Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Feature - watchpaul-ARTICLES

New Feature: An ARCHIVE for ARTICLES relating to Humboldt County Paul Gallegos and his handlers...
Articles that relate to the topics addressed on this blog, will be posted, in their entirety, complete with links and urls on (there's a link under the archives listing of this blog). It's just started, and I'll be adding to it - volumes and volumes of articles to be added. Where possible, it will include FULL TEXT as well as LINKS and urls in order to create a permanent one-stop resource, with full credit to reporters and publications.


  1. Great source of information !

  2. Cool Rose-maybe the new AG will respond to efforts to lobby (Jerry Brown) into checking out this blog.

    Send Jerry Brown an email now:

  3. Good idea, get him prepped before takes office !

  4. Is EVERY BODY sending those links to Rose's blog????

    Here is a remedial lesson:

    Click Control C after you highlight:
    then Control V into a new email which 'pastes' the address.

    Now copy and paste:
    into the body of the email using your own words to describe why you think the new Attorney General should get Paul Gallegos out of the DAs office here in Humboldt County.

    It will help if you sign this email rather than send it anonymously, and don't forget to include your phone number.

    We can also submit an online petition don't you agree Rose? All we would be doing is asking Jerry Brown to look at a web page....


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