Saturday, May 12, 2007

Could you build a house like this here?

Or, more accurately - WOULD you be allowed to?


  1. Rose don't be so quick to lead people to false conclusions. Many places as neat as the one pictured have been buildt in the United States and in some beautiful protected areas. One only needs to look to these examples to understand that if you're a board member of The Nature Conservancy,etc., you could accomplish any building project and get it paid for by the gullable public. Good try though.

  2. Everyone needs to read section D in todays Times Standard. Hum.Co.doesn't walk their talk. You might just learn something.

  3. The NIMBY's in Manila won't let you build something cool like this but they just bought the neat house buildt in the sand dune for their own crowd. Correction, the good citizens of the state bought it for them. That's their M.O. no money ,socialist,con-artists who take,take,take while they make you pay,pay,pay.

  4. I love that house! The way it blends into it's environment. I always wonder what it's like to live in it? Is it dark or damp? What about the sand? And, then, just how much wave force can it withstand?

    But in today's political climate all creativity is squashed, and anyone who wants to build and create gets attacked.

    Talk to the builders, they all tell the same story, the same difficulties with the planning department - and no, it's not all about development, sometimes it is just that they want to have more windows to let the light in.

  5. What about the house buildt in the dunes that the (not) friends of the dunes just bought. Do you think these same ass h#*#s would let it be buildt today? Hell No!


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