Tuesday, May 08, 2007


May 8, 2007
To: Paul Gallegos
Humboldt County District Attorney's Office


Please provide the following:

1. The monthly CAST statistics kept by your office for January 1, 2006 through April 30, 2007 including but not limited to:

a. the CAST Interview Summary (a breakdown of interviews by gender, age, ethnicity, interview type, and referring agency.)

b. the CAST DA Summary containing the breakdown of interviews conducted, cases referred to the DA, cases filed by the DA, cases rejected by the DA, the dispositions of cases and whether they were felony or misdemeanors, whether there was a plea or jury trial, the breakdown in sentencing and whether probation or prison was imposed and the breakdown in length of time of sentences.

c. The CAST Law Enforcement summaries for January 1, 2006 through April 30, 2007, including but not limited to the numbers of interviews brought by each agency and cases submitted by each agency.

2. Case numbers of all child abuse/CAST cases filed by your office between January 1, 2006 and April 30, 2007

3. CAST interview sheets containing the names of all law enforcement and CAST personnel who attended each CAST interview between January 1, 2006 and April 30, 2007 with the understanding that no identifying information of any victim or the victim's family is being requested.

4. Sign in or attendance sheets for all CAST meetings held between January 1, 2006 and April 30, 2007

5. Copies of all minutes and agendas from all CAST advisory monthly meetings from January 2006 to present.

6. Copies of all minutes and agendas from all CAST executive board meetings from January 2006 to present.

A. This is a request made under the California Public Records Act. [Government Code 6250-6277].

B. By law you have 10 calendar days in which to respond to this request. [Government Code 6253(c)].
A matter of priorities
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  1. That incompetent slob currently calling himself the district attorney has what was formerly a model program so f****ed up that local child abuse investigators are being told NOT to send kids there for interviews. It is malpractice at it worst and child abuse victims and their families are paying the price. The Attorney General must investigate NOW!

  2. This is so sad - even worse is that this community has facilitated this by intentionally turning their heads away.

    Shame on them, shame on Gallegos, shame on Schwartz and shame on everyone still involved in that failed program that hasn't spoken out.

  3. The current stats may be interesting, but it seems to me they don't mean much unless you have similar stats from the pre-Gallegos
    years, then Gallegos before he fired Jackson, then post Jackson, etc.

  4. So when you get the data
    you can do a side by side comparison, and wait for the excuses, hedges, and other attempts to avoid
    responsibility to flow.

    Has yougo won a child molest trial yet? Has he done one?

    These stats should be
    hmmmm, interesting.

    Wonder how the ex Humboldt
    DA's who are DA's elsewhere, have done, trial wise? Are those other counties getting our money's worth?

  5. If the Eureka Reporter can do a story for the local news-why can't they interview the State Attorney General about what he has done to look into this mess??


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