Friday, May 11, 2007

musings from Earth First... and more

From:  druelendil
Date: Mon Dec 15, 2003 5:43 pm
Subject: Has anyone thought about this

Why not get the Coastal Redwood (as a beginning) placed on the
endangered species list? This would make it illegal to harvest them.
As a next step we could get legislation passed to ban the manufacture,
sale and purchase of redwood products. A lawyer friend of mine has
looked into this for me, and he says it's totally doable under present
laws. He also says it would take years and dollars to bring it about,
so I'm not saying stop what we're already doing -- continue that in

I realize that this may already be happening. If so, who'se doing it?

Drew /|\

Turns out Drew wasn't far off:
Old growth bill
The state Legislature is considering a bill that would ban state purchases of old growth timber.
The bill, introduced by Assemblyman Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and sponsored by the advocacy group Environment California, would prevent state agencies and school districts from buying wood or wood products made from trees from ancient forests.

"Worldwide, only 20 percent of the world's ancient forests remain standing, and here in California less than 10 percent of our ancient forests remain," said Steinberg in a written statement.

A spokeswoman from Environment California said no one knows how much old-growth timber is purchased by the state each year.

The timber industry is lobbying heavily against the bill.

It is expected to come up for a vote soon in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

And who is "Environment California"?


  1. Sounds like a college course Greg King was teaching,"Screw'm 101".

  2. Loggers need to find a new profession

  3. How about an industrial bath service for shit stinking earth firsters? Could also use my chain saw to cut off the dog turds in their hair. Hell,throw in some perfume sales and we could all be back to work.

  4. Loggers need to find a new profession? All of them?

    It's interesting, when Hurricane Katrina hit, we as a resource rich nation, and especially we in Humboldt County, should have been able to say, we can fix this, and we can help! There should have been truckloads of lumber rolling out of here to help rebuild the homes that were lost.

  5. 9:23 you need to cut the dog turds from your hair. Cut back on the pot so your head can clean up too. Then go out a get a job.


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