Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama's brother arrested for alleged marijuana possession.

◼ BBC Obama half-brother on drug charge
George Obama was arrested in Nairobi with one joint of marijuana, police chief Joshua Omokulongolo said.

"He is not a drug peddler. But it is illegal, it is a banned substance," he said. Mr Obama has denied the allegations.

..."They took me from my home," George Obama told reporters in Nairobi from his jail cell. " I don't know why they are charging me."

h/t: jihadpress


◼ Guardian Obama's brother on drugs charge President's relative denies police charge after arrest for possession of a single marijuana joint
◼ Scotland on Sunday Obama's half-brother arrested over drugs

◼ ChinaView Kenyan police free Obama's half brother


  1. Just interesting. I guess the laws are tougher there.

  2. If the tribes of Nairobi think this is going to get them from ransom or influence value with Obama, they have grossly misread the man.

    He couldn't care less what happens to his half-brother.


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