Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paying more for CAST

Remember Gallegos asked the Board to "Approve an advanced Step Placement for Deputy District Attorney IV, Jeffrey Schwartz, from Step A to Step E." BECAUSE "Mr. Schwartz has been handling felony and misdemeanor cases for the past 8 months and now is assigned to the Child Abuse Services Team. This entails working with high intensity cases, participating in child abuse interviews and contributing as a member of the Child Abuse Services Team."

Still waiting on that Public Records Act Request. At this point, Gallegos is breaking the law. C'mon, you don't have to rewrite the reports. Just print them. You know, or copy them. Make it so.


  1. Sorry this is off-topic...but Jose Mendez got 'released/let go' from the Stanislaus District Attorney's Office today. Doesn't exactly cast the Humboldt County office in a good light since everything Jose learned was based on his time there.

  2. This is just so sad! When you start out as a young lawyer, making the wrong choice can affect your career for a long time, maybe forever. The new hires are getting no direction from the DA.

  3. What's this about a rumor that CAST has changed its policy so yougo doesn't have to take cases where
    teenage girls are victims? Why would that be,and what does it say about the latest Garza fiasco?

  4. It says that the Parents and the Victim of the current Garza case are not happy with this deal that 'yougofree' has come up with. Yea Yea I know he says to the news media that they concur and approve of the deal but trust me they don't

  5. re 6:32's information, please note that this is at least the second former Gallegos hire to be cut loose in short order by another DA's office - Shane Hauschild was premitted to resign from Lake Co. DA after it was determined that he was falsely holding himself out as a reserve JAG. He was at Humboldt for 8 months - at Lake 6 weeks - and Lake called DOD CID, I believe Hauschild pled to a federal misdemeanor for impersonating an officer or something similar.


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