Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gallegos v. Palco - Here we go again w/update

Wonder why all the bad guys have been getting plea bargained? The DA has been too busy.

County appeals Palco fraud suit
John Driscoll/The Times-Standard
11/11/2006 04:32:49 AM PST

Palco APPEAL Timeline: (After the judge threw his case out)
11/18/2005 Exempt filing fee.
11/18/2005 Notice of appeal lodged/received. People of the State of California filed 7-26-05
11/18/2005 Notified parties of local rules and procedures.
11/18/2005 Received: Designation of Record (CRC, rule 5) filed 9-29-05
12/12/2005 Default letter sent; no case information statement filed.
12/29/2005 Civil case information statement filed. Judgment/order needed & ** is here **
12/29/2005 Letter to counsel - 15 days to file case information statement. judgment/order needed
01/31/2006 Filed document entitled: Judgment/order needed to attach to DKT filed 12/29/05.
07/11/2006 Record on appeal filed. c-7 r-2
08/04/2006 Requested - extension of time.
08/04/2006 Granted - extension of time.
09/06/2006 Telephone conversation with: Belinda from the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office stating that an eot for the aob is on its way.
09/11/2006 Requested - extension of time.
09/13/2006 Granted - extension of time.

For more information:
The People v. Pacific Lumber Co. et al. Division 3 Case Number A112028
Case summary

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Case Number Case Activity Date Registered
A112028 Brief Filed 11/12/2006
A112028 Record on Appeal Filed 11/12/2006
A112028 Remittitur Issued 11/12/2006
A112028 Disposition 11/12/2006
A112028 Calendar Notice 11/12/2006
11/13/06 the following transaction has occurred in:
The People v. Pacific Lumber Co. et al.
Case: A112028 1st District, Division 3
2006-11-13 Event Description: Appellant's opening brief.
Notes: 40.1


  1. And the bad guys get to run around robbing banks while on probation for bank robbery!

    Is this the purpose of Paul's letter on vigilantism?

    Does he WANT us to start packing a piece so we can fetch a rope and hang 'em high? So he can play Whack The Dead Horse in his office?

  2. Gallegos can't fill the positions in his office. And those he does fill are ......... sub standard. No prosecutors. The attorney that handles juvenile stuff is off on pregnancy leave. Who is doing the work on the appeal for the Palco case ????? It's not Paul Gallegos cause he's not that bright and he's never around.

    Mabye Swartz is doing the work ? Oh yes it must be

    Or maybe it's the new guy Dollison ? Yes he has lots of experience, integrity, and credibility.

    What a mess!!

    Gallegos has time to go after Palco and the EPD but real criminals are getting a free pass.

    In Heraldo's blog recently he (KeN Miller) asked what has EPD done to rid Eureka of meth. What has Gallegos done to punish meth dealers?

  3. Well no-it was established that he plagiarized the writing-I was referring to the topic of 'his' letter.

    Nitpicking changes the course of my post....

  4. Sorry-you go other 10:30...

  5. I think it would have been better to have Dikeman as DA. I'd rather have a conservative that gets shit done instead of this liberal jackass that would rather surf and plea bargain just so he doesn't have to use his 3 brain cells.

  6. Don't you think PG is an excellent candidate to be nailed for dereliction of duty? He cares more about Palco than violendt criminals???

  7. Just ask how many child abuse prosecutions there have been this year. How many Domestic Violence prosecutions have there been this year, How many meth dealers have been let go. How many drunk driving cases have been reduced to wet reckless charges.

    Ask what Gallegos has done to restore the CAST and Victim Witness funding and staff.

    Ask who Gallegos is working for - you or the special interests.

  8. And, halitosis - good point. We won't know until we get to read it.

    Who wrote it? Gallegos? Schectman? Stoen? Ken Miller? Time will tell.

  9. Personally, from talking to Paul, I feel he wrote this appeal, which is why it has taken so long to be filed. Wifey has always been the better lawyer and Paul clearly was riding on her coat tails all those years. I like Joan and feel she would have been a much better DA than Paul. Maybe we could have job sharing?

  10. Rose, why don't you link to Halitosis?

  11. There is cetainly a problem when the District Attorney allows his lazy sub standard "prosecutors" to dismiss so many cases and plead others out to essentially nothing.

    Meth and Heroin dealers get a spank, marijuana dealers get kudo's and brownie points but Worth Dikeman gets fired and Gag's is going after the cops. What a screwed up place!

  12. Anonymous said...
    Rose, why don't you link to Halitosis?

    Done, and WELCOME. Looks like we have some views in common.

  13. That story should have been titled "GALLEGOS appeals Palco fraud suit"

  14. But Eric V. Kirk says the appeal is going to shock me! Like maybe Gag's is going to win!?

    Child molesters are free to roam but Gallegos is still going after Palco!? Can you believe this shit?

  15. Gallegos just flat out doesn't understand who the real criminals are.

  16. What did it cost the county last time for Paul to go after Hurwitz for his Progs? What did the Recall election cost the county? Maybe it would save us money to Recall Paul and really do it this time. The guy's out to lunch on our time and our dime.

  17. So, Gallegos gives the Times Standard a heads up that - start the presses - he is mailing in his Palco appeal after all this time, and snubs the Eureka Reporter to punish them for asking him pesky questions about plagiarizing his My Word Op-Ed pieces in the Times Standard, questioning his judgement in not filing charges in the animal abuse debacle, and for raising questions about his accepting a $10,000 donation from the Bear River tribe and then dismissing nine felony charges against the tribal chairman's son. And the Times Standard is no doubt grateful.

    So grateful that in return, the Times Standard is working to resuscitate Richard Salzman's standing and credibility in the community.

    Brilliant moves.

  18. Try as the T/S might Richard Salzman will always be R. Trent, Sara (the dog), and who knows what countless other names.

    The NCJ nailed him good with the Web of Lies article. This blog keeps track of many of his deeds and how he interacts with other people of similar character (or lack of).

    Salzman's standing and credibility in the community will always be slimey, or like Eric says "kind of creepy".

    A public blessing from Oprah couldn't clean up Dickies standing in the community. Honest people will not forget.

  19. What did it cost all of us when Hurwitz's people went after Gags?

    Now, when we have enough evidence to recall him, there's not much chance it could occur. By the time he's finished, the office will have been gutted. Costing all of us, again.

  20. Rose said,"Gallegos just flat out doesn't understand who the real criminals are."

    I have to respectfully disagree. He knows who they are. He knows too well who they are. A lot of money has been poured into Gallegos campaigns over the years. While the real criminals go free, and while Bowman's kid gets probation for nine felonies, he focuses on Palco and Debi August.

  21. OK. I'll amend that. he doesn't CARE who they are.
    And doesn't mind if they walk.

  22. And he doesn't mind socializing with them (criminals), and maybe giving them insider information on case prosectuions ? Maybe. He certainly doesn't mind taking money from them for campaign donations; the $99 dinner at Cecils in Garberville??!!! Who do you think attended that function?

  23. since he doesn't prosecute pot growers they msut not be criminals

  24. Prosecute them ! Maybe have lunch with them? Go on vacation with them ? Cocktails ? and ??????? Who knows.

  25. Plan what they are going to do with palco's land once they steal it?


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