Tuesday, November 07, 2006


What is negative campaigning?


  1. 1) Candidates pulling little tricks to win at the last minute.

    2) All politics-All the Time

    3) Too Many auto dialer calls

    4) Candidates not keeping track of their absentee voters-why bother someone who has already cast their vote.

    2,3,4 all combine to burn out voters.

  2. In a community where you interact with both sides of the political spectrum, negative campaigning is the primary cause of the destruction of social fabric. The win at all costs ethic might put your candidate into office, but how will they govern once there? Countless studies show people only remember the negative ads, accusations page one, aquittal page 16. Humboldt averages one of the highest voter turnouts in any election which argues against burnout. Even in the worst, most negative campaigns in the past, there was a shake hands civility after the vote, even if you hated each others guts. That is sorely lacking with the current local crop of politicians. They wear that hatred in full view. It's very sad what this community has become.

  3. 9:17AM I agree very sad. Even embaarassing.

  4. Nancy Flemming wouldn't know a working person if she ran over one with her Mercedes. That is a negative ad.

  5. Careful kids, My wife won 2 court judgments against the County of Humboldt for unpaid compensation. Before filing suit and winning the first judgment, she appealed to Bonnie Neely for help. Bonnie merely referred her back to the personnel office that had screwed her in the first place. Before filing suit, my wife then appealed to the Supervisors at a regularly scheduled meeting; Bonnie was conveneintly absent. When all was said and done, our family was out more than ten thousand dollars (after taxes) to recoup an employee claim of $4000.00. Needless to say, we are not fond of Neely; she is ensconsed in the "business as usual", "everybody has their own kingdom" downtown kind of mentality. She needs to GO! Roy

  6. she needs to go for more than that Roy. let's just hope that by midnight we get news she's GONE!

  7. I read Eric V. Kirk's blog this morning. He talks about meeting Richard Salzman and Chirs Kerrigan at Larry Glass's HQ ! Gee whiz who'd a thought. Wonder if they discussed what Ken Miller wants for his $1500.00?

    Sad that things were soo close. We can still hope that Bonnie goes by by.

  8. From the Buhne Tribune:

    "Because of the number of outstanding absentee ballots, Humboldt County Recorder and Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich had reported that the 4th District race was too close to call and could be as late as Thanksgiving before the final results were counted. And with 17 percent of the approximately 12,000 absentee ballots counted as of midnight, Flemming had a more than 55.26 percent lead over Neely’s 44.69 percent."
    Don't look back, Bonnie: If the absentee ballots continue to trend conservative by such a wide margin, you're toast!

  9. There's still hope!

  10. Anonymous said...
    Nancy Flemming wouldn't know a working person if she ran over one with her Mercedes. That is a negative ad.

    11/07/2006 6:05 PM

    Sometimes the truth IS negative.

  11. In other words, truth in political advertising sometimes requires negativity.


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