy/crime is that Gallegos is in Miller's back pocket and as a good puppet will dance to Millers fiddle. Gallegos will most likey use the Grand Jury to get indictments on some of the EPD cops as he is too cowardly to just charge them, as he has the authority to do if he thinks the crimes were commited. By using the Grand jury if things don't go well he can say he tried and had to do it because of the Grand jury returned an indictment. If the Grand Jury has half a collective brain they won't return an indictment. And in that case Gallegos will have fufilled his obligation to Miller and can again say it's not his fault, he tried. If there is an indictment there will be a long expensive trial but the cops will not be convicted of a criminal offense.

    The real crime is that any of this is happening at all. As the newspaper articles point out the son was not inclined to blame the police, he knew his mother. This is the same son that said he had not seen his mother in seven years. The son lives in Medford and has not seen his mom in SEVEN years !

    Once again we will have Gallegos and crew using his position/power to retaliate against his political enemies (in this case the cops, EPD).

    Good Post Rose, keep up the good work.

  2. Damn! Lost my previous post when I tried to post it.

    Re Miller, this is going to be another David Chain deal, this time using Moore against the intended foe- all those who support Dikeman and not Paul Gallegos.

    Geez, this is what your Hippocratic Oath gets us these days--Leftie pols disguising themselves as doctors in order use their credentials to inflict character assassination on their political foes. Very sick..

    But then I've seen Mr. Miller in action long ago when he was doing his best behind the scenes manipulation to derail the Bear River tribe's Heartland Project when it wasn't under the thumb of the current Bowman-led Tribal administration that has been extremely cozy with Paul Gallegos. So cozy in fact that Bear River tribal members are now circulating a recall petition on Mr. Bowman and asking where all the money went and on who's authority.

    It seems no Bear River tribal member knew anything about the $10,000 donation to Paul Gallegos except the Bowman-led Tribal Council and many disagreed with the money allocation. Like my Bear River friend Sparky who says such donations are illegal by their Constitution and U.S. law governing non-profits.

    If Mr. Bowman is recalled, so too should Paul Gallegos step down voluntarily or be subject to recall again costing us all money better spent on Humboldt County citizens' needs.

  3. "deliberate indifference to medical needs and negligence" sounds a lot more like Humboldt County Mental Health needs to be the defendant!


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