Friday, November 03, 2006

It's nice...

"“Are those donations made with an eye for a payoff? Are there strings attached?"”

Gee, that's funny. Those are the questions the the Times Standard should be asking and Eureka City Council candidates should be asking THEMSELVES about their association with Richard Salzman, who the Times Standard now champions as a "local political gladiator"

You gotta be kidding me. What a short memory they have. Then again, the Times Standard has continually turned a blind eye to Richard Salzman's political dirty tricks, with a lukewarm, less than convincing pooh-poohing of Salzman's phony letters to the editor, ignoring, excusing or alternately enabling his backroom attacks. They have allowed Richard Salzman to spread his divisive message of class warfare, pumping the "Good Old boy" message for him countless times.

Because they share a common foe? Yes, the TS was talking about Rob Arkley when they asked the question above.

No mention of Salzman's obsequious devotion to Rob Arkley when he was getting large donations from him. No examination of the price of crossing Salzman.

"It's nice that we have a new theater, it's nice that we have a donation to the zoo, but it should not entitle a person to overrule the will of the people at large,"” said Richard Salzman, an Arkley critic and local political gladiator..."

No, it doesn't, Richard, but since that is exactly what YOU are trying to do, let's talk about what Richard Salzman has done for the community. What have we got to show for HIS time here?

Any ideas?

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  1. Are you talking about SLEAZMAN ?

    Oh yes he's such an honorable and trustworthy guy? Any one associated with him is slimey! And I'm certainly talking 'bout Ken Miller.

  2. Ken Miller is back with his EPD bashing letters to the ER. Maybe someone ought to do a toxicology test on Miller ? This one is timed to a an election ad for Glass, Abrams, Kuhnel, and LaValle. Miller doesn't seem to be all that stable.

    Talk about obsessive! Don't know what causes that kind of obsession?

  3. Maybe a Dickwatch? Report sightings of Dickie, who he meets with and where. At least that would keep his mutt inside some.

    The question is what does Salzman get from all this? Sure he gets paid. But from the election fund reporting it doesn't seem like he makes enough to pay rent. Does he get paid under the table? Does he get money from someone out of the area ? didn't Salzman make the statement to Rose or someone that "this is bigger than you can ever imaagine" ?? Something like that?

    Does Dickie have a business license? If he has a business he should have a license ? A ficticious business name or something.

  4. Rose

    I had read all the articles posted regarding Salzman at the time they were published. It does make a clearer picture to read them again, all at one sitting.

    It is clear to me that any local politician, or would be politician, that continues to associate with or use the services of Salzman is ....... dishonest or dishonorable. They know what Salzman has done, how he operates, and by using his services or support they are condoning or encouraging that kind of conduct.

    Maybe Salzman has some positive qualities, but he will stoop to lows that reasonable, rational, and honorable people should not accept.

    These are just the things that can be documented. Who knows what other things may have been done?

  5. The Times Standard has a short memory-or a new editor?

    What really happened to Charles Winkler-and did R.S. have anything to do with the sudden exit of a witness to his nefarious deeds?

    Will we ever know?

  6. Salzman is all about winning at any and all cost.

    Doesn't matter how many charred bodies he leaves in his path.

    Lie, cheat, steal, tax fraud, PFFC violations -- irrelevant as long as your candidate wins.

  7. Jealous Rose? No mention of you in the T-S? Boo-hoo.

    I think you have Dick envy.

  8. 11:29 PM, I think you are a dick. But then maybe you are Dick, which makes you a dick! Or maybe R. Trent?

    Anyone speaking out in support of Salzman probably is Salzman, or his dog, some deceased person, etc.

  9. Apparently Richard wasn't happy with their glowing coverage of him...

    "Dear James and the editors of the Times Standard,

    I was surprise to read that the Times Standard believes : This year's election is about determining what that more appropriate vision is -- one in line with what the Arkleys want to build on the Balloon Tract, or one more in line with civic ideals that don't include big-box stores.

    I know I would never have made a statement that this year's election is primarily about this issue and the lack of quote marks should assure, that your reader will not attribute that statement to me.

    The Arkleys' pollsters have told them the same thing the TS apparently believes, as the campaign they are funding for Flemming has chosen to make this their central issue. The outcome of that election should determine if they, and your paper, are in fact right (never mind the irony that it is not a county issue.)

    The different visions I alluded to, go far beyond the balloon track. They speak more of redevelopment, rezoning of timberlands and subdividing large rural properties. They speak more of sprawl and congestion and the general Santa Roseation of our county then they do to any one project.

    The Eureka election will be about who this city council will be accountable to. The people at large or the few and the powerful.

    Keep up the good work,
    Richard Salzman"

    Just remember. Richard Salzman rents a house in Trinidad. he does not own anything here, he is not married, he does not have any kids who go to school here, that is to say, he has no vested interest here. Political ambitions, agendas and machinations, but no real life ties here.

    WHO is he accountable to?

  10. Salzman is all about winning at any and all cost.

    Doesn't matter how many charred bodies he leaves in his path.

    Lie, cheat, steal, tax fraud, PFFC violations -- irrelevant as long as your candidate wins.

    11/04/2006 5:48 PM
    Well, substitute Arkley for Salzman and the comment is not only still true, but scarier. Has Salzman done anything to him, or did Arkley get his papers (ER and NCJ) to attack Salzman?

  11. That's ridiculous.
    Salzman got caught.
    He lied about it.
    But the evidence was irrefutable.

    Didn't have anything to do with Akley.

  12. Rose,
    I agree with you about Gags, but open your eyes enough to be impartial.
    Arkley supported Gags, too, and only turned on Salzman after he was no longer useful and playing to Arkley's tune.

    The reason that the expose was led by the NCJ and the ER is becuase Arkley owns one and controls the owner of the other.

  13. Let's start with your assertion that Arkley controls the Journal. Quite simply, he does not.

  14. WHO is Rose accountable to?

  15. Let's start with your assertion that Arkley doesn't control the Journal. Quite simply, he does.

  16. 11:13 - based upon what?

    Sure wish you would post your name so we could see your "agenda.

    And would also like to see Judy Hodgsen's face when you tell her that Arkley controls thats really funny.

  17. If Arkley controlled the journal, that 2004 story on Leonard's about-face on the balloon track study would not have been published.

  18. And the recent story about the city election would have been written differently.

  19. (The Balloon Track) never mind the irony that it is not a county issue

    Couldn't be further from the truth-being that the only Republican on the Board of Supes is now Bonnie Neely - the gov of Calif. had no alternatives for appointment.

    Flemming, a Republican to replace Bonnie Neely on the BOS will also be replacing her as a Coastal Commissioner-something that certainly wouldn't hurt the chances for regulatory oversight of Marina Center in a more favorable way.

    If you care at all for Marina Center-Dump Bonnie Neely!

  20. that's my boy Eric. he knows everything, he knows what people could of would have done. Erick is just the man.

  21. Like the line from the movie, Eric is "a legend in his own mind".

  22. 1:13 -- You're supposed to say that he controlls the Eye and the McKinleyville Press, too. Don't forget them!


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