Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Every DA needs his own personal ASSAULT FORCE

Run! Shannon, Run! The DA's coming after all you vigilantes and anarchists. If you thought Gallegos' plagiarized My Word was bizarre, wait til you read this.

Has Paul Gallegos lost his mind? It's one thing to spend your grant money buying 'Blackberries' for your investigators, it's quite another thing to be setting up your own personal assault force.

I can't wait to see the spin on this one.

DA under fire over assault rifles

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos is spending more than $18,000 for semiautomatic rifles — and county officials want to know why.

The request was made in a supplemental budget allocation approved March 6 by the Board of Supervisors for a general list of items commonly used by all law enforcement agencies.

Gallegos requested money from asset forfeiture funds to buy DA investigators “rifles,” “clothing,” “safety equipment” and other miscellaneous items, but several county officials expressed surprise when they learned that the money was intended for eight AR-15 assault rifles, body armor, tactical vests, 5,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition and matching parkas, polo shirts and pants.

Information obtained by The Eureka Reporter under the California Public Records Act indicates that some of the money has already been spent, but funds for the AR-15s and a gun safe were held up by County Administrative Officer Loretta Nickolaus, who sent an e-mail letter to Gallegos questioning the need for the purchases.

The letter from Nickolaus, dated May 10, stated in part, “After quizzing my staff, I am concerned about why DA investigators want to arm themselves with automatic or semiautomatic assault rifles. I hear that (DA’s Office Chief Investigator) Mike Hislop said that they are interested in being part of the security plan and covering the second floor (of the Courthouse, where courtrooms are located). I have also heard that there is an interest in backing up (the Eureka Police Department) and even providing perimeter security.”

Nickolaus continued, “While having backup is usually a good thing, I think this may be outside their course and scope of work, as DA investigators. Plus, doesn’t it create a conflict if the DA investigators are at the scene of a standoff, hostage situation or whatever? How can you investigate something you were a part of?”

Purchase requisitions for the eight-person investigations unit included one 42-gun safe with an electronic lock and dehumidifier at $3,619.31, eight AR-15 semiautomatic rifles at $1,920 each, 10 boxes of .223-caliber hollow-point bullets at $198.50 a box, eight sets of body armor at $550 each, eight tactical vests at $100 each, 16 pairs of tan double-front Carhartt pants at $45 each, eight black parkas at $188 each, 16 “DA Investigator” patches for the parkas at $8 each, a sewing and tailoring charge for the parkas of $27.50, eight short-sleeved polo shirts at $34 each, eight long-sleeved polo shirts at $26 each and an embroidery and lettering charge for the shirts of $520.

But DA investigators may be all dressed up with nowhere to go.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Strategic Enforcement Team, a 14-member special weapons and tactics team equivalent, currently operates out of the first floor of the Humboldt County Courthouse, with the DA’s Office and its investigators located on the fourth floor of the same building.

Seven blocks away is the headquarters for the EPD’s 13-member SWAT Team, a unit supported by an additional 13 patrol rifle officers who are trained in and armed with augmented weaponry, according to EPD Public Information Officer Suzie Owsley.

EPD Chief Garr Nielsen said Tuesday his department had not entered into any agreement with the DA’s Office for SWAT support to the EPD.

“I had a discussion with Hislop, during which he informed me that he was in the process of equipping his investigators with tactical equipment and that they would be available to assist EPD if needed,” Nielsen stated via e-mail.

“(Hislop) specifically mentioned being able to help us out with some of our drug sweeps. We did not discuss nor agree upon them assuming a supporting role to EPD in SWAT situations. We currently have an agreement with the Sheriff’s Office to back each other up for SWAT. SWAT support entails training together regularly in addition to formal agreements and established protocols, none of which have we discussed with the District Attorney’s Office.”

Numerous law enforcement agencies within California were contacted and asked if their DA investigators were armed with tactical weaponry. Even in much larger jurisdictions, the answer was almost always no.

In Santa Clara County, for example, which boasts a population more than 10 times that of Humboldt County, Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Sgt. Ed Wise said he could not recall a single instance when a DA investigator participated in a tactical situation.

But Gallegos said DA investigators frequently have tactical weapons, and Tim Kiely, chief investigator for the Mendocino County DA’s Office, concurred.

Kiely said his office currently has two semiautomatic weapons, although they are in the process of selling them at the request of the DA. In an informal survey he conducted of approximately 25 counties, he said more than half the DA Offices that responded had semi- or fully automatic weapons.

Gallegos said he didn’t know who had heavy weapons and who didn’t, “but I know I have guys who are going out there, and I want to make sure they are adequately protected.”

Supervisor Jill Geist brought the motion in March to adopt the supplemental budget and reiterated Tuesday that all law enforcement personnel should be protected.

“That investigators have firearms is very common,” Geist said. “That they have adequate body protection is also very common and very appropriate. I think it’s the scale of it that we’re talking about here, the level of armament involved.

“The list of items caught us a little flat-footed, to say the least,” she said. “While (Gallegos) may assert this is very common, this is not something I’m familiar with.”

According to Kim Kerr, Humboldt County risk manager and deputy CAO, the paperwork has been processed for all of the items except the assault rifles and the safe. Some of the purchases may already have been received.

Kerr stated Tuesday, “As of now, the rifles and gun safe request is on hold until the District Attorney’s Office responds to (Nickolaus’) e-mail request for information. Depending upon the response, then there will be a determination to purchase the rifles and safe or not.”

Gallegos said he had not yet seen the May 10 e-mail from Nickolaus, but would look at it to see what concerns she may have.

In it, Nickolaus asked Gallegos, “Does the DA’s office have a use-of-force policy, and/or training programs or policies for any of this stuff? Would they be working out of class? There are many questions, and I need answers before I can approve these purchases.”

In his initial request, Gallegos said the expenses represented permissible uses of asset forfeiture trust funds, and if the request was not approved, his staff would “continue to face compromising health and safety risks when responding to criminal matters due to lack of proper equipment and communication mediums.”

Copyright (C) 2005, The Eureka Reporter. All rights reserved.

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors AGENDA March 6, 2007
Consent Calendar Item c-5
District Attorney
5. Supplemental Budget in District Attorney's Budget Unit 1100-205, in the amount of $58,462.00 and Establish Fixed Assets Accounts (Fund 3921 - Asset Forfeiture)
RECOMMENDATION: Approve the supplemental budget for the purchase of safety equipment, firearms, radios, cellular phones , evidence tracking system and supplies to be used in support of law enforcement purposes that may result in further seizures and forfeitures for our District Attorney Investigative and Prosecutor Staff.

6. Advance Step Appointment for Wayne Cox, Investigator (District Attorney)
RECOMMENDATION: Approve and Advance Step appointment for Wayne Cox, Investigator for the District Attorney's Office to Step E, Effective February 13, 2007

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  1. He needs all of this crap here now,but still hasn't made a decision on the Cherie Moore shooting?Well,I hope he's not planning on their being some sort of retaliation or something.

  2. He needs his own stormtroopers to protect various underground marijuana monopolies.

  3. Holy f'ing shit!*!*

    The guy is really mentally imbalanced. His own assault force to go to court or handle evidence is a more than a little over the top.

    Thank the CAO for at least making him justify this scary waste of public money.

  4. What ever happened to the "independent DA?"

    Oh yeah, that was just a campaign slogan.

  5. Why did this need for protection of the "health and safety" of investigators arise after Gallegos has been in office for over 4 years?

    Why do investigators, who wear suits and ties and sit at desks need assault rifles?

    Maybe serving subpoenas takes heavy weaponry in crime plagued Humboldt County!

  6. The CAO shows good judgement in questioning the purchase of assault rifles for every DA investigator.

    Gallegos says Mendocino DA's Office has assault weapons. Well if you remember Norm Vroman came under some heat in Medndocino for purchasing submachineguns with silencers! And Gag's was a buddy with Vroman. The current DA in Mendocino wants to sell the guns.

    What do DA investigators really do? Serve court papers? Babysit witnesses? Collect reports? Run errands for attorneys? And why is Hislop's EPD buddy having his salary bumped up to top step in what, 4 or 6 months? This is kind of like Gallegos getting Klien and Hugo's salaries bumped up to top step prematurely. This needs closer examination.

    Thanks for the ER and Rose for putting forward this information.

  7. In defense of the DA investigators (who are actually cops per PC 832) They do at times go with other agencies to serve search warrants etc etc etc. So I am not faulting them for wanting to have safety gear and equipment to protect themselves and others (basicaly you dont' want to take a knife to a gun fight).

    As for You Nick Bravo, didn't you vote for Gallegos? Didn't you vote for him to protect your Marijuana Gardens? Shut your mouth then.

    My main issue is this, from what I understand, it takes 1 year to make a step in pay with the county... or atleast it should. So if that were true for the normal employee, that would mean that if you started working at A step, then it should take about 5 years to make E step should it not?

    Now I don't know when Wayne Cox was hired but I do know that it was after Hislop replaced his father in law as the man in charge and I believe that was with in the last 6 months. So Rose do you have any idea when Cox was hired? Can you find out?

  8. Cox was hired immediately after Hislop moved into his father in laws old job. (A job that he has NO investigative qualifications for whatsoever.) He has been on the job less than 5 months.

  9. Well your half right, Hislop does have investigative qualifications but he does not have any managorial (spelling) qualifications.

    But back on topic. I know that it has been with in the last 6 months but does anyone know the month that Cox started?

    I ask because I have friends who work for the county who are not happy that "newbies" are getting fast tracked... ie "You go Free" Schwartz and now Cox and who knows who else who works for the county and were he workds can't even get a raise unless it is across the board (Meaning every county employee including the board of supervisors.)

  10. I think what you have is an incompetent administrator, unable to effectively run his department, all of his experienced people gone, new hires with questionable ethics who know they have him over a barrel, operating unchecked. He can't say no. And he can't afford to "lose" any more people. so he buys them off with new toys and pay raises. He doesn't care. He is untouchable.

    The people are getting less for their money every day.

    Some of you think the AG will step in and correct the situation. I have lost all faith in that institution. From the asinine Bill Lockyer, whose staffer said he would endorse anyone as long as they weren't under indictment, to Lockyer himself who admitted he hadn't checked with local law enforcement before he issued his glowing form letter endorsement of Gallegos, to, now Jerry Brown, who more than likely views the situation here with the same disdain that our friends and neighbors view the Trinidad City Council disputes. It means nothing to them.

    Meanwhile, the good programs that were once models for the state are destroyed by his mismanagement, and no one cares.

  11. your wrong Rose, 99% of the followers of this blog care... and you care so thats a start.

    You are a master archivest and researcher.

  12. Look, I wish this were just a case of the "Bad News Bears" - perceived to be from the wrong side of the tracks, who will turn out to be the best guys in the world, dedicated to serving the public well, and scrupulously working to make that office better, to do a better job of prosecuting criminals instead of plea bargaining them left and right, instead of allowing back room deals.

    It isn't the case. Time after time after time it is proven, and today's story is one more case in point. Plagiarism, lies, neglect, squandering of public funds...

    Assault rifles! Hollowpoint bullets. Their own personal assault team.

    And they are not even doing their own jobs. Now they are planning to - what? Take over for EPD?

    Nothing about this makes any sense whatsoever.

  13. And, thanks, 11:17. I needed to be reminded of that.

  14. No problem Rose, I'm behind you and trying to think of ways to resolve this major problem that Humboldt County has become (The DA's office that is)

  15. The "independent DA," who has stated that part of his job is overseeing officers, is going to have his investigators be involved in enforcement work? That screams of conflict of interest and is not very independent.

    Be wary good citizens. Gallegos's own private enforcement team will be pounding down your door. With his history of punishing political enemies, this is more than scary.

  16. Aside from all this, what investigation(s) has the DA's office initiated under Gallegos that has led to any Information or Indictment? A conviction is out of the question. Do they do any real investigation or are they just follow up errand boys that spend half their days driving around in a county car doing PB, as in Personal Business?

    And Rose you are right about Lochyer. He has done more to damage this state that even you know. And Brown will be much better but I doubt if he could imagine the mess Humboldt County has become.

  17. If I was Paul I would withdraw this request. Pronto. Apologize. And back away with my tail between my legs.

  18. Paul is on drugs - I'd say cocaine or meth. He's paranoid and narcissistic. What a combo to go with Hislop and AR15 assault rifles.

    Are you ready for this guy launching his assault force - where? Maybe he plans on bringing back Tim Stoen and they can now raid their enemies homes.

  19. What's unnecessary and wasteful expenditure is next? Gallegos asking for money for Rogaine and tanning cream so that he "looks better" for public appearances?

  20. Hair plugs for him and a new cup size for Joan.

  21. Rose, the reason this is not understandable is because it obviously has to do with drugs. I don't know if it's just paul or what, but this is so erratic and so out of left field it at least makes you wonder if that isn't exactly whats going on.

  22. Unlike CAST and Victim Witness, Gallegos is fond of the Asset Forfeiture program. It showed up during the debates in the campaigns. He really likes that idea of taking people's money away. Now you can see why.

    The man who has complained about losing people due to budget cuts, who has lost grants, lost people, who blames the Board of Supervisors for not dedicating more money from the General Fund so that he can "wean" himself from the grants has all this extra money for an assault force.

    The real question, though, is - who is going to get thrown under the bus for this one?

    Wait for the spin.

  23. can you spell "cocaine" or "meth"


  25. Can someone get Gallegos into Sempervirens for a 48 hour hold -oh wait, thats only for mental illness not mental illness coupled with drugs.

  26. I say spend the 30k on moving allowances, to help encourage out of the area DA's to come up here. There has got to be somebody in LA or modesto or someplace who thinks Humboldt is a good idea... somewhere! Weve got to give incentives for these people to get up here, not fucking AR-15's!

  27. Whoever decides to run against Gallegos next go around is going to have a cakewalk.

  28. 2:38 - you are not getting it. It is not that people out of the area aren't interviewing. They are. They just run screaming from the room because the guy is nuts. The AR 15's prove it.

  29. You just can't make this stuff up! Gallegos is a running joke.

    He plagerizes his "My Word" piece in the newspaper. He goes to Homeless court and then spends $200 a pop on "parkas" for investigators. He hires Tim Stoen at $120,000 a year who never tries a case. He hires a "Chief Investigator" with little or no investigative experience. He proclaims himself the "independent DA," and then tries to buy assault weapons for his investigators to participate in the standoffs that they would later investigate.

    This guy would be an indicted if he were CEO of a publicly held company.

  30. From CNN's article, "How to Deal with Your Crazy Boss:"

    The narcissist
    Default emotion: emptiness. Think of a vast, blank wall that can be temporarily sprayed with any available can of paint, the prevailing color being the one most recently employed.
    Incapable of viewing others as real creatures with needs discrete from his or her own, consequently has no problem using others for any purpose that furthers his or her desires, up to and including their destruction, for which he or she will feel no remorse. Remorse in general not a strong suit.
    Bipolar internal landscape, vacillates between delusions of grandeur, during which time he or she may be quite pleasant, even "happy," and abject depression brought about by feelings of inadequacy and unimportance. At such times, may appear paranoid or mutate into hard-to-handle bully. Prone to terrible rage or suicidal self-pity when this artificial cosmic construct (with his or her self at the center) is contradicted by ample evidence to the contrary.
    Bold and heedless in the face of danger; highly imaginative, given to flights of fancy fueled by lack of any instinct for self-doubt, during which any and all ideas will be perceived as brilliant, even inevitable, no matter how lame.
    Capable of great generosity and random acts of kindness, because they make him feel good about himself and justify his egocentric worldview. Zero attention span, concentration of a small child.
    Most used word: "I." Second most used word: "Me."
    Contagion factor: 34 (not enough oxygen in the room). Narcissists make for great viewing, but you rarely want to be one of them.
    Level of difficulty: 45. For those unwilling to suck up: 96.

  31. "...highly imaginative, given to flights of fancy fueled by lack of any instinct for self-doubt, during which any and all ideas will be perceived as brilliant, even inevitable, no matter how lame..."

    This is where the request for assault weapons comes into play.

    "...Capable of great generosity and random acts of kindness, because they make him feel good about himself and justify his egocentric worldview..." The only thing I can think of are the Friday bagels!@?#*

  32. Traditionally PVG provides a couple dozen bagels and other such comestibles, and some schmears, on Friday mornings. Course if your the poor bugger who has to drive to frickin' Hoopa or Garberville that Friday you miss out.

  33. Now the DA's investigators need a flashy name! .......... DASAF? District Attorney's Special Assault Force ? Paul's Investigative Special Assault Narcotics Teams (PISANT)?

    And I thought Norm Vroman was crazy when he bought the submachineguns and silencers!

    Holy COW.

  34. Are their any NORMAL politicians in Humboldt County, anywhere? This is nuts.

  35. How long before David OrElsebusch chastises the Board for daring to question thelittle Emporer?
    How long before the SubStandard comes to the rescue with Paulie's official statement to the press?
    Zip zero nadda from Heralldo.

  36. Well, what do all the cop-o-phobes who supported Gags over Mr. D say now?

    And the environmentalists?

    And the people who want justice for Ms. Moore?



  37. The T/S will ignore this one just like heraldo did. They can't explain or justify it so they just pretend it didn't occur. Pretty standard stuff for PVG supporters.

  38. It's not Paul's fault. The board approved this.

  39. horseshit - the board didn't approve this. It approved a general funding item for gear. Lame attempt at spinning this.

  40. IT's NOT Paul's fault?!!!!!! What planet are your from retard! He's the boss. He takes credit for everything good that happens or someone else does. This is at his direction and is absolutely his fault.

    Ever hear of some saying ... "THE BUCK STOPS HERE" ? Bush is responisble for all his underlings and so is this pinhead DA.

  41. Rose, I realize you nether regions have gotten quite a workout from this story. But, does it really have legs? This is a non-story hon.

  42. Ahhh. So that's the best you can come up with? I was looking forward to some really creative spin.

  43. It's not a "non story." It involves public money being misappropriated. That should be important to every tax paying citizen. (Maybe that's why the person who posted that is not objecting...they are part of our tax exempt society here in Humboldt).

  44. 10:38 hon - me thinkest you are the nonstory!

    spin, spin, spin.

  45. Rose, this story does not involve misappropriation of funds, and you know that. What it involves is a purchase of equipment that some have found questionable. Paul's desire is to promote safety among his workers and thus the community at large. If the lead investigator requests new equipment why would Paul stand in the way of that? We have school shootings, a massive methamphetamines problem and the police are often out gunned by lawless criminals. If you want this heavy burden then run for DA and pick and choose which safety equipment your staff receives. Paul wants the best, and the concerns will be addressed given proper time.

  46. Now the spin'sters are on. This has nothing to do with protecting this community. That is what the cops are for. Pauls job (which he does very badly) is to PROSECUTE THE BAD GUYS AND NOT GO OUT AND CATCH THEM. This has NOTHING to do with safety for the any da employees. Paul want to set up his own assault team to play like SWAT . This is not safety equipment. It is full out assault team equipment. This is not Pauls job. Seems that he want to play soldier and not DA as he has been quite bad at it for 4 years. 12:11 - go bullshit someone else.

  47. 12:07 - paul only wants what is best for himself.

    You say he needs his own personal assault team to fight school shootings and the meth problem? You are joking right?

    Paul seems to want everybody elses job except for his own. He wants to be a social worker, a cop, a judge. He wants a DA paycheck, but doesn't want to and cannot do the job.

    What other goddamn DA's office has its own personal assault team? None. You are out to lunch on this one. Maybe a couple may have a semi-auto weapon in the safe but DA's are not given the authority to apprehend criminals. Just prosecute them.

    Is this Sara Salzman again?

  48. Who the hell said anything about misappropriation of funds?

    Oh come one, man, you can do better than this.

  49. 12:07 makes good points Rose.

  50. 12:07 doesn't know what he (or she) is talking about

    The district attorney is the public prosecutor, except as otherwise provided by law.

    The public prosecutor shall attend the courts, and within his or her discretion shall initiate and conduct on behalf of the people all prosecutions for public offenses.

    the DA is not a cop nor does he have the authority of a peace officer.

    Nowhere in his job description does he get the ability to carry a firearm. No where does he get to have his own swat team. Hell, the guy is too deranged. At least we make the cops take mental exams before arming them. No 12:07 doesn't have a clue about the difference between a cop and a prosecutor and thats evident by his stupid spin.

  51. If they're reading misappropriation of funds, that's pretty telling right there - a guilty conscience? perhaps? - maybe there's more to this and it needs to be looked into with a microscope.

    What do we need, a full scale audit of all the grant and program money administered by that office?

  52. yes an aduit going back four years would be ............... interesting if not priceless.

  53. Investigators serve subpoena's which are not exactly documents filled with good news. These documents are often served on private property, in rural settings. You would attempt to viciously attack Paul for attempting to protect his staff?

    The Investigators often have years if not decades of experience in Law Enforcement. You would question their motives or expertise?

    Rose, I realize you have a deep seated vitriol for Paul, but don't you think you've gone too far this time? The safety of public officials doing an often dangerous job is something Paul does not joke around with. And he certainly doesn't play politics with it as you are attempting to do.

  54. Covering all your bases here aren't you, Missy. Putting your comments on each post. So clever.

    Which spin-meister is this we're talking to here? Salzman is not that stupid. Might this his replacement?

  55. Since when did investigators need sub-machine guns to serve subpoenas?

    Under that logic, unsworn process servers should have assault weapons too. The sheriff who serves eviction notices should also carry an assault weapon.

    People are also not receiving "good news" in court, but you don't see bailiffs with assault weapons.

    Nice try. Your trying to change the discussion. Paul has NEVER been concerned about officer safety. If he were, he would not sit on reports from standoffs where real officers lives were actually in danger.

    Paul has shown his incompetence once again. He has also shown his inquenchable thirst for power. He has again demonstrated that he does not understand his job and what are appropriate and inappropriate actions.

    If he really cared about public safety, he would relieve the public from paying Schwartz and Klein from dumping and screwing up serious cases, and Paul himself would quit trying cases to prevent them from being reversed on appeal.

  56. 1:27 - get back to the other post, as you were re-posting here the same drivel you put on the last article, I called you a dumb blonde for sounding like such a stupid boob. Since when does anybody carry an assault weapon to serve a subpoena. Also, missy, the justification was not for protection, BUT TO FORM THEIR OWN ASSAULT TEAM.

    But the truth has not stopped you guys before.

  57. Well Rose, here is but a small sampling of your blogs vitriol and unmitigated hate towards Paul. And this is just from the threads on the weapons purchase!


    "Dumb Blondes"

    "NEVER concerned about officer safety"

    "Play soldier"

    "Mental illness coupled with drugs"

    "Needs Rogaine and tanning cream"

    "Take over for EPD"

    "stormtroopers to protect various underground marijuana monopolies"

    "he buys them off with new toys and pay raises. He doesn't care. He is untouchable."

    "With his history of punishing political enemies, this is more than scary."

    "Contagion factor: 34"

    "Prone to terrible rage or suicidal self-pity"

    "What planet are your from retard!"

    Rose, you need anger management therapy and you need it soon. Your obsession with Paul is disturbing and your hatred oozes all over the internet.

  58. Anger management? Actually, my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

    See, you don't really understand how this all works. See people - like you - make anonymous comments. Mine have that little name - you know "Rose said..." -

    I did say "he buys them off with new toys and pay raises. He doesn't care. He is untouchable."

    How would you characterize it?

  59. Unmitigated hatred, Rose. That is what you are filled with. That is what you encourage.

  60. uhhhh riiiiggggghhhht, 2:40.


  61. It has been mentioned here time and time again, but it bears repeating:

    2:40, for you to implicitly suggest that our DA not be questioned or held accountable for his actions is laughable.

    Do you hold critics of the president to the same standard?

    I thought not...

  62. Please remember that Paul Gallegos is first and foremost a family man. He has a wife and very young children. I understand you have your political views. But the utter personal contempt for the man is disturbing. What we have witnessed on these boards are a viciousness that no other duly elected official has ever faced in this county. And for what?

    Paul is under attack for trying to provide the best for his staff. Paul is under attack yet again for trying to increase the capacity of his office to discharge its constitutional function. The investigators indeed are law enforcement officers. Would you tie their hands just because of personal political enmity? Would you allow partisan politics to interfere with justice and public safety? And would you do so in such a manner that children should be protected from hearing your hateful speech?

  63. It started out:

    "It's not Paul's fault. The board approved this."

    Then it went to:

    "This is a non-story hon."


    "Paul's desire is to promote safety among his workers and thus the community at large." and

    "The safety of public officials doing an often dangerous job is something Paul does not joke around with."

    Then, to my personal favorite:

    "Rose, you need anger management therapy and you need it soon."

    The explanations are as shifting as the person they defend!

    The board approved it (subtext: its not Paul's fault.)

    It's a non story (subtext: this does not bode well for the dear leader, let's try to convince people there's nothing to it.)

    Paul is concerned about safety (subtext: we've been able to dupe people into believing before that he's a crime fighter, instead of the puppet for progressive causes that have nothing to do with a real DA's Office, so we'll try that again.)

    Rose needs anger management (subtext: we've tried spinning it every way we can without success, so we'll attack the messenger.)

  64. What other elected official in this county has published plagiarized My Words, and snuck though a purchase of assault rifles and assault team gear on the pretense that they were ordinary supplies?

    And you are crazy enough to try and spin it that he is just - how did you put it? "discharge its constitutional function" Oh, THAT is funny. You are in the wrong business, "hon."

  65. "Please remember that Paul Gallegos is first and foremost a family man."

    Do you really want to go there? A pitiful attempt to try to soften people and make them feel sorry for somebody who has single handedly dismantled an excellent DA's Office.

    "Would you tie their hands just because of personal political enmity?"

    Tie their hands? The investigators now cannot do their desk jobs without assault weapons and polo shirts with logos? They carry handguns.

    "Would you allow partisan politics to interfere with justice and public safety?"

    No, but you did when you got an incompetent imposter elected for the highest position in an office where he had never held a job in order to further the infamous dismissed PL suit.

    "And would you do so in such a manner that children should be protected from hearing your hateful speech?"

    Huh? Here's a suggestion for you. Don't read this. You obviously want to live in a world of make believe where Paul Gallegos is the second coming. Reality is going to shatter that illusion, so go back to your happy and safe place where he is the golden surfer DA who imparts "justice on all" while carrying his surfboard.

  66. Rose,

    Since Gallegos continues to impart qualities of one of our most infamous former presidents, I think he needs a nickname like "Tricky Dicky." I propose Gallegos nickname could be: "Folly Pauli."

    Folly is defined in Webster's dictionary as: 1. the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense. 2. a foolish action, practice, idea, ect.; absurdity. 3. a costly and foolish undertaking; unwise investment or expenditure. 4. a whimsical or extravagant and often useless structure built to serve as a conservation piece, lend interest to a vew, ect. 5. follies, a theatrical revue. 6. Obs. wickedness; watonness. [1175-1225; ME folie < OF, der. of fol, fou foolish, mad. See FOOL]

  67. They all should have basic firearms, but this is overboard. Obviously they need to be able to defend themselves when conducting their investigations. But they don't need to take over the duties of other law enforcement. The DA should not have his own SWAT team.


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