Saturday, October 21, 2006

Salzman's hatchetman strikes again

Salzman's hatchetman Bob Ornelas comes out of his hole with this little missive.

Is this the same Bob Ornelas who used to routinely berate and belittle and humiliate members of the public, the staff, and fellow council members at Arcata City Council meetings?

The same Bob Ornelas who voted against allowing a preschool to build a new facility saying he was "suspicious of their motives." and then turned around and proposed the City put in an Eco-Hostel on their site?

The same Bob Ornelas who as a SITTING City Councilman/Mayor of Arcata was waving around a $1,000 BRIBE, looking for reporters to do a hit piece on a sitting County Supervisor, the same Roger Rodoni he vilifies today?

The same Bob Ornelas who at first denied his involvement in that little debacle, and then called it a "grant." Salzman denied any involvement, of course.

The same Bob Ornelas, who, again acting as Salzman's mouthpiece, went on the radio, introducing the "Dump Geist" plan, while the "Dump Geist" bumperstickers were being printed and then mailed out in plain brown wrappers in a "Eureka Coalition for Jobs" like stratagem... the same bumper stickers that Salzman claimed he "didn't pay for."

Ornelas' latest letter to the editor is not available online:
"Where's the outrage regarding Supervisor Rodoni's bombast towards the always gracious Supervisor Wooley's attempt to comply with the law and bring Native American representation to the county's transportation board?
Rodoni's racism, thuggery, and sexual prejudice are obvious with regards to this incident, and he owes Wooley a very public apology.
And, while he's at it, he should be making amends to the very people who have suffered the most from a legacy of redneckism that continues to plague our community.
The native people's of the county deserve full representation at every level of government and can ill afford to tolerate the kind of isolation that Rodoni proposes to perpetuate with his arrogance, pomposity and platitudes.
I served on the HCAOG Board for years and have experienced Rodoni's stingy, self-righteous neo-conservatism first hand, and I think he should have been replaced years ago.
At the very least Rodoni needs an enema.
Bob Ornelas

So many questions. Who wrote this one for Bob? There seems to be some familiar themes.

And Bob - Gee, I thought the tribes were already represented by Tribal Council, a County Supervisor, a State Assemblyman, a State Senator, a U.S. Congressman a U.S. Senator and a President... not to mention they are a Sovereign Nation... do they really deserve more than we all get?

You found the "racism" angle worked for you last time, now you just want to try it again? Once again seeking to use the Tribes for your own ends? Fomenting distrust and ill-will seems to be your specialty.

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  1. Since I'm still up and this topic of Rose's is one I also addressed on my new blog site, I will give another plug for the site here: please go to I will leave the old site up a little longer but will be closing it down next week.

    Rodoni isn't known for bullshit. Can't say the same for the other fellow, and besides, there's a whole nuther angle on the Hoopa/HCAOG deal that needs to be added in.

  2. I agree, Steve, Roger brought up many points that must be addressed before the Tribes are admitted to HCAOG. Nowhere did I get that Roger was opposed to their being admitted ONCE the concerns were addressed. To accuse him of racism is just another of that particular faction's (and I don't mean the Tribe's) filthy dirty little tricks.

  3. Rose you are a racist nutcase.

  4. Anon, you are a slanderer and that's no lie.

  5. Oh, no, anon. I believe in equality across the board. We are one people, one nation, but at present we are not united.

    Calling Rodoni names does not change the fact that he is correct - there needs to be reasoned discussion, and steps taken to address the differences represented by a sovereign nation is far from racist.

    For example, the issue of the sovereign nation's right to donate large sums of money, like the $10,000 Bear River and Blue Lake donations, which can have the effect of buying influence is very significant, and needs to be addressed.

    Do you deny this?

  6. Who forced them into sovereinghty at the barrel of a gun Rose?Our ancestors did Rose.Did they choose their fates of white folk murdering 3 million+ of their race?

  7. That's not the point, mresquan. The point is that it is a dynamic that needs to be addressed. Once it is, and the other concerns are addressed, and any necessary measures set in place to mitigate any concerns, there is no reason why they shouldn't be included in the HCAOG.

    You of all people should understand that.

  8. We are sitting on their land Rose. They shouldn't have to ask to be a part of any government agency.

  9. Why must you refer to "them" as "They"?
    We are all people, all residents of this day and time. Not the past. Not European history. Not cave men.

  10. I am a believer in tribal sovereignty. It is so assininely hypocritical to be slamming Roger who is actually doing tribes a favor by taking their tribal sovereignty seriously. They act like local non-profit organization within county government and they lose more legal standing as a nation unto themselves.

  11. Stephen, these guys want to foment hatred, keep the tribes mired in the past, and, pretending to be sympathetic, use them to accomplish their ends. "They" aren't pawns in the game, they are more valuable pieces because the activists can hide behind the PC condemnation of the evil "good-ole-boy/white man/ critics of Paul"/racist label and get away with it.

    There's no excuse for it.

  12. I agree with Steve about protecting tribal sovereignty. But when tribes want to form coalitions with local governments for certain reasons they should be given that right without objection because as Rose said,we are all people of this day and time,not the past.

  13. Protecting tribal sovereignty is desirable, yes. How then do you address the issue of donations influencing fellow HCAOG members, or people who advise or otherwise influence those decsionmakers. Or do you think it is not a legitimate question?

  14. Like that problem doesn't exist without a tribe's membership in HCAOG.

  15. Hypothetically, If the MCSD or Trinidad City Council are members of HCAOG, can they donate money to, say Bob Ornelas while he co-serves with them on the Board?

    And if they cannot, does that put them, potentially, at a disadvantage?

    Ornelas set out to buy influence with a $1,000. The $10,000 the tribes have donated may be much more likely to buy influence.

    This may not have been an issue in the past because the tribes did not have the massive earning ability of the Casinos.

    Surely you agree that this dilemma at least deserves to be discussed.

  16. The tribes are donating money earned from gambling addiction to political races! Free riegn to prey on the weakness of others. Maybe tribes, being soveriegn nations, should not be allowed to "donate" money to local politicians or their pet projects ? Could Iran donate money to Bonnie Neely, Jeff Swartz, or Larry Glass ?

    I think one of the real issues is allowing tribes a monopoly on gambling period. Maybe it would be easier to swallow if the money they made went to stuff like Hospice, computers for schools, a new fire truck instead of to the coffers of Bonnie Neely and Paul Gallegos. That kind of donation is just paying in advance for favors.

  17. Is it legal for an outside sovreign nation to make large donations to a political party or person and if so wouldn't that make it at the very least, morally and ethically wrong for a sovereign nation within the borders of this nation to engage in the pratice of political brokering, for this is how i see this , the buying and selling of favors and concederations and that my friend i don't think is right within any borders

  18. I see your point, and I do not yet know the answer.

    From what I have seen of Trinidad and Blue Lake, they have made very generous gifts to the towns (cities) in which they reside or border. They have made donations to the schools and police that far exceed any expectations upon them, any demands or state requirements. They choose to do it. And it is appreciated.

    These massive new political contributions are a different thing, and could be questioned under the best of circumstances. What has happened at Bear River taints all of the tribes, and it is very sad.


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