Monday, May 28, 2007

News from Venezuela on the closing of Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)

From Daniel in Venezuela
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To close yet another exhausting day (and it is not over) I thought abut putting as it the Veneconomy editorial. To understand some of the reasons that push people to protest you could do worse than read this editorial (outside Globovision there are people protesting in their favor, in Valencia there were injured students and tomorrow we expect more campuses to join in, while Chavez is nowhere to be seen, his usual coward self)
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To the accompaniment of alarms, pot-banging and protests by the vast majority of Venezuelans, the government brought down the curtain on Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV) at midnight on Sunday, so perpetrating the worst confiscation of the freedom of expression by any government ever in Venezuela and perhaps in Latin America in the last 35 years.
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Update: 5/30/07
So it is like that: Chavez won in December 2006 with 63% of the vote and today half of the country was out of order, and the other half barely coping. The love fest that should have happened as of December 4, usually called a political honey moon, fizzled in a very few days and since late December the tensions have increased to the point that Chavez today is openly threatening Globovision with closing. And, make this very clear in your minds, he has only himself to blame. I do not know whether he means it as he claims he meant it in 2002 so he could purge the army and PDVSA, but it certainly looks like quite a mess today. One thing is certain if purges are the objective again: his targets are the media and closing freedom of expression, the last obstacle for absolute control of the country until kingdom comes (whichever kingdom comes first)


  1. Aren't all of you socialists proud of your hero chavez?

  2. Be sure to THANK Michael Shellenberger. Democracy NOW! Man.

  3. Don't forget the shinning light of mob rule dEMOCRACY, David Cobb.

  4. Check out the dude at the "what's happening" blog. In the recent past he has told us what a great guy Hugo Chavez is and how all U.S. military personnel are "murderers". When asked to share his thoughts on what Chavez has and is doing to the opposition media he just deletes any opposition to his view. When pressed he changes his blog to only accept comments from "team members", maybe he is Hugo Chavez ?

    Are you listening Michael?


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