Friday, May 18, 2007

Podcast (with transcript)

Gallegos on KHUM's Humboldt Review
Kevin Hoover guest hosting for Hank Sims.
Gallegos is first up and it takes about 5 minutes.
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New questions arise after Gallegos' answers about rifles


  1. Will someone tell me where in the state or federal constitutions, Paul gets his power? Seems to me the district attorney gets his power only from the government code. What an idiot.

    DA investigators don’t go on probation sweeps. Probation doesn’t even carry firearms (only pepper spray) and they call EPD or the Sheriff if they need someone armed.

    DA investigators don’t do gang sweeps either.

    And what is with this guy saying he has more jurisdiction than regular cops? Seems to me keeping big toys away from him will be a good thing.

  2. You can tell he put a real high priority on explaining his arms buildup to the public - using a cell phone, yelling at his kids, evading questions, blah blee blah, the usual half-hearted Gallegos trademark style.

  3. In the post below I predicted that Paul would throw hislop under the bus, saying he had been in a murder trial and unaware of what Hislop was up to. But after this interview he cannot claim ignorance and blame Hislop.

    How many whoppers you can find in that interview?

    My goodness, did you know he needed these weapons to replace the one he already had because "all we're doing is getting new rifles because our existing rifles are old."

    KH "What are the existing rifles? What types of rifles are those? How many do you have?"

    PG "We currently have ONE."

    Richard, you're going to have to take over from Ms. Nichols on this one. It's gotta be your most challenging yet.

    How are you going to explain to all those SoHum guys (big donors) that Paul needs these weapons for asset forfeiture? You do know what that means don't you? He plans on taking their toys.

  4. Sorry Rosie, but this story just ain't got the legs you thirst for. The more you boil this story up, the more people are going to realize what you're doing. You're turning a matter of officer safety and security into what you think is political hardball. Be careful hon, you might just throw your shoulder out of its socket.

  5. That's yer story and yer stickin' to it. yep. Good fer you.

    My God! How did all those investigators survive for all these years in all those DA's offices all across this very state.

  6. Oh and Rosie, thanks for putting the link up!

  7. I was particularly fascinated to learn about the gang task force raids, or, oops, I mean 'sweeps.' Good words, those.

    Very professional performance, too.

  8. Oh Dick, you dumbfuck. When has a DA investigator ever had a safety issue beyond a paper cut? That story is not going to work for you. Everyone in this county supports guns for DA investigators at precisely the same time nobody on earth thinks a group of paper-pushers needs enough fire power to settle Beruit.

    You have since Wednesday to sell this for Paulie Girl, and this is all you can come up with? You're losing your touch, Dick. Truly losing it.

  9. The basic answer I got out of it was the investigators were peace officers and needed protection. Kind of lame. I know it is more common these days for regular police officers to have these rifles after the school shootings and the big shoot at the LA bank but, not all do. When asked if his investigators were trained on these weapons he responded "absoulutely". Interesting as they don't have the weapons yet. I have been told, and believe, that none of the investigators have military experience so they don't have that type of weapons background.

    With this rationale each EPD cop, each deputy, each APD, CHP,FPD, UPD, BLPD, and even Ferndale PD need one of these weapons to be safe. He could have come up with a better justification if he had any imagination. But hen if he had any imagination he wouldn't have the problem with plagiarism.

  10. Rose, I think your bubble popped. It was fun while it lasted. :) He doesn't sound like a smooth political operator to me. Just a guy with a family and a really hard job that has people trying to trip him up left and right.

  11. 3:24am

    bubble popped ? no, more like a work in progress. this guy, gallegos, has been kept in check by rose and the eureka reporter. more by rose.

    the ole line "just a guy with a family and a realy hard job that has people trying to trip him up left and right" could also be applied to G.W. Bush! and I know you don't feel that way.

    3:24am ? did you have a nice eveneing out R. Trent ?

  12. Oh, he's not a smooth political operator. Looks like they've settled on their defense, it's "poor embattled Paul, the family man, how doare you question him!"

    The TS finally gets the talking points. But not the elusive "use of force policy."
    Concerns raised over DA investigator weapons

  13. Why does GI Paul's one supporter on this issue continue to drag his family into it? Because a DA marries and reproduces he is no longer available for public scrutiny? That's the second stupidest thing I've ever heard. Paul's attempt to turn his office into an assault team is the first.

  14. I read a hint of Nick Bravo trolling around this thread again.

    Anyway, so my wife and I were talking, doesn't the DA get it's power from the State Attorney General?

    If so would that mean that the State Attorney General gets it's power from the US Attorney General?

    Where do they get their power? Is it from the Constitution?

    I remember PVG saying that he would not be buddy buddy with law enforcement... oops Paul did you forget at that time that you had DA investigators that worked for you?

    BTW Hislop is not a "Chief" as in a Chief of Police. He is just the most senior investigator that gets "Thrown under the bus" when he makes his boss, Paul, look bad.

    So for all you PVG lovers out there, that means that PVG is actually the "Chief" of Police in his office. This makes him a COP for lack of a better word.

    PS check this link for an answer to where the DA gets its power.

    Again this means that PVG no matter how he spins it is a COP. A bad cop, a dirty cop but a cop.

    As for the weapons, I want the cops to be protected and to be able to protect others but I think that Paul is spinning this in a way that means he shouldn't be allowed to have them. He hasn't justified the purchase in my opinion.

    Hell there are no agreements between the DA and local Law Enforcement. The DA, no matter how much power he things he has can not just step in and run the SWAT Operation with un-untrained personel.

    Paul mentions that they have training in the weapons that they are recieving. I believe, since all the investigators are law enforcement, and most of them are transfers from local law enforcement agencies, that they all have training in shooting the weapons. However... I am 99.99 percent positive that the "Team" of investigators in the office now, have not trained as an office, together and that the "Use of Force Policy" only covers use of Side arm or physical force and does not cover the use of assault rifle.

    Anyway, again Rose on your side as always, your doing an excelant job.

    You know that each and every policy in a public agency is available to the public. Rose can you get the policy? I would also get the "Officer Involved Shooting" policy as well.

  15. Back up, Paul. This one's not going away, and it's not going YOUR way. Mr. Untouchable's arrogance and incompetence just got him bitch-slapped by both daily newspapers. There's a first.

  16. Yep. I caught that, too. Chris Durant sees it for what it is.

  17. Oh, and just for the record - worrying about whether or not a story "has legs" - that is for spin doctors seeking to control the damage, and hoping beyond hope that the story will just go away.

    It doesn't make a damn bit of difference to me whether or not it "has legs," Missy.

    It's part of his record. This blog is here for the long haul. To make sure that you don't get to slip things under the rug and hide them behind carefully constructed PR soundbites.

    I've said it before, and I will say it again - The little Emperor has no clothes - and your attempt to convince everyone that he is wearing the finest bejeweled silks and satins is wearing a bit thin, and hiding behind his Mommy's skirts isn't going to work anymore.

  18. This is a F#*#*#g stupid mess. The radio interview was a bust. Why the dumb ass round-a-round in circles? Just say my detectivies asked if they could put this request for funding with these particular items because they felt they needed it. I said if you belive you need it and get the funding through proper channels then go for it. End of story. Why does this simple administrative stuff just keep falling to shit?

  19. stupidity and a guilty conscience

  20. Oh, so NOW it is toxic because we are all laughing at paulie, but it wasn't toxic when gags had the murderer's mother sitting on the courthouse steps calling Dikeman a racist. Yeah.

  21. Conscience? Gallegos? Not.
    amoral political hack, yes. Principled, conscience driven public servant, no.

    Stiil, that's what's PROGRESSIVE in Humboldt.
    You made your choice, now live with it.

  22. Hislop was a terrible choice. This will not be the last time his appointment draws an uncomfortable light onto PG.

    Hislop replaced Jim Dawson. Jim Dawson is Hislop's father in law. How is it that someone with NO INVESTIGATIVE experience (measuring skid marks isn't rocket science) got the job as a chief investigator. Father-in-law no doubt steered PG toward Hislop.

    Hislop's tenure at EPD was a sham. His presence was divisive and his performance was pathetic. Look at EPD's Traffic Office statistics and notice it ranks as one of the worst in the state under his watch.

    Who will investigate the (Cook) shooting at the DA's office? Hislop, according to folks who were there, played a major role. Will he investigate his own shooting?

    There's more. Keep watching. Chris Durant and Heather Muller smell a rat....

  23. You mean Cherie Moore not Cook correct?


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