Friday, November 03, 2006

Jeffrey "" Schwartz DROPS OUT of the race

A little good news:
ER - Jeffrey Schwartz withdraws from Arcata council race
TS - Schwartz drops out of Arcata race


  1. I love the fact that he is throwing his support to Meserve. That ought to get Meserve only 2 more votes - Schwartz's and Mrs. Schwartz.

  2. My bet was Swartz would get less than 50 votes. I had to estimate high (50) cause I thought some Arcataoids might vote for him by accident while stoned.

    When Tim Stoen came to Humboldt wasn't he running for assembly or state senate ? Then he dropped out at the last minute too ?

    Now Swartz can devote all his time to his job. His job, as he see's it, is dismissing cases and giving out sweetheart deals to criminals. Swartz thinks, and has said, criminals are victims of society. Not only is Swartz a defense attorney and a leftie, the bottom line he is just plain lazy. Just look at the way he ran his campaign? NOBODY donated ANYTHING to him!, he didn't even try cause it was too much work.

    The bottom line is Swartz,, is collecting a full salary to undermine the justice system, read the paper, run for Arcata city council ?

    Swartz is a disgrace as a prosecutor. Gallegos is a disgrace, and a failure, as a district attorney.

  3. Schwartz is untouchable while Gallegos is in office though because Gallegos would rather have incompetent prosecutors who he perceives as "loyal." "Loyal" really means that they are consummate butt kissers who tell him how wonderful he is, how great his ideas are, how funny he is, and support the same people and causes that he does (i.e. Meserve).

    That's not a smart way of determining who to hire and promote, but then again, nobody ever accused Gallegos of being smart.

    Gallegos and Schwartz deserve each other.

  4. If prop 83 passes, child sex cases will become more significant than ever. The proposition's passage will demonstrate the voters' strong desire for vigorous prosecution in these matters, and
    dire consequences for molesters.

    Let us see how the local DA's office and its child abuse prosecutor, Mr. Schwartz, rise to the challenge. If it passes.

    What, if any, position has the local da taken on 83? Has anyone thought to ask?

  5. Bu does Humboldt County deserve Gallegos and Hugo ?

    Look at this in another light. This is not just a Humboldt County problems. Criminals not prosecuted or given sweetheart probation deals by Gallegos and crew will go on to commit crimes outside Humboldt County, not all lbut surely some. I remember Gallegos' election line .... he prevents crime by preventing crime. Gallegos ignores crime and in actuality he encourages and promotes criminal behavior by taking away the consequences.

    And I agree, nobody ever accused Gallegos of being smart.

  6. Now Schwartz can concentrate on his job-WAS THAT SUPPOSED to be funny?

  7. If prop 83 passes, child sex cases will become more significant than ever. The proposition's passage will demonstrate the voters' strong desire for vigorous prosecution in these matters, and
    dire consequences for molesters.

    And of course, since they can't live in urban or suburban areas, they will all be coming here to live in the hills. So we'd better be ready to prosecute them.

  8. At one time, that office was ready to do that and did do that. But
    apparently for the good of the County, the career prosecutors who handled those cases were deemed redundant, and a career defense lawyer with not one single jury verdict as a prosecutor
    installed in their stead.

    Let's see how this looks after a few more months.

    Brilliant. Have a guinness.

  9. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    Was that meant to be funny Eric?

  10. Of course Erwic always thinks he's funny. Witty, intelligent, engaging .......... but an egotistical butthead in reality.

    I thought eric was supposed to stay off this blog?

  11. Hey - Schwartz has been running his chops off talking about how he is going to take Paul on for DA. Probably why he withdrew from the city council race.

  12. Web of Lies;

    If you were a normal, stable, well adjusted person wouldn't you be shamed and embarassed to have been exposed like Salzman was? He only admitted to using the fake names on the ones he got caught on. Imagine writing fake congraulatory letters to the editor about yourself??!! And then the entire community finding out about it? The fact that he can show his face in public shows that his moral compass points S to SE.

  13. You nailed the problem 9:34, dickie isn't normal, stable or well adjusted.

  14. Wow Jeffery SWARTZ, Mr. actually got 229 votes? Man, they need to put something in the Arcata water besides floride!

  15. The votes were probably from defendants he has have gone free with Schwartz "playing" the role of the prosecutor.

  16. Who was Swartz's campaign manager ? Didn't do very well.


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