Thursday, October 19, 2006

More dirty tricks?

More dirty tricks? For what purpose?

"...the surveyors claimed to be from the Times-Standard newspaper, Clark said.
They wouldn’t reveal their names, she added.
Times-Standard publisher David Lippman said that the newspaper has not hired anyone to do a survey.
“We’ve had employees, who’ve certainly been asking people,” he said. “We have reporters who are constantly out asking people their opinions.”
He added, “If anyone other than a Times-Standard reporter asked their opinion, then I don’t know who they are.”

"Citizens For Real Economic Growth spokesperson Larry Evans said that he is not aware of any business-to-business survey being conducted on behalf of CREG."

Hmmm. Reminds me of this:

"There have been rumors Gallegos supporters are launching a community fund-raising effort to fund the Palco suit. Gallegos and his staff say while they are open to such a proposal, they're not aware such a fund exists." ..."Salzman says he's heard some talk of a community fund, but he's not involved in that effort." April 30, 2004 Times Standard Front page story by James Tressler."
Salzman's Plan

And of course, Gallegos' camp denied any participation in Julie Francis' PUSH POLL conducted during the last election.


  1. As mentioned in another blog, the unidentifed surveyors have that "Dickie" taint.

    What will be next ?

  2. hey rose did you know DIKEMAN lost...just thought you would like to know...

  3. Had he won, Gallegos would no longer be in office, and htere would be no need for this blog. So that's a silly question.

  4. 12:31 - I guess by your warped reasoning that we should blindly follow all people who have been elected until they finish their terms. HARDLY, DUDE! Should I remind you that Bush won and Arnold won too...does that mean that we can 't bash them for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS...oh yeah - you are such a lame brain.

    Thanks for weighing in Dickie

  5. Wonder if the 'pollster' is this guy?

    From: michael raymond
    Subject: Contact information for the Times Standard on your campaign is needed! Urgently!
    date: 10_7_06
    to: all campaign managers and candidates

    re: Contact information for the Times Standard on your campaign is needed! Urgently!

    I am a volunteer collecting all contact information on all campaigns for The Times Standard. This information will be printed in their newspaper to provide voters easier access to your campaign for information, events, and contributions. I have been working on this project in my spare time for over two weeks and I am over one and one half weeks late in getting this information to the paper.

  6. Well I guess it's good to know that Dickie is alive and well. Yes Dickie DIkeman is gone, do you have anything new to say ? If not new how about something clever ? If not cllever how about original ? I didn't think so.

    Hey Dickie did you know that Gags is still tearing the DA's office and the public trust down weekly, if not daily? Just thought you would like to know.

  7. 1:59 - I am told that, YES, Michael Raymond is a freelancer hired by the TS to compile this data to publish as a voter guide. Anyone from the TS care to verify?

  8. why didn't Lippman when he said they didn't hire anyone.

    Either Lippman needs to get a grip on his employees for hiring this guy or he is not being truthful....I think he justs needs to get a grip on the staff.

    Its a shame when your boss doesn't know squart.....

    It also sort of gives a lot of credence to the TS bias that people have been talking about for the last couple years...its a shame too because all it takes is a couple of bad apples to ruin a paper.

  9. To be clear - there are two things here, one is the mysterious unknown pollsters who claimed to be with the Ts, but that Lippman says were not. He is very clear.

    The other is the question above whether the volunteer gathering campaign contact info is actually working for the TS. I am told he IS.

    The question was whether the two were related. It would seem they are not.

  10. 11:52 Couple of years????
    The SubStandard has had a bad rap for a decade!


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