Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You can’t even get one curve of a road WIDENED without a fight.

How do you propose to boost the economy with infrastructure improvements?


  1. Yeah, infrastructure - how stupid. The stimulus package passed without Republican support and now we are going to have to print more money which will devalue Republican tax cuts. You just can't trust Democrats. Can't trust them! Jaysus! Obama just signed equal pay into law in the middle of a recession. How will businesses keep their doors open. You just can't pay women and minorities the same as men. This is what happens when you put a President in the White House that has no prior experience. What will he do next for Christ sake? The Democrats are in control for at least four more years. God save us. Next they will be handing out condoms in our schools! I used to be proud to call myself an American. Not no more.

  2. America's chickens.
    Coming home.
    To roost.

  3. China, sweatshop of the world, and America's energy in the hands of foreigners. The fat has been trimmed off the wide ass of the American middle class and off shored to communists and Middle Eastern Dictatorships. The International Money Fund and World Bank working with Wall Street have perfected the art of extortion throughout the developing world - the last eight years with the unbridled power of the American Government with the help of the elite media. Still, I cling to hope and put my shaken faith in our new President. He needs our support. We have been told that we cannot turn inward and become isolationist in our trade policies. Well we didn't. We were led down another road. We were skun. We need to find our way back.

  4. Don't forget New Orleans levee improvements fought by environmental groups. The proposed levee system was abandoned after environmental activist groups like the Sierra Club, American Rivers, the Mississippi River Basin Alliance, and the Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi Wildlife Federations sued to stop construction. They sued the Army Corps of Engineers to stop a 1996 plan to raise and fortify Mississippi River levees.

    Nearly all flood-control projects — even relatively small ones — are subject to a variety of assessments for effects on wetlands, endangered species, and other environmental concerns.

  5. You can't even get one economic stimulus bill passed with help from Republicans. Why should we give them free health benefits? They - the Republicans with their tax cuts for millionaires - have been a large part of the problem. If they don't straighten up, there may be fewer of them to deal with after the next election in two years.


    Are you insane?

    $75 million for smoking cessation? That stimulates the economy HOW? And was that already funded in the REGULAR budget?

    Why is ANYTHING that was already covered in the regular budget built into THIS and then quadrupled?

    All the Republicans and 11 brave Democrats have refused to drink the kool aid.

  7. Get them printing presses running. I need more money and please don't fill them holes in the roads I hear they grow pot.

  8. Lung cancer does not stimulate the economy. How will that $75 million be spent? You are good at throwing numbers around, but short on details. How much do you think tobacco costs Medicare? You might not like the stimulus plan, but you would like your uncle Milton Friedman's remedy a lot less. Which was what was coming under George Bush.

  9. BS. If that were true, it would have been a factor in the ORIGINAL regular budget before What not to Wear handed out the credit cards and sent Congress out to all the New York Boutiques.

    If Congress had cared about cutting costs back then, maybe we wouldn't be here now. What's shocking is all things included in this Porktopia that really shouldn't be funded by the federal Government at all, ESPECIALLY when money is an issue.

    But if you think laying sod on the lawn at City Hall is going to solve the problem - what can I say - take another long toke.

  10. What is Iraq still costing us every week - billions last I heard. You have never had a problem with that. But that money would have built one high school in each state each week for years. You are not any safer. You are not any smarter. You are not any richer. And you are not any quieter. We are all a lot worse off. So sit down, hold on, and shut up. You had your turn. You didn't play fair. You lost. And you are not a good sport.

  11. You are aware that they are CLOSING schools around the nation?

    You are aware that Iraq is still in the budget?

    Do you even think about the existing budget? Or is it invisible in the drive to spend until you drop?

  12. anon pussy

  13. Your alternative? More Chicago School neo-conservative Nazi, Heritage and Cato think-tank economic extortion? Fuck Limbaugh and his bunch of fawning neo-conservative congressional Republican pud whackers. They have destroyed this country. Half the population can't think for itself anymore but are convinced that if they get exposed to enough AM talk radio they will be just like that guy Bob in the male hormone supplement commercial - exuding confidence instead of dripping with stupidity.

  14. Actually things were doing pretty well until the Democrats gained the majority in the legislature.

  15. The Democrats in the legislature better figure out that they are in power because the people that sent them there believe that our freedom gives them the right to reclaim and redistribute our oppressors' ill-gotten gains.

  16. Before transferring power, the Republicans emasculated it. They couldn't give up their way of running this country so they sent the economy into a nose dive, believing they could stop Democrats from running it their way. But, if there is going to be a qualitative difference between Republican repression and Democratic freedom, the Democrats better work hard to enhance and improve our quality of life by getting this economy back on its feet. If not, the vote is useless.

  17. Democratic freedom to go on a vast spending spree?

    If they actually sat down and seriously considered what they were doing and actually did something targeted and intended to fix the hole in the levee (so to speak, 11:38), if they were actually buying concrete and rebar, you could have some degree of trust in what they were doing.

    But they are grabbing handfuls of sand and tossing them to the wind and saying "WHEE!" What fun! YAY! No rules! No constraints! SPEND IT ALL! GIVE IT ALL AWAY!

    Then in the next breath they say sanctimoniously, "We must ALL sacrifice and give to the One... "

    YOU are expected to turn down your thermostat, while they are going, "WHEEE!!" And Obama's growing orchids in his office.

    And still NOTHING is fixed, no one h who has lost their house in the spending hurricane is getting restitution. Congress is buying the Gucci purses for themselves.

  18. 3:48 wrote, "...Half the population can't think for itself anymore...".

    Yep, and the vast majority of them are Democrats, from what I've been reading.

  19. Fred,as usual you are a clear,cool voice.

  20. Ditto that, 7:43.

    fred, what is WRONG with people? It's like we've passed through the worm hole or something.

  21. It wasn't the Mississippi River Levees that were the problem. New Orleans was flooded when the levee on Lake Pontchartrain gave way. The Bush administration defunded the Army Corp of Engineers project to reinforce that levee.

    Obama has been in office for a little more than a week. Unlike the Bush bailout there will be oversight.

    Would you like to buy a new private jet for $50 million?

    Fred, you read from the same sources as Rose. If Limbaugh was absent from your radios, the two of you would begin to deprogram pretty quickly and probably start watching the soaps on your TVs or NASCAR. Maybe cartoons.

  22. Fred could be Bob in the male hormone enhancement commercial if he could afford the prescription. But he would probably take it with his Viagra. He is too obsessed with himself already.

  23. fred - it never fails. as soon as they don't like what you say, they go sexual. I've never seen anything like it. the wonderful liberal/"progressive" mindset.

    Fred and I don't get our info from the same sources, as you can see just by checking out his sidebar and mine... in fact, it is our differences that make life interesting.

    I do not see how any sane, thinking, honest person can look at that bloated piece of drunken spending increases masquerading as 'help' for what has gone wrong, and say, with a straight face, that they think it is a good thing.

  24. A FoxNews Opinion Dynamics poll says the public favors tax cuts over new spending as far as stimulus by 50% to 29%.

    I've heard the 11 democrats who voted AGAINST the BLOAT are all up for re-election in 2010, which tells you something about how people are feeling. (Not sure if that is true, however,)

  25. You both watch Fox News and listen to Bill'O and Limbaugh. Bill an Rush alone take up 35 hours of you week. On second thought, Fred should get some male enhancement hormone - he is spending too much time listening to those two abuser/father figures. Get mad Fred and throw you computer monitor at the radio.

  26. Nope. I only listen to the radio when I am in the car, and I don't spend 35 hours a week in the car. :) far from it.

    Nice try, though.

    You don't have to be listening to anybody to see what is wrong here. But, YOU might want to listen to this poor lady, she sounds like you: Cue the giggles

  27. I'm not going to take the bait. I'm sure Fred will will get a kick out the link - whatever it is. You can't tell me that you aren't bombarded by Fox News. You have said that you listen to it while blogging. Its right wing propaganda 24/7. It is shock therapy for the weak minded. You have become emotionally and intellectually programed by a remote electronic receiver - your TV. Some people are more easily hypnotized than are others. The two of you are repeating stations. You laugh and cry and get angry on cue, but never react appropriately to stimulus. You are tools. You are functional only in a very narrow sense. You eat, sleep, fart and occasionally take nourishment. You shouldn't watch Fox news. You need intervention.

  28. Actually, I haven't listened to Limbaugh for years. Never listened to him much to begin with but did watch his TV show regularly back when he had one. Loved watching him make fun of the Clintons.

    What little I heard from Rush after Bush took office was just Rush trying to cover for Bush and that seemed pretty pathetic to me.

    I suppose he'll likely start making fun of Obama now and that might be worth a listen. Problem is, the stations I normally listen to, KMUD and KHSU, don't do Limbaugh.

  29. Its amazing how people like this anon transfer themselves onto other people. This dumb bastard did not drink the kool aid, he helped make it. People like u anon need laxative for the brain cause yours is full of shit.

    But your guys are in as you like to look at it, lets see what happens. One week in it don't look so good. Say a prayer for the new president, hope he can swing it around. But already your running your mouth that the right fucked it up at the end so dems could not fix it.

    Yep, Friedman, would class thinker, anon, world class pussy.

  30. "Member the bumper sticker "THINK DIFFERENT" Anon? Question Authority, man. You really oughtta watch the link, the pathetic spokesmouth trying to justify the pieces of that hideous bloated piece of PORK that is being shoved down our throats. Sputtering in frustration, she tries to keep her equilibrium and soldier on. That isn't Fox News Propaganda. It's a fact.

    Anyways: From Drudge:
    FOXNEWS OREILLY 3,891,000
    FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,034,000
    FOXNEWS BECK 2,306,000
    FOXNEWS SHEP 2,299,000
    FOXNEWS GRETA 2,155,000
    MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,581,000
    CNN COOPER 1,559,000
    CNN BLITZER 1,490,000
    CNNHN GRACE 1,435,000
    CNN KING 1,420,000
    MSNBC MADDOW 1,398,000

  31. Rose, EVERY LAST ONE of the members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election in 2010. Surely you know that.

  32. I believe the terms of those in Congress are staggered, just like our state legislature. The reason being that there's someone still around that knows what's going on when the newly elected reps show up.

  33. You are thinking of the Senate, Fred, where the terms are for six years, and are staggered so both of a state's Senators aren't up in the same year, barring some sort of special election like California had in 1992 when both Boxer and Feinstein were first elected. And the Senate hasn't voted on the stimulus package yet anyway, and won't until next week.

    Seriously people, high school civics stuff here, all us voting adults are supposed to know that the ENTIRE House of Representatives, WITHOUT EXCEPTION is elected in the November of each even-numbered year.

  34. Thanks for the heads up. Seems kind of a lame way to do it to me.

  35. :) Been a long time since, high school. Ahh, the things you forget. Dumb mistake.

  36. The political opposition is growing older and more senile. Now that is positive change we can believe in!

  37. Rose, You won't see another Republican president for ten to twenty years. It's over for you people. You wrecked the country and alienated our friends everywhere. Kindly get out of the way while we pick up the pieces.


  38. fred, what is WRONG with people? It's like we've passed through the worm hole or something.

    You wrecked the country and alienated our friends everywhere. Kindly get out of the way while we pick up the pieces.

    These people are secessionists, anti-Americans, and self-absorbed tea and latte sippers.

    Their goal in life is the exercise of power over the weak and defenseless. Getting rid of military funding, which protects all Americans, is useful to the extent that this allows certain Democrat constituencies to build more schools to indoctrinate more children into hating their own nation.

    Who does it help that the newest generations of Americans are taught Global Warming and White Privilege as a religion? Not the general public nor the general welfare, but the people (usually white) at the top of the power pyramid who have kept a nice slave collar on blacks and other minorities.

    Thus, domestic pork barrel gets funded and military expenditures get cut for the "good of us all". It really is for the good of corrupt Congressmen and women, to spend that "Peace Dividend", looted from an institution designed for the good of all Americans, in order to funnel it into their own personal off shore accounts.

    The funny thing is that the Leftist cannon fodder think they are going to get a slice of the pie, whether of power, influence, or wealth. In reality, they will be the first ones that get shot by those that they launched into power.

    They once attacked Republicans as big spenders and putting the nation into debt. You don't hear anything like that anymore. You ever wonder why? Because they know that Republicans have principles and something called character and integrity. That it hurts us to be told that we have violated our own principles. But they didn't do it to help us. They didn't do it to help the nation. They were never the Loyal Opposition. They were always seeking traitorous ends and partisan goals. They knew that while we cared about such things, they didn't. They had nothing of principle or laws that they cared for enough, which made us vulnerable and them invulnerable.

    And so the mighty are taken down by the weak and the poisonous, for destroying things has always been easier than trying to build something up.

    The Dems accuse us of propaganda. Why? Because they and their Leftist mass murder supporters want to be Kings of Propaganda. They accused us of spending this nation into debt. Why? Because they wanted to spend this nation into Real Debt.

    Kindly get out of the way while we pick up the pieces.

    That was the minimum we asked when people refused to support Bush's war. That they stop obstructing and sabotaging America's national interests and leaking information to the enemy simply because they had political disagreements with the current administration. Do you believe, now, that we are better than you, that we will agree to "get out of the way" when you refused to even consider it?

    Well, guess what, we are better than you. We won't leak information to hurt national security simply because we want to score some political points. We won't sacrifice Iraqi civilians simply to please domestic American appetites. We won't betray our word simply because the Democrats are our political foes.

    But as for getting out of the way, this is not a tyranny yet. So I am afraid we will have to refuse that quaint little request of yours. On domestic matters, the Founding Fathers knew quite well how the greed of men would try to use power and advantage to screw over the less powerful and the less populated states. This is not foreign policy or a war.

    We will not keep silent simply because we are better than the Dems concerning loyalty to this nation. We cannot keep silent and be loyal to this nation. We cannot keep silent and be the Loyal Opposition. We cannot be like you. We refuse to.

  39. It's over for you people.

    That's what Tokyo Rose and Saddam's propagandists said.

    You have a pretty good career track, if you get the right connections.

  40. I think, 8:29, that you misunderstand what FRIENDS are.

    Wait til you see how alienated they are over the very REAL problems being created for them by the American leftists, who are taking the entire world down the path to financial ruin.

    All the anti-Bush propaganda in the world won't help you now.

  41. Bush? You mean the washed up loser who embarrassed us every time he opened his mouth.

    We've got a real president now. I realize you don't get it. You never have. Just sit there and whine away. We'll run things the way they should have been run these past eight years.

  42. okey dokey 6:24, but realize that your "real president" has started out by violating the promises he made to you to get elected.

    paying taxes is patriotic unless you are Gietner or Daschle and the new pres wants you. Then all is forgiven.

    Now Daschle really fried me - what did he make while being a senator AND lobbying for a lobbying firm? Pray tell, that was 2.1 million dollars and a free car and chauffeur. I couldn't even figure out how he was going to do his job if he had been appointed. His work as a paid adviser appears to run counter to Obama’s pledge to “free the executive branch from special interest influence. No political appointee, Obama’s transition team had declared, “will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years.”

    Can you tell me any reasonable way for this guy to be appointed and how he would qualify to be secretary of health and human services under the policy that [Obama] has laid out?

    No I bet.

    But, here is how transparency works with our new pres. Daschle was ok because while working at Alston, he never technically lobbied anyone. Hold on - the argument goes that even though he worked for a lobbying firm, made money from lobbying clients and become business partners of those investing in heavily regulated industries. He totally exploited the system for greed. This is the "old" way and the now accepted democratic way influence is brokered in Washington. Under the law, there is a distinction between "lobbying contacts," which only lobbyists can do, and "lobbying activities," which can be done by both lobbyists and non-lobbyists.

    Frankly, this is a crock of shit and I and everyone else should feel appauled and lied to.

    And don't even get me started on waiving the rules against lobbyist in the administration. That was an empty promise that was immediately tossed out as tres inconvenient.

    These are hard time that demand hard questions and hard answers. The empty, close-minded droning of orks such as the asshole at 6:24 pm are pathetic to the point that I want to just vomit.

    6:24 - let me be clear, you have been kool-aid-boarded by your party and by yourself.

  43. Even more galling, each of Obama's tax cheats got to pay off their back taxes right before he announces his choice, with INTEREST, but NO PENALTIES.

    For anyone else the penalties EQUAL or EXCEED the amount owed, in addition to the interest. Anyone else could be JAILED for failing to declare income and PAY their taxes.

    In Geithner's case, it is four years worth of unpaid taxes, I believe. Two he settled up with when caught, the OTHER two, he did not do anything about until he was about to be announced as Obama's choice TO RUN THE TREASURY DEPT. - this after he was paid extra so that he COULD settle up his taxes, and part of HIS problem was that he also declared his daughter's summer school as a write-off.

    In Daschle's hideous case, don't just blithely write off the FREE limo - think about what that means - a limo and a driver - the driver's salary and benefits - whaddya think? $30,000 a year? More?

    It is beyond disgusting.

    With all the hype prior to his election, we were told how Obama had access to the best of the best, the brightest minds, the finest talent... now you know all he can come up with are Clinton retreads, tax cheats and lobbyists. Nothing new here.

    The Emperor has no clothes, and it is becoming readily apparent. Faster than I expected.

    I am waiting for him to appoint Rezko to the housing dept.

  44. Clap your hand tightly over your mouth, 11:55, and squirt that bile through your nose.

  45. Ah yes, my democratic colleague - yes, I am a dem. When that part of our party refers to the truth as bile, we all are in a heap of trouble.

    I pointed out the facts to you. The facts that many dems are not proud of and your teeney weenie little brain can just hurl insults. Keep drinkin your kool-aid, I am sipping on my coffee, thank you very much.

  46. Clap your hand tightly over your mouth and squirt your coffee through your nose. And then squirt me some tears. Tax evasion just cost us a good Health and Human Services Secretary. If we could get a decent social medicine program in this country American manufacturing could compete with China. Tom Daschle was the best choice to make it happen. I personally don't give a shit that his unpaid taxes didn't support Bush's Neo-conservative agenda. Are you a dem, or are you dumb?

  47. You don't give a shit if he didn't pay taxes and made millions lobbying. Sounds like the same old thing, you believe the ends justify the means. By saying that Daschle had to be the "one" and ignoring his greed and cover up you only show yourself to be totally not credible.

    I am ashamed for Daschle, but he deserved to withdraw. I am ashamed about Gietner - actually I am disgusted that the guy appointed to go after other folks for tax evasion willfully failed to pay his taxes and wouldn't have unless he had been nominated. I feel utterly betrayed that Richardson (who I initially thought would have made a good president) was involved in the Blago type pay to pay schemes. AND I MEAN FUCKING ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED.

    And I am a dem, with 3 post secondary degrees. I feel sorry for you and your closed off mind. 1:11.

    Enjoy your kool-aid with dinner.

  48. Clap your hand tightly over your mouth and squirt shit through your nose! You are a sorry, silly, stupid, lying, Republican shill. You need a fourth post secondary degree in free trade economics so that you can learn how to lie convincingly. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING IGNORANT. AND I MEAN NUMB. DUMB AS A SHOAT. NUMBER THAN A HAKE. BREATHTAKINGLY MORE STUPID THAN A NEO-CONSERVATIVE. And not so well off. You probably really need a tax break. DOLT!

  49. Wow, this is an intelligent rational response from the progressive side of the party? Really?

    Hey, brother, I give you the truth and you do is vomit all over your computer swearing in all capital letters. Actually, I won't give up my principles just because the lunatic wing of my party disagrees with the moderates. You my poor little man are a pox on the democratic party. You can't stand the truth so you explode like a 4 year old throwing the tantrum of the century.

    I actually find it quite amusing to see into your bizarre little mind. Mean, cruel, close minded comes to mind reading your rant. Hey are you Heraldo-Cobb or a Heraldo-Cobb clone? Must be.

    Think I will have another swig of french roast and wait for your next melt-down.

  50. Oh and one more point to ponder is Larry Summers. Summers, 53, was named director of the White House National Economic Council (NEC), making him Obama's chief economic advisor. He was forced to resign in 2006 as president of Harvard University over comments viewed as demeaning to women. He said that women didn’t have the aptitude to be successful in science. Or more succinctly put, that they didn't have the smarts to do the job or be successful.

    I wouldn’t share that over dinner with my wife and daughters. If that is “progressive” thought I will stay a moderate democrat with my scalp intact and will gladly pay a bunch of money to witness anonymous at 6:24, 12:41, 1:11, and 5:47 (all obviously the same bozo) defend Summers to my wife and daughters.

    Still sipping my french roast.

  51. While AQ was particularly interested in killing Sunnis and Shia to get them to turn on the American forces, the American forces were more interested in improving conditions on the ground: such as security, water, power, representative government.

    The Left's particular weakness is that they cannot tolerate apostates or heretics. Same with the former Zarqawi.

    This has the tendency to drive their own allies into open rebellion. But it doesn't make them allies of the Republicans. It doesn't make them allies of the Republicans until we get our own David Petraeus, except for domestic US politics. A Dick Morris.

  52. Hey dip shit at 6:24, 12:41, 1:11, and 5:47:

    Forgot to add that the bastion of rightwing republican thought fondly referred to as the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE called for Dachle to step down as did that fascist old New York Times. (see the link below.

    You are pretty quiet there buddy. What, cat got your tongue?

  53. Well hooray for the neoconservative branch of the democratic party. Guess you have all ponyed up to cow punch poor old Tom Daschle in the groin - motivated by yer high moral principle I am sure.

  54. Like totally - at least I still have high moral principles. I don't lie or cheat. I pay my taxes. I haven't made over 5 million dollars in the last 4 years lobbying.

    The fact of the matter is that the power in Congress right now is with moderate democrats in the Senate.

    Are your fucking kidding me regarding that assinine "neoconservative branch of the dem party" bullshit? I am so laughing my ass off thinking about the SF Chron and NYT being referred to as reflecting a neoconservative branch of the dem party. I mean you are so damn stupid for such a remark, if it wasn't so damn funny, I would be crying. (Well ok, it made me laugh so hard there was a tear in my eye!)

  55. Sedate yourself.

  56. Still sipping my coffee and waiting for a reasoned response from dip shit at 6:24, 12:41, 1:11and 5:47. (although arguably, I may have to wait the rest of my life cause I just am not seeing how dip shit can control himself.)

  57. You have regained your composure. Good. I was afraid that your frenzied outburst of conflicting emotions would scare you children.

    What was the question?

  58. No question, nice try to deflect your rant.

    See ya in the a.m. for round three. What color is the koolaid.

    No conflicting emotions, just absolute laughter at dipshits meltdowns.

  59. Well, ta ta. Don't spill your french roast.

  60. Morning! I have moved on to a double latte today.

    Wanna spar or is your meltdown over?

  61. Sorry sweetie, I forgot our date.


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