Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bear River members seek chairperson's recall

Bear River members seek chairperson's recall

I have to congratulate the Bear River Tribe members on this effort to clean up their act, getting rid of Leonard Bowman. "...the tribal chairperson had allegedly violated the Rancheria's own Code of Personal and Business Conduct conflict of interest/political contributions section that says tribal funds or property cannot be used for contributions to political candidates. A $10,000 contribution to the district attorney's campaign violated that policy, Bowie noted."

I hope Michael Acosta surprises me and does well by you. "...According to Bowie, the Rancheria's attorney has been investigating disappearance of funds from a fund set up to sponsor a stock car that races at Redwood Acres. The results of the attorney's investigation, she said, hasn't been shared with Rancheria members.

”They've been stalling and stalling,” Bowie said..."

This cleansing will go a long way to restoring trust and good will from the community.

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  1. Can't say people were not warned of Bowman's shenanigans. It's always been telling for me that sleaze seeks sleaze as in the case of Salzman and Gallegos seeking and getting political support from the Bowmans. Birds of a feather and all that..

  2. I think all the tribes need to take a long hard look at what they have done in these last two elections.

    Whatever has been promised or implied in terms of political prowess, or outright payback, I think it has misfired. It hasn't won any good will, not for the tribes and not for the candidates who accepted the HUGE donations.

  3. The idea that Acosta is conducting the "investigation" is laughable. First, he has no experience in investigations and Second, he went on record justifying Bowman. Oh Acosta even contributed himself!

  4. And, don't forget Acosta's role in the tree sitters/activist's case.

  5. Wonder if Bear River is gonna demand that PVG return the embezzled money? They should.

  6. So Rose, what happened this past saturday?? I have not seen anything reported on the meeting that was to be held...Has anyone heard anything????


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