Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What does EPIC have to do with "REAL" Economic Growth? w/update

What does lawsuit happy EPIC have to do with "REAL" Economic Growth?

The new spokesperson for the new "Alliance for Ethical Business" (CREG, oh yeah - Citizens for "Real Economic Growth) is also the (former) spokesperson for EPIC, Larry Evans.

“In the absence of leadership from our current city council, CREG is determined to step up and provide a small measure of what the community was promised after 1999’s overwhelming 61% vote to defeat the first big box mall proposal—a democratic and inclusive process to resolve the question of how this public trust land can best serve the community,” said CREG spokesperson Larry Evans. 

Does this mean Salzman is out of a job? Or just back in hiding? Or this organization is SO big they need a whole PR department?

Richard Salzman
Communications Coordinator
Citizens for Real Economic Growth

PS - It looks like Salzman is once again using a non-profit designation to shield his group from having to file FPPC campaign disclosures. Does anyone have any doubt that this group is quite clearly involved in the political process, advocating for the removal of incumbent City Council members, installing instead their own slate?

from CREG, is Salzman reaching into your pockets yet again?
"p.s. We depend on your support for our funding. Please go
online and make a donation. Every dollar helps: ..."

The so-called "Alliance for Ethical Business", the sham "Local Solutions", "ourhumboldt.org, "Redwood Progressive", "Citizens for Real Economic Growth" - nice sounding, cleverly chosen names designed to trick the voting public. George Orwell would be so proud.

Update: from Anonymous...
Larry Evans has not been the executive director of EPIC for about 2 months now.

That doesn't completely remove the question, however.


  1. Rose, thanks for documenting these facts and events.

    Local citizens need to know the rest of the story, or at least the other side of the story. Citizens for Real Economic Growth, Alliance for Ethical Business, Citizens for Real Economic Growth ...... they do sound nice, but they are all just a sham.

    Keep exposing Salzman and crew.

  2. Please check your facts more carefully.

    Larry Evans has not been the executive director of EPIC for about 2 months now.

    A simple phone call to EPIC's Eureka office would have confirmed that for you.

  3. Wow thanks for that incredible insight ?

  4. Thank you, 5:46, I will post an update with that info.

  5. "What does EPIC have to do with "REAL" Economic Growth?" and
    "This election" both sound very frantic and desperate.

  6. That's funny. Because the general consensus that the PL suit was a rehashed version of one of EPIC's many lawsuits. And, though this whole thing seemed to have links and ties with the extreme arms of the environmental acitivist community, Earth First! does not appear to be part of it - in fact Darryl Cherney was very displeased with the whole Recall thing, recognizing that it cost the environmental community valuable political capital.

    But the lawsuit happy EPIC keeps resurfacing in the story, Then, enter lawsuit happy Baykeepers, the equivalent of a corporation in the activist world.

    Is Humboldt County some sort of ground zero for these guys? Is it just an exercise in seeing how far you can go telling other people what they can and cannot do?

  7. Gotta really hate them evil Bayeepers. Bassturds.

  8. I don't particularly care for them., Baykeepers. Just look at who is associated with Baykeepers on a local, Humboldt County level. Then see what else they are associated with.

    Sad but true Humboldt County is attracting these types and is kind of a ground zero for them.

    As for the recent Neely mailer, she doesn't want anyone or anything disrupting our way of life with traffic and congestion. But she calls for more affordable homes and better paying jobs. Think about that for a moment.

    And I'm not just talking about Neely. Many of these "progressives" want better paying jobs, cheaper houses, more parks, more social services but NO growth. It just can't happen that way. There is no danger of "urban sprawl in Eureka.

  9. Would you be singing the same tune if you lived next door to an illegally operating polluter that the county won't do anything about? Until you have a problem significantly affect your neighborhood and your daily life, you have no idea how deeply the monied good ol' boys influence the status quo.

    I work, I'm a parent, I pay taxes, I shop local, I'm a Republican(for 20 years!), I'm over 40, but I want a clean, peaceful environment MORE than I want more jobs at any cost.

    Frankly, the Democratic Party looks better all the time. I'm that swing vote the Republicans are worried about -- I think global warming is a more important issue than terrorism. And there are alot of us that are heading that way.

    Please keep your 9/11 comments to yourself.

  10. Dear 5:40 pm, You are so full of yourself that you can't even smell the stench. Nice try at portraying your self as a republican, but you are a liar. Roy

  11. And you, Roy, are exactly the reason why people like me are embarrassed to admit to being a Republican that voted for Bush.

    You are so out of touch that you can't see the truth when it hits you in the face. As long as you continue to deny that I exist, you will continue to lose. Check the national trends.

    Oh yeah, PS I'm not Salzman, so check the paranoia.

  12. 5:40 PM.... who the *&^% are you telling someone to keep their comments to themselves. Keep your comments to yourself!

    Does it all come down to party line? What about just voting for right or wrong?

  13. I'm extremely happy that you are embarressed to be a republican, because you are an imposter. Nice try and thanks for playing, but you are a cheap novel: predictable. You are by no way a conservative and or a republican.

    You asked I check "national trends". I could care less about "national trends". Only followers would pay attention to that BS and vote that BS.

    You also requested I "check the paranoia". And that you are "not Salzman." Did I ever accuse you of being Salzman?

    Sorry I was delayed in my response, but some great liberal friends of ours took us out to dinner. Roy

  14. There's really no productive way to respond to your snarky comments, Roy. I see that now.

    Believe it or not, (I'm sure you'll choose not), I actually entered this forum thinking that you and yours might be a tiny bit interested in another viewpoint from someone who has consistently voted republican for the last 20 years, in Humboldt Co nonetheless!

    But instead I'm attacked for being a "liar", and not real.

    Well, as long as you call everyone a liar that doesn't agree with you, and refuse to acknowledge that I exist, and continue to marginalize my concerns, then there is no value to anyone in this forum.

    I have seen little effective persuasion come from the dialogue here, instead it becomes all about beating someone into submission.

    And that's sad, because, obviously there's alot of effort and energy here, but it ends up being just a ping-pong game.

    So, you've done your job. I'll go away now and leave you to yourselves. And I'll be voting Green, because that's how far you've pushed me away.

    Best Wishes.

  15. With all due respect (5:40, 7:25, 7:38) you entered the discussion with a confrontive tone.

    We don't need labels to define us. Most people are a combination of liberal/conservative, depending on the issue. There are pro-choice Republicans, and pro-life democrats, and frankly, I don't know anyone who doesn't love and care about the environment. I know a lot of people who don't understand it, have never really lived an outdoors life, and who romanticize it. Labels and caricatures rule the day, but they are far from the reality. Partisan politics will be the death of this nation, if we do not rein in the hatred and bitter divisive direction that has snowballed over the last decade. But that is a discussion for another day.

    The question here is whether or not you are being told the truth by Richard Salzman's constantly morphing groups, (AEB, "Local Solutions" CREG, the new Eureka Civic) and whether you support his desire to place his candidates in charge of decisions that will affect your life.

    It is about whether you are buying into Salzman's class warfare scenario, which seeks to characterize all opponents as "good ole boys" - It all sounds so easy..

    This discussion is about whether or not you can see beyond the rhetoric, whether you can ask the critical questions that unveil the deceptions he perpetuates.

    And this blog is about trying to corral the information that might help you make an informed decision, such as clearly identifying the links between these groups with Orwellian names designed to trick you. Because this isn't a simple matter. It is about keeping our public judicial system pure and uncorrupted by special interests who are attempting to use it to further their own ends.

    You're welcome here, and hopefully you will keep an open mind.

    And we'll have the 9/11 discussion some other time.

  16. You're just blowing hot air 7:25/7:38. Your input is very transparent. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't surface again!

  17. I'm curious, 5:40, 7:25, 7:38 (wish you'd make up a name and use it, it would make addressing you easier...

    You say want a clean, peaceful environment MORE than I want more jobs at any cost.

    Who did more for the environment here, Paul Hagen or Paul Gallegos?

    Where does concern for victims of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence fall on your scale?

    How do you feel about the Whitethorn rapists being let off?

  18. one of them went to prison, for a while.


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