Monday, January 26, 2009

The Arcata Collection


From Martha Stewart - and not a pot leaf in sight.


  1. Arcata Grower1/26/2009 12:48 PM

    Grow House Style. At last! But is it fireproof?

  2. Ha! That is funnier than Hell.

    I wonder if you can get the Arcata collection in the McKinleyville K-Mart?

    I'm telling you, if you say the word Green loud enough and long enough, it holds no value.

    Magenta anyone? Magenta?

  3. You might be able to buy it in McKinelyville, but you can't buy it in Arcata under any circumstances.

    Did anyone think to tell Martha how they feel about CORPORATIONS, like Omnimedia and the evil Big Box, KMart?

    Does she not read the New York Times? Where they said every fifth house is a growhouse? Seriously.

    Someone will undoubltedly lose thier job over this one.

    Can't you see the Arcata City Council pontificating a proclamation denouncing Martha's 'illicit' use of their name? "Whereas, we have declared that no Big Box/formula store may exist in Arcata... in the spirit of that law...."


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