Sunday, November 26, 2006

This is funny - The Gallegos Corporation?

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Richard Salzman This is Me
Campaign Manager

The Gallegos Corporation

Employment History
Alliance for Ethical Business

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1. Humboldt D.A. fights to keep job / Lumber firm funds recall campaign after being sued
Published on: 2/28/2004 Last Visited: 2/28/2004

An artist's agent by trade, Gallegos' campaign manager, Richard Salzman, encourages the supporter to leave a donation.

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  1. so is this true about Salzman???

    and look at google about this rat??

  2. "Our" Richard Salzman is not a lawyer - his business is Salzman International, he is an artist's representative.

    I don't know what to make of this "Gallegos Corporation" - I don't know if it is the result of a random collection of news articles put together by this zoom info site, or whether it is actually somethign Salzman put up there.

    It is a nice collection of articles with his name, other wise, I don't think it is for real, but I have learned never to assume anything with these guys.

  3. oh try this one:

    and then this one:

  4. :) Hadn't seen that one! This has got to be a spoof.

  5. Rose, over the weekend I went to the Minor theater to see "Jonestown", the documentary. I haven't spent any money in Arcata since Merserve but it was the only theater showing it. It was very interesting. A couple pictures of Tim Stoen, an interview with his ex (
    Grace). Lots of pictures, video, and audio tapes! Worth seeing.

    And to think that your buddy Paul "handpicked" Stoen to be his #2 man ! Holy crap, BAD judgement to the enth degree.

  6. I've been meaning to go see it. The play in Berkeley was interesting, very well done, beautifully acted, great music - but replete with revisionist history.

  7. I read the Madman in our Midst too. Pretty amazing, actually unbelievable, that Stoen could get a job as a Deputy District Attorney after that! I guess background checks or investigations were not done?

    With all this stuff in print, on the internet, etc it is truely amazing that Gallegos would seek out Tim Stoen let alone hire him as his #2 !!!! The Peoples Temple voting and politicing is just toooo similar to the hijinks with Selzman et al ! I plan to read/investigate further.

  8. “There is a lesson in the film that’s applicable to where we are today,” he said. “Jonestown didn’t happen quickly. It was a series of little things, and nobody stood up tp say, ‘This is wrong.’ The people who walked into that church the first time, smiling and singing, gradually changed and became trapped. It was a series of cuts and compromises. They didn’t happen overnight, and not enough people raised their voices in protest.” Remembering Jonestown


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