Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ahhhh! Now I get it!

"When it (the Recall) was over, it was like, I can get to work. I've been working to do that, to get the office tuned and buffed. The first thing is to turn us into a team. I think we're getting there." Paul Gallegos

In other news: Humboldt County will receive $259,136 and Del Norte County $161,916 in Meth-fighting money. Should they get some matching polo shirts and Carhartt pants with AR-15s to keep up with the DA's office? Maybe a couple of matching Hummers? Or some bunker busters and a tank?


  1. That's one shiney forehead! I just read on Yahoo news today that there may be a cure for baldness.

  2. ROTFLMAO...

  3. But we all know he's really not that ripped.

  4. OK I'll ask, what does ROTFLMAO mean ?

  5. "tuned and buffed", "more with less" !

    I love it!

    Seems our DA is about as sharp as a marble.

  6. Ask any teenager - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off. As opposed to just ROTFL. - AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact

  7. I guess I ought to get out more! Or at least pay attention to the cell phone commercials on TV.

  8. Maybe Paul hasn't made a decision on the Cherie Moore because he was one of the shooters himself.As much as I disagree strongly with this here,it is funny that the Eureka PD officers involved in shootings are pretty much treated as heroes.Rose,replace Paul's face with officer Terry Liles and then you'll be branded as a cop hater.
    But,seriously,nobody whom I've talked too likes this one bit,no one.

  9. You're right. But I don't know if heroes is the right word, mresquan, they were drug through the mud and even threatened on most blog posts. I would bet if you talk to them none of them were happy about what happened. It's a sad reality of their job.

    And, conversely - if it were EPD requesting oozies there would be an enormous thunderous outcry. But it's Paul. So, even though there is no rational justification for his request, there is deafening silence.

    I make light of it here. But I really don't think it is very funny. For so many reasons, it is deeply troubling.

  10. Actually Rose,The silence is lifting a bit,and Paul will soon enough be forced into making an explanation(hopefully not forced).And I'd somewhat disagree with your thunderous outcry statement,as when the Eureka city council voted to put private security forces in old town,there wasn't much of an outcry.Things like this tend to get past the public upon implementation.The Reporter did a good job on covering this here,and getting the info out to the public.

  11. The only rational thing for Paul to do is withdraw this ridiculous request.

    He will throw Hislop under the bus, and Hislop will have to be a good little soldier and take it and keep his mouth shut, like the others in the office.

    Or he will pull what he tried with the victim witness unit - claim it is just a political attack on him, and how dare the CAO of the County question him?

  12. Rose, this story does not involve misappropriation of funds, and you know that. What it involves is a purchase of equipment that some have found questionable. Paul's desire is to promote safety among his workers and thus the community at large. If the lead investigator requests new equipment why would Paul stand in the way of that? We have school shootings, a massive methamphetamines problem and the police are often out gunned by lawless criminals. If you want this heavy burden then run for DA and pick and choose which safety equipment your staff receives. Paul wants the best, and the concerns will be addressed given proper time.

  13. Now the spin'sters are on. This has nothing to do with protecting this community. That is what the cops are for. Pauls job (which he does very badly) is to PROSECUTE THE BAD GUYS AND NOT GO OUT AND CATCH THEM. This has NOTHING to do with safety for the any da employees. Paul want to set up his own assault team to play like SWAT . This is not safety equipment. It is full out assault team equipment. This is not Pauls job. Seems that he want to play soldier and not DA as he has been quite bad at it for 4 years. 12:11 - go bullshit someone else.

  14. HILARIOUS!!!!! Who the hell said anything about misappropriation of funds, 12:11?

    Oh come one, man, you can do better than this.

  15. This is just so typical. Paul screws up then he goes underground until the handlers come up with the talking points, then he comes out and sends out his bullshit response.

    You know, he could justify trying the Whitethorn rapists, but that was too hard, he could justify telling the defense attorneys no more plea deals, he could justify rebuilding the CAST program, he could justify alot of things, but ignoring all of those and playing GI Paul, that's just too absurd for words.

    Poor Stoen, he left too soon, he would have reveled in this. Oh the delicious thought of all those WEAPONS, nice shiny assault rifles, and our very own assault team. A dream come true.

    Ya gotta love it.

  16. 12:11 When did anyone mention misappropriation of funds? Did Rose every mention misappropriation of funds?

    "Paul's desire to promote safety amoung his workers and thus the community at large" ????? That really is a BIG bunch of BS. How about this .... if the lead investigator of the Sheriffs Office asked for an armored car, grenade launchers, and an M-60 machine gun why should the Sheriff stand in his way?!?!?!!? Your logic is twisted. But it's not logic it's spin to protect Gallegos who is taking a beating ii the press (E/R) and blogs for his poor leadership skills or ablility.

    And Humboldt County does have a big meth problem but we have not had a school shooting, but if we did do you think a DA investigator would be coming to the rescue? Hell no it would be a uniformed cop, maybe even officer Liles! To even suggest that a jacket and tie wearing desk jocky would respond from the office with his assault rifle and save the day is the thinking of a fool, or a desperate spinster (or R. Trent whatever).


  17. Paul could do his part to protect the public safety by firing YOUGOFREE.COM.

  18. Gallegos should resign.

  19. Investigators serve subpoena's which are not exactly documents filled with good news. These documents are often served on private property, in rural settings. You would attempt to viciously attack Paul for attempting to protect his staff?

    The Investigators often have years if not decades of experience in Law Enforcement. You would question their motives or expertise?

    Rose, I realize you have a deep seated vitriol for Paul, but don't you think you've gone too far this time? The safety of public officials doing an often dangerous job is something Paul does not joke around with. And he certainly doesn't play politics with it as you are attempting to do.

  20. "The safety of public officials doing an often dangerous job is something Paul does not joke around with."

    You obviously have no idea what DA Investigators do. They wear suits and ties and sit at desks. They run errands. They forward investigative requests to law enforcement agencies. They carry evidence to court.

    Nothing in their job description is remotely "dangerous."

  21. Which spin-meister is this we're talking to here? Salzman is not that stupid. Might this be his replacement?

  22. 1:29 is obviously a dumb blonde.

    Youwho - all the DA investigators are armed with the same type of weapons that most other cops carry. This is different. It is automatic assault weapons which are not carried by other than the SWAT or tactical teams. The justification for these weapons is not so that DA investigators can go and serve subpoenas, but to form their own assault team. I don't know who you are, but the term stupid as a rock comes to mind.

  23. 1:29.12:07 - all of what Paul the idiot does is play - he doesn’t know the concept of the word work. Have you ever heard him say “Wheeeeeeeeee!” as he plays in the courthouse. I guarantee you that it’s a crackup and you would know he has more than just a screw loose.

  24. Try your routine on Saturday Night Live, 1:29. It really is that funny.

  25. Dear 1:29,

    I realize that it is getting more and more difficult to justify the actions of a certain incompetent boob, but you are now not only guilty by association but also are beginning to sound like you are wandering the desert with the incompetent boob.

    Go back to peace rallys in Texas. You cannot win this debate.

  26. Well Rose, here is but a small sampling of your blogs vitriol and unmitigated hate towards Paul. And this is just from the threads on the weapons purchase!


    "Dumb Blondes"

    "NEVER concerned about officer safety"

    "Play soldier"

    "Mental illness coupled with drugs"

    "Needs Rogaine and tanning cream"

    "Take over for EPD"

    "stormtroopers to protect various underground marijuana monopolies"

    "he buys them off with new toys and pay raises. He doesn't care. He is untouchable."

    "With his history of punishing political enemies, this is more than scary."

    "Contagion factor: 34"

    "Prone to terrible rage or suicidal self-pity"

    "What planet are your from retard!"

    Rose, you need anger management therapy and you need it soon. Your obsession with Paul is disturbing and your hatred oozes all over the internet.

  27. See, you don't really understand how this all works. See people - like you - make anonymous comments. Mine have that little name - you know "Rose said..." -

    I did say "he buys them off with new toys and pay raises. He doesn't care. He is untouchable."

    How would you characterize it?

  28. "Rose, you need anger management therapy and you need it soon. Your obsession with Paul is disturbing and your hatred oozes all over the internet."

    Nice try at deflection, Richard,errrr 229, but to try and attribute all of those posts to Rose is disingenueous (sg) at best. Nice try though, now back to our incompetent District Attorney...

  29. Unmitigated hatred, Rose. That is what you are filled with. That is what you encourage.

  30. Dear Ms. Sterling Nichols - get a life. We get to comment on the stupidity of the people in office that are elected. Get it? Like what you are doing camping out in Texas. But oh no, its Paul, leave him alone...

    Thank you for re-hashing some of the more memorable comments above. (I like the blonde one myself.) Please take them to heart and think about their deep meaning. I also would make a simple suggestion, bet on a better dog next time, your dog don’t hunt.

  31. 2:21 p.m.

    I notice that you don't actually defend those characterizations. The subtext of your post is, "That's not very warm and fuzzy." Neither is the person you are defending.

  32. Actually, Rose doesn't encourage hatred - she encourages people to think instead of simply following.. and thats what you hate Richard or Nichols or whoever you are.

    Me, I don't need people to tell me how to think. Just need the facts and I can then figure it out for myself as others can. Thats what you guys are afraid of - the truth. And the truth is Paul is intoxicated with power and is incompetent as all hell.

  33. Please remember that Paul Gallegos is first and foremost a family man. He has a wife and very young children. I understand you have your political views. But the utter personal contempt for the man is disturbing. What we have witnessed on these boards are a viciousness that no other duly elected official has ever faced in this county. And for what?

    Paul is under attack for trying to provide the best for his staff. Paul is under attack yet again for trying to increase the capacity of his office to discharge its constitutional function. The investigators indeed are law enforcement officers. Would you tie their hands just because of personal political enmity? Would you allow partisan politics to interfere with justice and public safety? And would you do so in such a manner that children should be protected from hearing your hateful speech?

  34. :) See. I couldn'ta said it any better myself.

    This blog is about making sure that you and your spin have to face the facts and the truth. And the facts and the truth often come right out of his own mouth.

  35. Here's my prediction:

    Paul says "I've been busy in a murder trial and didn't know what Hislop was up to."

    "I am absolutely horrifed. I withdraw the request for the oozies, and Hislop is fired."

    Because "Paul was just discharging his constitutional duties," that just doesn't play well. They've tested it here, and seen it doesn't work.

    They have to blame someone and cover for Paul and really, there's only one fall guy. Poor fella.

  36. And - I am going to give you ONE WARNING 3:09. If you mention his kids again, I will delete your post. You have NO right to bring them into this.

  37. ok - now I know this is someone as silly as sterling-nichols.

    1) “Please remember that Paul Gallegos is first and foremost a family man. He has a wife and very young children.”

    Uh - no - first it’s a cheap shot to even bring the kids in on this but do you really want to get into what he has been heard talking to his little friend when he is at his soccer or little league games. I don’t think so, so don’t go there again.

    2) “I understand you have your political views. But the utter personal contempt for the man is disturbing. What we have witnessed on these boards are a viciousness that no other duly elected official has ever faced in this county. And for what?”

    Every other incompetent and corrupt politician faces this...look at the well deserved vitriol we get to shovel at Bush.
    And for what because Paul deserves it for screwing up again and again.

    3) “Paul is under attack for trying to provide the best for his staff. Paul is under attack yet again for trying to increase the capacity of his office to discharge its constitutional function. The investigators indeed are law enforcement officers. Would you tie their hands just because of personal political enmity? Would you allow partisan politics to interfere with justice and public safety? And would you do so in such a manner that children should be protected from hearing your hateful speech?”

    Uh - no again blondy. He is not trying to provide the best for his staff by setting up his own personal assault team. His constitutional function is to prosecute crime. You might take a peek at the state constitution and the penal code. It is actually quite interesting to see what his job entails - that is - prosecuting cases in court.

    And their hands are not tied because they can’t set up their own special forces team to serve subpoena’s. Have you been smoking too much medicine or what?

    How does the public’s outrage at his corruptness and stupidity interfere with public safety? Guess what, the investigators still get to carry the same weapons as regular police...the difference is that they do not have the constitutional authority to set up their own attack force.

    You my dear are clearly desperate. Here I found the following job description for the Humboldt DA investigators:

    Plans, directs and conducts investigations related to a variety of criminal, civil and juvenile cases, including child abuse, code enforcement, narcotics, sexual assault and welfare fraud; locates and interviews defendants, complainants, law enforcement officials, witnesses and other involved parties; interviews defendants in custody in jails, juvenile hall and mental facilities; analyzes and evaluates police, court and other records; prepares and serves subpoenas; prepares search and arrest warrants; collects, secures and preserves evidence, photographs, fingerprints and diagrams; prepares court exhibits; makes arrests, raids and highly sensitive investigations; researches and locates witnesses; maintains a list of expert witnesses; collects and verifies documents, statements, evidence and testimony; assists attorneys in analysis of cases; prepares a variety of investigative reports related to assigned cases; organizes and maintains caseload records; testifies in court to verify information/data collected during investigations; functions in an advisory capacity to law enforcement agencies during complex or unique investigations; initiates and processes special legal procedures pertaining to court and/or child support cases; operates and maintains a variety of recording equipment; assists in conducting polygraph examinations; assists in developing investigation policies and procedures.

    I am not seeing “and gets to set up their own swat team and blow people away” anywhere in there.

    And for the DA the following is his job description pursuant to state law:

    § 16759. Powers of district attorney making investigation

    All those powers granted to the Attorney General as a head of a department under Article 2 (commencing with 1. Section 11180) of Chapter 2 of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code shall be granted to the district attorney of any county when thatdistrict attorney reasonably believes that there may have been a violation of Article 2 (commencing with Section 16720) or Article 3 (commencing with Section 16750) of this chapter, or a violation of Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 17000) of this part, or a violation of Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 17200) of this part, and shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 20 (commencing with Section 7460) of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code. Any investigations pursuant to these powers shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article 2 (commencing with Section 11180) of Chapter 2 of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code, including all principles relating to immunity from self-incrimination applicable thereto. However, nothing in Section 16758 shall be construed as providing automatic immunity with respect to the subject of a subpoena issued in connection with that investigation. Court orders sought pursuant to this section shall be sought in the superior court of the county where the district attorney seeking the order holds office.

    And - § 26500. District attorney is public prosecutor

    The district attorney is the public prosecutor, except as otherwise provided by law.

    The public prosecutor shall attend the courts, and within his or her discretion shall initiate and conduct on behalf of the people all prosecutions for public offenses

    I’m not seeing that he gets to set up and sic his own personal assault team on anyone from these powers. Do you know something that we are missing?

  38. Well - maybe he needs them for his next raid on Evergreen Pulp. Or maybe he plans on taking the asssault weapons out for a spin next time he goes for lunch at Curley's and calls it "visiting the scene of the crime."

    Just imagine how important and impressive it will feel to march around town with all that cute gear, embroidered patches and all. perhaps some dreadlocked chicks will swoon as he passes.

  39. Also from CNN's "Dealing With Your Crazy Boss:"

    The disaster hunter
    Default emotions: desire. Lust. The hunger.
    Wants more. More money. More booze. More sex. More publicity. More power. More, more, more. Whatever he or she has accomplished so far feels like an appetizer for the meal to come.
    Last-stage character disorder; individual no longer able to contain massive, bloated impulses within any meaningful framework; sense of being out of control, of heedlessly hurtling toward something inevitable; obvious to everybody but himself.
    Exciting to be around; implements actions with minimal thought, lots of activity, late-night parties, shocking behavior sometimes bordering on the illicit or the illegal, eventually going over that border into no-man's-land where those who follow will be sucked under also.
    Doesn't listen; will pursue inadvisable strategies, from bad acquisitions to outrageous sexual liaisons to inexplicable global conflicts, without heeding warnings from advisors.
    Vicious when thwarted; access to great reservoirs of anger that dissipate when momentary needs are satisfied.
    Not above working drunk, gambling like a moron, disappearing for a few days without leaving word.
    Like all addicts, will lie and bend facts to fit whatever plan he or she has in mind.
    Contagion factor: 12 - unless you're a moron, too.
    Level of difficulty: 100. Just stand back and watch it all go down.

    Sound familiar? Stand back...

  40. Maybe next he will want some police intercepter pursuit cars so his investigators can patrol around waiting for a school shooting to occur?

    Has a DA investigator in Humboldt County EVER fired his or her handgun (intentionally) at a criminal in defense of him/herself or a citizen?

    And that whimp Heraldo is laying really low. The boys and girls want this one to just fade away. NOT!

    Has a DA investigator every pointed his/her gun at a crook period?

    And if Gag's thinks it's his job to police the Police, who is going to police his Assault Strike TEam?

  41. Paul gets so much bad press for two reasons: one, he earns every word of it, and two, his employees lost whatever loyalty they once had years ago and no longer even pretend to protect him. That office does nothing but leak, which is how the ER and anyone else paying even a small amount of attention keeps getting stories like these.

    And Alison Sterling Nichols, you are a nice lady. You really are. Very sweet, and a true believer to boot. But you have no fucking clue what you're talking about, and you are in way, way, way over your cute blonde head.

  42. Wow, this is like paranoia central!

  43. The handlers want to characterize this as political. But it is not. There is no campaign in play, no one running against Paul, no donors to solicit, no ads to run, and your little campaign slogans and talking points are of no use.

    This is about job performance and ethics, pure and simple.

  44. Actually Rose, I was referring to the PG haters. Its a little extreme here. Sure, its not a hot idea. He's never been a good DA or lawyer for that matter. He has just utterly failed to reign in one of his staffers. I doubt this is some grand plan to involve the DA's office in regularized tactical situations. It sounds more like wishful thinking by Hislop and Gallegos being completely unfamiliar with what the investigators do. So yeah, he is a dumbass, nothing new with that but the paranoia seems unwarranted. Just my $.02

  45. Fair enough. Good points. Well stated.

  46. "Dumb Blondes"
    Paul's a blonde?!? Nice dye job. No roots.

  47. Very well put 9:49pm

    I really do think it goes back to "boys with their toys" and wishful thinking of Hislop and his crew. But Gallegos is the boss, the supervisor, the manager, and supposed to be the leader. The assault rifles and talk of tactical stuff is over the top. Gallegos should have put the wraps on this before it happened. He knew what happened when Norm Vroman did it in Mendocino. Of course Vroman also had silencers ?

    Bottom line Gallegos deserves getting beat up in the press and the blogs for poor judgement and extremely poor job performance. He is an elected public official and citizens have a right to question and to complain.

  48. Rock and a hard place.

    Either it's "I didn't know what my lead investigator was up to, meaning I have no clue what is going on in my department." - or it's - "Yeah, I wanted to set up my own assault team, so I had him order up all those AR-15s"

    LIke Bowman - it was either "dismissing nine felonies in one fell swoop is ROUTINE" - or it's - "Yeah I took the campaign donations and then I just couldn't convict their son of a felony, much less nine felonies."

  49. Maybe a little shooting will do the guy (PVG)good. Afterall he's not what you would call a man's man. He's not super whimpy, just a little whimpy. Hanging out with the boys shooting assault rifles could do him some good.

  50. So much for my prediction. After his interview on Humboldt Review, he cannot claim ignorance and blame Hislop.

    I posted the link in the post above this one, take a listen and see how many whoppers you can find.

    My goodness, did you know he needed these weapons to replace the one he already had because "all we're doing is getting new rifles because our existing rifles are old."

    KH "What are the existing rifles? What types of rifles are those? How many do you have?"

    PG "We currently have ONE."

    Richard, you're going to have to take over from Ms. Nichols on this one. It's gotta be your most challenging yet.

    How are you going to explain to all those SoHum guys (big donors) that Paul needs these weapons for asset forfeiture? You do know what that means don't you?

  51. It takes a LOT of shooting to ware out an AR-15.

  52. Tell me what department head is not a good family man? What employee of the office, past or present, wasn't a good family man, Ms. Nichols. They all have wives and children.

    Is that the criteria? If you appear to be a good family man, you are to be exempt from criticism? My, my, that certainly isn't a case of practicing what you preach is it? Frankly, you don't care a whit.

    More to the point, what other department head is scared to death to attend a Board of Supervisor's meeting, and unable to present his case in person, and further unable to justify his request when challenged?

    Until several days later when the spin has been decided. Enter, the Orks. Paul's jeering section, attacking anyone who dares to question him.

    He's a big boy, with a real job, with real world consequences. Let him grow up, lady. Let him stand on his own two feet.

  53. The family stuff is stupid. Himmler had children. Hitler loved dogs. Mao had kids (ok that's a double entendre). Stalin had a daughter. Clinton AND Bush
    have families. Sort of.
    Hell, I bet Nifong has children.
    The thing is, it's amusing how often criminals invoke their children at sentencing.


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