Thursday, November 02, 2006

Surprise, surprise.


Just like the so-called "Alliance for Ethical Business," The "Citizens for REAL Economic Growth" won't tell you who's backing them.
How much of their money has come from "Non-Local" sources?
Think they got a substantial donation from Ester Saunoras?
Think they're not involved in this election?

So much for campaign finance reform.

"...CREG spokesperson Larry Evans said his organization does not have a strict accounting of who donated what and when.

Nor will one be forthcoming, he said of the group that is calling for a full cleanup of the Balloon Track and what it calls a “true public process” in planning for the parcel....

“Everything is on the Web site for everyone to see,” Evans said.

However, a check of the Web site — — Wednesday morning did not indicate who has contributed what amounts. All it listed were some of its supporters.

Evans said all of CREG’s supporters’ names may not be on the Web site. He also said it is possible that individuals who have donated money are also not listed on the Web site.

CREG supporters who want to donate to the organization can do so by utilizing the Web site, mailing in a donation or making donations when, Evans said, “a hat is passed at our events to collect money.”

He admitted that no accounting of who donated what is made at those events, so even a person who has made a large contribution will not be recorded by CREG..."

Well, at least we know who CREG's Communications Coordinator is.

Richard Salzman
Communications Coordinator
Citizens for Real Economic Growth
post office box 738
Eureka, CA. 95502


  1. Oh you must be wrong ! I'm sure these fine upstanding persons that backed, supported, pushed through Measure T would not take any outside money! All they about is local control ! I guess they might take some outside money if he were for Kaitlan's pancake feed. What is it $500 for a short stack and $1000 for a regular ?

  2. The Humboldt Business Council won't tell who's backing them either.

  3. Nor would any non-profit give the names of their donors without the donors' consent. CREG isn't a PAC. Nor the HBC.

  4. Go back under your slimey rock Eric.

  5. Actually, Eric...CREG simply doesn't want to practice what they preach. If they want open disclosure of other groups then they should provide disclosure themselves.

    I can see the hypocrisy - the question is why can't you?

  6. Eric - you are correct in that "CREG isn't a PAC".

    Why not? Could it be no disclosure of Bill Pierson’s contributions?

    Can you tell me what charitable good CREG does?

    Do they feed the poor? (pancake breakfasts)
    House the homeless? (Cobb's commune)
    Take in stray animals? (have you actually seen their supporters?)

    But seriously folks, what charitable cause does CREG do besides stop the Marina Center?

  7. Eric see's it but he's OK with it as long as it's on his side, his gang, his view. Eric is as big a hypocrite as you will come across, at least on the blogs.

    And it kind of seems that CREG is somewhat of a scam to give the Measure T gal a job! You know Kaitlan Scopini-Blecner???????

  8. Who would have thought that Real Economic Growth comes by having monthly pancake fees out of your house !!!!!

    Katie you are such a loser !

  9. Actually, Eric...CREG simply doesn't want to practice what they preach. If they want open disclosure of other groups then they should provide disclosure themselves.

    Did they call for open disclosures of donations made to other nonprofits? If so, then I agree, that's hypocritical. If they called for disclosure of a PAC, not so much.

  10. Eric may be wrong sometimes but I don't think he's a hypocrite. Seems like a fair-minded guy who isn't always right.

    At least he links to ALL the local bloggers, not just the moonbats supporting his cause.He links to the moonbats who dislike him too.


  11. And this BLOG provides a link to ERIC'S BLOG SoHum Parlance as well. (see sidebar)
    We moonbats have to stick together.

    This blog also allows anonymous bloggers.

  12. 8:11 am, Chris Crawford has never had any interest in practicing what he preaches. Yep, Mr. Justice Served decried any investigations into the coalition for jobs.

  13. FIRST, you have to investigate the so-called "Alliance for Ethical Business" the granddaddy of them all, and "Humboldt Watershed Council" because "FRAUD is not a victimless crime."
    Then the "Eureka Coalition for Jobs" and we'll see if Salzman is really behind it.
    Take 'em in order and move up to the "Citizens for REAL Economic Growth"
    NO cries for campaign finance reform means anything unless and until you do that.

  14. Excuse me 9:12 AM -- I believe you spelled “Kaitlan Scopini-Blecner” name incorrectly.

    It's spelled “Kaitlin Sociopath-Bitchnap”.

    Please get it right from now on.

  15. I'll amend my rolodex

  16. Rather than starting with oldies, why not start with the largest in terms of money and impact?

  17. That would be the AEB. 8:45


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