Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do not forget

Interesting points in James Faulk's Bully Pulpit today, chastising those who question Bonnie Neely's sister working in the Election's Dept.

You know, I agree with you James. But I gotta ask you - WHY the scruples now?

Where were you when folk-hero Gallegos claimed that the fact that a judge was dating a niece of Bonnie Neely's meant that he should be disqualified from the Palco case?

Remember that? Remember those nasty little maneuvers?


  1. Oh the rules don't apply to some. Like the "progressos" and Mr. Gallegos.

    Mr. Faulk should get a flea collar for his cat and maybe a real job if he wants to buy a house.

  2. Faulk should stop taking calls from the sleazeman

  3. Maybe the homeless freaks like tad should remember the nasty little maneuver of GETTING A JOB OR getting the hell out of humboldt county.

  4. Did he consult Salzman before writing that article?

  5. Haven't read the column yet, but I don't think a close relative of any candidate should be involved in vote counting. I don't know the woman, nor the details at this point, but it goes back to avoiding the very appearance of conflict.

  6. Is it a fact that she is involved in vote counting?The standard has been wrong about that one before.She sets up the manual recount boards,and does other tasks,but I don't know that she's involved with the absentees.She may very well be though,but you might want to check what her duties are with the elections department before making that claim.

  7. I believe the elections officials would be taking great care not to do anything wrong here - and she, herself, probably has the integrity to keep her distance.


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