Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is she saying here? The people are too stupid to have an opinion?

Old news, just part of the record - In this letter to the editor, one of Salzman's head Orks chastises the Eureka Reporter for asking whether or not Gallegos can adequately manage the DA's office, based on the Grand Jury's findings. (At least we can assume she actually wrote the letter herself)

She seems to be saying that the people are too stupid and uninformed to have an opinion on that. Pretty funny.

More than that, though, she actually says that only the people who work in that office are qualified to make that call.

So tell us again, Claire, why you didn't listen to the people who did work in that office? Why you allowed them to be demeaned and denigrated? Why you didn't stand up for the working people who had served this county so well?

What happens to people who do speak out, Claire? What happens to people who tell the truth about Gallegos? The spin machine goes into full attack mode. And you are part of it.

Reporter poll exploits grand jury recommendations 7/6/2005
Dear Editor,

As often happens, and is the case here, newspapers and the media enjoy a unique forum for probing the public’s opinions on diverse subjects, many of which are complex or obscure.

Your survey question regarding the District Attorney Gallegos’ ability to “adequately manage the DA’s office” is not one the general public is either knowledgeable about or capable of professionally evaluating.

Only those who have a direct working or a professional relationship with the administration of this office can make that determination.

One may support or oppose Mr. Gallegos’ principles and philosophies but have no knowledge of his effectiveness as a public administrator.

Fortunately, a free press is guaranteed the right to express editorial opinions; sidebar surveys seldom evince much light on public questions. It appears that this Eureka Reporter poll is exploiting the grand jury’s comments rather than engaging in journalism’s highest role: to enlighten the public.

Claire Courtney

TS - Grand Jury Findings and Recommendations
ER - 2004-05 Humboldt County Grand Jury Report 6/29/2005
TS - Grand jury issues scathing DA critique June 29, 2005
"However, the informed, well-organized, diligent leadership essential during difficult times is missing," the grand jury report said. "Operations are neither as efficient nor as effective as they must be."

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  1. Dear Claire - the people in that office who worked with him told you 3 different times that he was incompetent and untruthful - you just chose not to listen and to be an Ork.

  2. Once again, for the record, the people get the government they deserve.

    Claire deserves a District Attorney who plagerizes his addresses to the community, lies when he gets caught, destroys the program for successfully prosecuting child molesters, ignores animal abuse, and wastes public resources on blackberries and polo shirts.

  3. You forgot to mention letting Jefferey Schwartz dismiss or pled away cases because he is too lazy and incompetant to do his job. It is a crime that Yougo gets a paycheck for being a lazy piece of crap. If the DA cared about the public's safety Yougo would be an EX-DDA.

  4. when it comes to gags, the reporter is the only one engaging in journalism's highest role.


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