Monday, November 13, 2006

Paul Gallegos is on vacation again...Gone surfin'

So Gallegos mailed off his Palco Appeal, and left for vacation. Word is he's gone til after Thanksgiving. Where is it this time? Hawaii or Mexico?

He's lost half his staff and he takes off for yet another long vacation. How many does this make since the election?

Who is driving the bus?


  1. Its his third vacation since election night.

    Took a week off after the election.

    Took another two weeks in hawaii when Bowman was arrested.

    And another two weeks now.

    What a guy!

  2. Now why am I not surprised? Even if they had the time off most people couldn't afford as many vacations as Gag's takes. Is he able to use the leftover campaign money for personal use?

    I wonder if the DA's office keeps track of the days he's gone from the office? I know as the DA he is not required by law to work a full schedule. But with him causing the debacle the DA's office has become you'd think he'd hang around to help out ? You'd think he'd feel some kind of sense of responsibility ? This guy is a politician in the worst sense of the word.

    I guess that's what he means in his saying "equal justice for all" .... equal justice for him and his partners in ?????????. Screw the general public and the worker bees in the DA's office.

  3. Hey be nice! That's only three seperate vacations, a total of just six weeks, in less than 5 months ! C'mon doesn't everyone take vacations like that? After all he did mail in the appeal for the Palco case, well I guess it's not a case in that the judge tossed it out of court.

    Does this mean the public will not get a District Attorney's ruling of the Cheri Moore shooting for at least anohter two weeks? It's only been SEVEN months! And Gallegos has had three 2 week vacations in that time. There for sure won't be a District Attorny's ruling on the Burgess shooting. Gallegos is probably having a Pina Colada at some fancy resort thinking of how his buddy Ken Miller is having such a good time with his campaign to bash EPD.

    What is Gallegos waiting for ?!?!?

  4. Nobody is driving the bus ! That is one of the problems. Just one.

  5. Good thing those evil Farmer holdovers Keat, Fleming and Cardoza are still there, madly undermining the DA while he surfs.

    As long as you are running stats,
    why not compare the conviction rates for Fleming and Cardoza with the new team? And how many trials have those two done in the time
    JS has been in the office, doing
    not one.

  6. Nobody in the DA's office can beat or match Maggie Fleming in stats, knowledge, ability, or work ethic. If Gallegos loses Fleming and Keat he'll be burnt toast in two months, if not sooner. If Keat and Fleming left the DA's office would actually implode. The community would really see the damage, the carnage.

    I have heard that Gallegos has lost or is losing his administrative assistance/officer. Someone who has been with the DA's office since 1986. And it's not for retirement. Does anyone know how many other DA Staff have left ?

  7. He sacrificed his secretary long ago, for the good of the office, doncha know.

  8. Uh huh...

    If you fell for that you, you probably also believe that he prevents crime by preventing crime or that he inadvertantly plagerized.

  9. 3:39PM his secretary left because she couldn't stand working for him ! Doncha know ? Everyone with half a brain does !

    Gave up his secretary my ass.

    Probably a good move on his part not to replace her as a secretary could be a potential witness to any ..... problems, absences, and whatever. Gags seldom makes appointments, even those that he makes.

    Rude, arrogant, and ineffective! What a winning combination.

  10. Let's not forget Zach Bird and Stacy Eads when discussing the DDA's who are worth a crap. Though I hear Stacy is in an interesting condition so goodness knows what's going to happen in juvie-land.

  11. Agreed. Most of the people in that office are doing a tough job under impossible conditions, made worse by the recent losses of the most experienced prosecutors. Most of the people in that office give their all, and then some. There are two notable exceptions.

  12. I am confused about how much time has been taken off since the June election. Five weeks?

  13. At least. That's in full week increments. Doesn't count the day here, the half day there.

    Don't think he's been in court muc, if at all, since his last jury trial. The one that was a wash.

  14. Amazing, huh? And you thought he wanted the job.

  15. He did want the job. $100K a year and he doesn't have to double bill anybody. He takes off whenever he feels like it. He gets favors we will probably never know the full extent of. And he gets medical insurance.

    How much of his vacations and entertaining is paid for out of his election money ?? I don't know but ...........

    And what is the DA's office up to (or down to) in Deputy DA's ?

    The really bad part is he really doesn't care. He has run the office into the ground and criminals are going unpunished. That will have ramifications.

    oh well.

  16. anon 11/14/06@1:43 Go to HE-doublehockeysticks! He RSVP'd to accept a proclaimation TODAY from the Board of Supervisors LAST week. I guess he TOTALLY forgot he had a 2 week Vacation planned to some warm and exotic place....I mean it could happen to any of us. YES?
    Of course he was a NO-SHOW.....just like the new Attorney who stared last week.....suddenly found something more pressing on her calendar that she couldn't come to work this week??? I blame the new letcher in the,na,na....You are in the TWILIGHT zone!!!!!

  17. Did this new attorney quit, get fired, or disappear into the twilight zone?? Abducted by aliens?

    Blame in on the "new letcher" in the office ? Who was the old letcher? Stoen ?

  18. You're talking about Klein. The other new hire.
    Stoen, yougofree and the Tweilight Zone - Klein.

  19. I hear there was a new gal that lasted five days?

  20. We can be sure the Times Standard
    will confirm that someone has left, find that person, and ask
    good questions, complete with follow ups, as to what is going on in the office, why would you take
    a job and quit in five days, etc.

    That will happen, won't it?

  21. Rose: What can you say about Arnold Klein? He has been all over California and I have seen him in action. His appearance isn't all that impressive, but he seems competent.

  22. I haven't heard alot about Klein. Other than that he didn't make it through his probationary period in the last DAs office he worked in.

  23. Lucky for the girl who left. If you are a new prosecutor, you deserve to start out somewhere where there are good people to mentor you, decent working conditions, a sense of pride in the office, and a boss who knows how to drive the bus. You're going to need someone like that, because you have chosen a difficult profession, and you need someone to help nurture you, toughen you up and train you to excel at your craft. You won't get that here.

  24. Has it been confirmed that
    the new prosecutor quit? Where did she go? why?

  25. Poor Kid - just out of law school, moves up here probably strapped for cash...rents a house and discovers she just entered the twilight zone.

    Hope she has family that got her out of that mess.

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