Friday, October 27, 2006

FIVE GRAND apiece. For what? w/update

Who is PETROLIA resident Ester Saunoras, and why is she giving $5,000 to Larry Glass and $5,000 to Nan Abrams in their bids for EUREKA City Council?

The same Ester Saunoras who gave at least $2,000 to Local Solutions, and (with Richard Cogswell) gave $7,000 to Paul Gallegos last time around. R.B. Cogswell gave Gallegos $10,035 during the Recall.

Almost Thirty Grand in all.

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Local Solutions' 460 Campaign Statements
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  1. So is she actually loaded?
    OR, is she a shill?

    Did you Google her Rose?

  2. Alliance for Ethical Business comes up on Google...

  3. Quite a bit of change coming from someone in Petrolia. Doesn't Ellen Taylor live there who's buddy buddy with Ken Miller? Is Ester Saunoras their cat's name used to cover campaign contributions? Intrepid bloggers want to know.

  4. We should put Steve Lewis on this Fulltime-meow...yep it sure does sound like a good name for a cat.

  5. You guys are so suspicious. Who wins in the Eureka City Council race has a direct effect on citizens living in Petrolia. I just have no idea what it could be.

    Other than the Gallegos, Miller, Salzman, Ornelas group of ......... folks wanting to promote their agenda, their power base, their control over all politics in the county. Use their power to dish out favors and to punish perceived enemies.

    There is some speculation, by informed and inteligent sources, that Sazlman, Miller, Gallegos and other like minded persons are determined to undermine EPD because they fear EPD. Fear in that EPD will go after any criminal (local politician or not) EPD doesn't buy off on Ken Miller & friends 215 scam, EPD questions his highness Pablo G. and several of it's members put in time and money to support Dikeman, which in turn pisses off Richard Salzman who contacts, bullies, threatens anyone running for office in Eureka because he controls more than most would admit to in local politics.

    Arcata PD is under the thumb of Dave Merserve & Harmony Gritts, who are in bed with Chirs K., who is in with Bonnie N. who is in with and owes their souls to Richard Salzman. The Arcata COP is spineless, nutless, and dances to whatever tune Salzman, Ornelas, et al want him to dance to. The theory is that this group AEB,local solutions, Democracy Unlimited, CREG, and whatever jumped on the Cheeri Moore shooting to help Pablo G. thru the election. In fact that one incident (the Moore shooting) probably made the difference in the DA race. Sad but true. The same reason Pablo G. will not make pubic his decision on the Moore shooting. All the reports have been in for months, the coroners inquest (done at PG's request) is over. What is Gallegos waiting for ? It's power, he has the big stick and he's enjoying waving it around. It's like the whimpy little guy that always got his lunch money taken or milk spilled and now he's got some power, he's the BMOC. And it's pretty evident that Eureka Mayor LaVallee is in bed with PG ! These politicians are shameless. Power corrupts just like money !

    Now, in addition to taking big $$ from SoHum folks for city council candidates, these 'folks' are taking shots at EPD, encouraging all the hate towards officer Liles/EPD. It's a great way to get at EPD, exert some power. These people want a police review board so they can get their people in (on the board) to control the cops, put fear in them, make them submissive just like the weenies in Arcata.

    Many or most don't know that officer Liles was the officer that caught a certain city council person in a compromising situation with another city council person and arrested one of them for DUI, and in turn Paul Gallegos gave that city council person a "wet reckless", sweetheart DUI deal. There is a certain group of politicians and supporters that are pleased a punch to have a go at Liles and EPD.

    This is the same bunch that want "local control", as long as they are the ones in control of all local. The same reason they hate and oppose Arkley, he has plenty of money and they can't control him.

    You need a program or a wall chart to keep track of which politician is in bed with who and which person is donating money or endorsing which politicians.

    Sorry to go on but it truly sickens me to see what has become of my hometown.

    Keep up the good fight Rose. This needs to be exposed.

    Maybe the FBI's Political Corruption Unit could use this blog as a starting point.

  6. OH! And it wasn't the City Councilman who got the wet wreckless-it was the 'friend'...


  8. So, why did she/he only make donations to Glass and Abrams?

  9. Avoid suspicion, help the helpless, throw us off the track-anyway you look at it-that was a lot of money to throw anyone, anywhere!

  10. Richard Cogswell is listed in the phone book. In Petrolia.
    Ester Saunoras is not.

  11. So, why did she/he only make donations to Glass and Abrams?

    Who's to say there aren't more donations on the way - that won't have to be declared to the media til later.

  12. All large donations have to be reported as they are received, no more delays from now until the election.

  13. Salzman's sugar mama

  14. It used to be that you couldn't vote if you were a convicted felon. Does that still apply ?

  15. The donations only went to those two because Ron K. has distanced himself from the group. Ron had to lend himself money to finish the campaign.

  16. Doesn't it seem a little unusual for someone, a couple of someone's, to donate almost $30,000 to local elections but they are not registered to vote locally? If you're that civic minded to give out all that money, and you have it to give, don't you think these folks would register to vote?

    And $10,000.00 for a Eureka city coucil election and the gal, besides not being a registered voter, doesn't even live in Eureka! That sends up red flags to me.

    Are they buying ...... insurance?

    Buying a favor, yet to be delivered?

    If nothing else it smells a bit funny !

  17. Maybe there is hope for Kuhnel? He looks good on paper. My concern on Kuhnel was who he alligned himself with, Glass, Abrams, Neely, and LeVallee. Not to mention I see certain folks that actively support him and I'm a bit more suspicous.

  18. And why has Kuhnel distanced himself from Glass and Abrams ? Because they are puppets of Salzman and his crew, or something different?

  19. Does anyone know if Chris Kerrigan has a business license with the city of Eureka? He is accepting thousands of dollars as a "political consultant", he doesn't have an office so he must be working out of his house ? Right? That would seem logical?

    I would really like to know if Kerrigan has a business license and if Neely issued him a 1099 for the payment ?

  20. $30,000.00 from Petrolia......I'm sure it is squeeky clean. Earned by all of the bustling commerce in Petrolia.

  21. 10:17 you nailed it right on. Kuhnel's no dummy, so he publicly distances himself from Salzman, but I'm not surprised to hear he's meeting with him. I'm sure they are cooking something up, to try to gain some ground last minute...

  22. Like the man says; "there's no greater slut that a well motivated politician"

    and that still holds true today !

  23. Kuhnel as opposed to Glass and Abrams has the money to loan his campaign now and pay back debt from these types after the election. This allows the air of independence in the public eye yet is all part of the leftist group he is known to be a part of.

  24. Kuhnel is too stinky for anyone to take seriously-he isn't fooling us that he has "NOTHING" to do with Richard Salzman.

  25. I am not convinced either. I hear words, but we also heard Kerrigan's required but insincere chastising of Salzman after the Web of Lies article came out.

    Think Kerrigan has distanced himself from Salzman?

    It's sad. Kuhnel had alot going for him. He did not need to take that route.

    But what I really want to know is why Ester Saunoras forks over the big bucks for Salzman's candidates to influence an election in Eureka, a town in which she does not live, in a county in which it appears she is not registered to even vote.

  26. Why would they report with a false name? Assuming the worst. What's the motive?

    I guess I'm missing the conspiracy here. It would seem if they wanted to launder so much money, they would use a real person's name.

  27. Rose could you keep Eric off your blog? He is being such an ass. So smug. He continues to think he is more inteligent than anyone else and it is getting old. No more Mr. Nice guy.

    Who said ANYTHING about laundering money ? Where did you come up with this idea ? Do you have a guilty concious ? What is wrong with you today ? Go away.

  28. Must be nice to toss around money like that! I spent $5,000 on a vacation and it was a BIG deal.

    Let me see here .......... go on a nice vacation or give a piece of shit politician thousands to piss away? I wouldn't have to think too long on that one.

  29. He continues to think he is more inteligent than anyone else and it is getting old.

    Ummm. Double l in intelligent.

    Anyway, if you gave yourself a name to identify your postings, I could avoid responding to your posts. But I have no way of distinguishing you from Richard Salzman.

  30. Cute Eric, even a schill like you could make the distinction between me and Dickie.


  31. Do other people ever think you're funny Eric? Other than your kids.

  32. Nah, one of these days we'll win Eric over, he can't keep excusing Gallegos' blunders. That's Salzman's job.

    Money laundering. eh? Interesting angle. I thought money laundering was when people made numerous cash donations during events - no name, no trace, no proof.

    No, I see this more as buying influence, or something along those lines. It looks like she (and he) is someone Salzman goes to for money. May be an indication that fundraising for Glass and Abrams wasn't panning out too well.

  33. Hi Rose,

    A bit off topic, but Salzmann related anyway...

    Re: Virginia Bass's husband nailing the DUHC on improper use of their home as a business, (or something like that),
    someone on Fred's blog said that Virginia had requested that city staff hold off until after the election, so as not to politicize things. Somehow (though to me it doesnt seem plausible) Lavallee and Salzman got hold of the information and demanded that staff do something at immediately.

    What do you think??

  34. Well, I don't have any information, just an opinion.

    My opinion is that DUHC spends an awful lot of time criticizing others and demanding that this that or the other thing be done to and by others with whom they disagree. They rant against the evil corporations not following the rules, or proposing new rules for them to have to adhere to, but they themselves apparently can't even adhere to the simplest of laws/rules.

    So, I have no sympathy for them.

    If Peter has chosen to politicize this to try to gain advantage, I question his fitness to serve as Mayor, that he would imply that someone who can be construed as his allies should get special favors (ie, be left alone), and not be held to that minimum standard (ie getting a business license and jumping through all the conditional use permits.)

    It's particularly ironic, if Salzman is involved, given his clarion call for holding Arkley to a higher standard, imposing new rules and restrictions to prevent him from being able to proceed with his business. Same with La Vallee.

  35. LaVallee is just another cheap politicion, do as I say not as I do. The Power is what excites him, intoxicates him. He will do anything for a couple extra votes. His press conference with Gallegos. His lets get together and hate EPD meeting. He is just a lowlife politician. I'm ashamed of him.

  36. I liked the article from Tom Hannah chastising Peter-saying he should not be the one to call a special meeting. It wouldn't have looked so slimey if Peter had asked the council and made an announcement that the 'city council and mayor' had asked for a special session.

    Tom Hannah's statement that we have a City Manager form of government through the city charter didn't get much play-why do you think that is?

    Yep its embarrassing and the bum has got to go-don't let the door hit you Peter!

  37. who is going to send this to the IRS and let Esther and Cogswell explain this cash to them?

  38. Why would Arkley donate MILLIONS to out of town,out of county,out of state raises,in one election cycle?What does he want in return?It's okay for Arkley to start up a PAC in South Dakota called"You're fired" and donate over half a million dollars to a campaign. This just scratches the surface.So why are Arkley donations to candidates 2,000+ miles away, more ethical than Ester Saunoras who lives less than a hundred miles away? A bit hipocritical don't ya think.

  39. Well 10:26 PM Arkley made his money legally, he apparently has lots of it, and he donates to his choice of causes and candidates. And I do believe he has business interests and property all over. He's a little more than a local businessman.

  40. Well it's obvious Tom Hannah's comments were on point and the LaVallee crew didn't want to comment in hopes it would go away.

    But I agree LaVallee has got to go. Calling that subsidized bitch session was improper.

  41. Good point, Resquan.

  42. Yup, everything boils down to Arkley or Palco.

  43. 6:04am,just pointing out the hipocracy.And 11:25pm,can you prove that Richard Cogswell or Ester Saunoras didn't make their money legally?Lay down all info you posess.Don't we all have business interests all over even if we do not own property all over?

  44. I think Ester is Cogswell's cat.

  45. I just find it interesting, Mark (mresquan) that YOU are so willing to tolerate it when it is YOUR guys. So willing to justify it, excuse it away.

    That is Measure T epitomized.

    But I am curious - Are you saying that Ester Saunoras is registered to vote SOMEWHERE in this country? Do you know where she lives? Illinois, perhaps?

    And why does she care who gets elected to Eureka City Council? She doesn't care enough even to register to vote here.

  46. Who knows, maybe it wasn't even her money? Maybe someone else paid her $500 (or she just did it as a favor to someone?) to do it? maybe "someone" gave her the money on the condition she donate it? Kind of fishy, definately sleazy, ???? who knows?

    Mark ?

  47. Is MRESQUAN Mark Wheetley ?

  48. No. Mark Konkler

  49. It's not $500.
    It's $5,000. Each.
    $5,000 to Larry Glass.
    $5,000 to Nan Abrams.
    That's this election cycle.
    $2,000 to Local Solutions.
    $7,000 to Gallegos last cycle.
    $10,035 to Gallegos before that.

  50. That's more than $29,000.00 !

    That's the equivilent of someone who makes about $40 to $45 thousand a year, before taxes, handing over their entire income?

    Another reason not to vote for anyone even loosely associated with Salzman.

  51. Rose, well maybe she's exercising her right to not vote if she prefers not to.Have I ever said that measure T was the answer to all election woes? No,it was step in the right though.Do I support Nan Abrams absolutely,she extremely knowledgable on a wide range of issues facing the city of Eureka.Do I approve of Ester Saunoras's donations?No.It's too much money.And if the donations violate measure T,make a claim.Would I be willing to work Chris Crawford on a contribution limitation ordinance?Absolutely.Measure T was a step in the right direction so this would accompany it well.
    8:14,How do I know you've never given money to a friend so that could donate under their name?How do I know that nobody has given you money to donate in your name?Should I think your fishy?You're going to have that propblem no matter what guidelines are set in place.

  52. I am looking into some info from a thread at Fred's:

    Anonymous said...
    Esther Saunoras is a Petrolia resident (verified with Petrolia Post Office).

    It seems we have more FPPC violations as Larry Glass and Nan Abrams did not give Esther Saunoras home street address in Petrolia on their latest respective 460s.

    In addition, Esther Saunoras had to file a form 461 as a major donor with the City of Eureka once she donated $10,000 or more to a local city election.

    I can only hope that since Elizabeth and Patrick Eytchison are such concerned citizens they can file another a formal complaint against Larry Glass and Nan Abrams with the Fair Political Practices Commission

    As far as the complaint, it will speak for itself.

    2:52 PM

    Anonymous said...
    You're assuming that Elizabeth and Patrick Eytchison wrote the damn thing, which they didn't. They are just the lemmings who signed their name to it.
    8:13 PM

    Anonymous said...
    More FPPC Formal Complaints:

    Richard Salzman used his P.O. Box 41 address instead of his Edwards home address for campaign contributions. This is an FPPC violation.

    Now we have Larry Glass and Nan Abrams not giving Esther Saunoras home street address in Petrolia on their latest October 21, 2006 respective 460s. Another FPPC violation.

    In addition, Esther Saunoras had to file a form 461 as a major donor with the City of Eureka once she donated $10,000 or more to a local city election. Didn't happen. Another FPPC violation.

    Peter LaVallee didn't file his proper Form 700 with the City of Eureka. As he just got married a few months ago, are we to believe that not one single family or friend gave him a gift of $100 or greater? Cheap bastards! Potential FPPC violation. Come clean Peter!

    I can only hope that since Elizabeth and Patrick Eytchison are such concerned citizens they can file another a formal complaint against Richard Salzman, Larry Glass, Nan Abrams and Peter LaVallee with the Fair Political Practices Commission

    As far as the complaints, they will speak for themselves.

    9:33 PM

  53. A PO box doesn't make you a resident.

    How come this gal doesn't explain or defend herself, on the blog or in a letter to the editor. One of her associates could do it for her! Clear up the mess. The appearance of giving bribes or the possibility of illegal or improperly reported campaign donations.

  54. How come ? Because the donations are sinister and underhanded. Probably someone like R. Trent behind them.

    What do these Petrolia folks expect for their $10,000.00?

  55. What did Rob Arkley expect for his $500,000+ to unseat Tom Daschle in South Dakota?

  56. he expected to unseat Tom Daschle and it worked. and we're all better off for it.

  57. Well they expect to unseat the 3 council incumbants in Eureka and hopefully it'll work, and every resident in this county will all be better off for it.

  58. In what way, Mark? Because they will vote against Arkley no matter what the facts show?

  59. You guys have such a sterling track record after all - Gallegos is doing a bang up job. Yeah, we'll all be better off for it.

  60. If Mark, and richard's, three win then it's over for the city of Eureka. the damage will take years to recover from, if at all. If it occurs it will be a black day, a walk down that slippery slope.

  61. Richard Cogswell sold one of his companies for over 60 million dollars. He had millions prior to that. Making a 30k donation for him is like one of us regular folk dropping $30.00.

    Ester is his girlfriend, not his cat.

  62. Thanks for the info, 6:35 What company was it?


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