Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"These are the images the Jews are using to make people feel sorry for them."

according to Egyptian Cleric Amin Al-Ansari, who "Hopes It Will Happen Again But,Allah Willing,At The Hand Of Muslims."

WARNING: Very Disturbing.


  1. Nate Rushton1/27/2009 2:05 PM

    Is this mainstream media where it aired? It's not surprising I guess.

  2. Doing your part to spread more hatred of Muslims, Rose? You forget already what I said before about Muslims REACTING to Western treachery? Islam is the Middle East Reaction to Western imperialism. Look at the history of Islam's spread through all the lands held again and again by foreign empires if you don't believe me. Hamas is created by Israel and tapes like these are created by Israel as America and the West's European colony in the Middle East.

    What this Muslim extremist is saying about Jewish connivance in WW I, Germany's economy attacked by Jews before WW II is echoed by former highly positioned Benjamin Freedman who broke ranks with Zionists, the with Jews and Judaism altogether. He too says the same things about Jewish connivance in attempting to destroy Germany's economy, (Jewish congresses called for boycott of German products in America and England) that triggered German Reaction and Hitler's rise to power. And the guy is also right about how Israel was established to be a way of European Gentiles getting rid of troublesome Jews who, like they are doing in America right now, tend to take control of a Gentile nation's economy. Look at the Jewish line up in who runs America's Federal Reserve Bank system, look at the continuing appointment of Jews to oversee the government's financial system. Why aren't you calling for an investigation of how a 2% minority in America winds up being represented at 75% in the heart of America's money system?

    Before you diss the Muslims, you really need to get information from history about why they produce such anti-Jewish propaganda. It doesn't just come out of thin air, this hatred of Western interference in Arab Muslim countries by imperialistic Western powers.

  3. And really, Rose, you should look at what Progressives are doing here in Humboldt County to destroy our economy. What is the percentage of Jewish leaders and members of local Progressive activist organizations? Not 2%, I can guarantee you that. Money to be made and power to be gained brought an influx of Jewish homesteaders and activists to Humboldt County and we see the results of their work in the destruction of Humboldt County's economy. Connect the dots and then ask why Muslims produce their fanatics..

  4. Muslim extremists make videos like that for you. Pure and simple. It has nothing to do with ancient hatreds and everything to do with propaganda.

    Though you could make a case that this is just some idiot making his YouTube's, whose 'education' consisted of Sharia Law inspired textbooks.

    Did you watch it? It actually provides some pretty extensive footage of the Nazi death camps.

    I cannot believe, Stephen, that we are having this conversation in this day and age. You KNOW where anti-Semitism leads.

  5. And, frankly, if all countries could adopt our model - allowing people to live together in peace, no matter their religion or ethicity, there would be no need for separate nations.

    But at present, if you dissolved the borders, called Israel Palestine, and set them all to share the land, do you think the hostilities towards Jewish people would end? No. You know better.

    An, seriously, Stephen, if you moved every Jewish person out of that area, do you think Muslim extremists would fold up their war tents and become peaceful? No. You know better.

    And, btw, have you noticed that the other Arabic countries have not been exactly supporting Hamas? Wonder why?

    And, btw, they broke their cease-fire agreement, of course.

  6. Stephan you are one sick person!

  7. The sick people are Americans who keep making excuses for their war crimes against Muslims in the Middle East. You point your incredibly hypocritical fingers that are dripping in the blood of innocent Iraqis and Palestinians who you all are making pay the price for European acts against European Jews.
    What is wrong with you? You think that by waving the flag and joining hands you can erase what America has done to the Middle East Muslim world with its support of Saudi Arabian royals at a million dollars a minute and its support of America and Europe's Jewish colony placed in the heart of the Middle East?

    Rose, I know Jewish history. I've studied it long enough to know that Jewish people up until about the 1950's were unable to assimilate into Gentile society because they would not allow the normal ways differing peoples overcome ethnic barriers, no intermarriage allowed, no normal social intercourse allowed such as sharing meals, a Jewish family were a male member was marrying a "shitska", a Gentile whore-the real meaning of the word, would be disowned by the family. This anti-social behavior runs all through Jewish history up until the 1950's when Jews started to join the ruling class and began behaving as regular American citizens towards Gentiles. If any of you have ever studied sociology or anthropology, you would know that by negating normal social intercourse ways of assimilation coupled with the Jewish propensity to infiltrate the highest levels of economic and social power of whatever ruling class of Gentiles holds the power, when the masses revolted against ruling class power they would not be exactly charmed with Jewish flunkies supporting those ruling classes against the peasantry being highly exploited by the two together, ruling class and their Jewish advisors, tax collectors, money suppliers. Jewish people want Gentiles to think Gentiles have some sort of mysterious mental malady that periodically makes them go berzerk against Jews but study the history of Jewish shunning of Gentile society for the vast length of Jewish history and you will understand why Jewish people in the past dealing with not-so-liberal Gentile populations got themselves into hot water on a regular basis. Assimilation takes a will to join together as equals and Jewish people have been loathed to treat Gentiles as equals up until democratic governments protected their ethnic identity and human rights. But Jewish paranoia of Gentiles still is the rule of psychological interaction with Gentiles even though, for example, here in America, Jews have NEVER once experienced any pogrom against them in all of America's history and Jews have not suffered any more undue assimilation problems than other European religious and ethnic minorities, e.g., the Irish.

    You all who still swallow the Jewish paranoia of Gentiles really need to do some historical research because this is the 21st century and we live in a world where over a billion Muslims live with us. To ignore their viewpoint of Europeans as foreign aggressors, exploiters, and dominators of Muslim lands is to be ignorant of your responsibilities as Americans seeking a better, more democratic peaceful world. Better understand why democracy now in the Middle East includes Muslim dominancy because Christian and Jewish acts towards them have been atrocious for far too many decades.

  8. Rose, I do wish you would stop whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria by posting only Muslim atrocities while never posting American or Israeli ones. It shows bigotry and hostility towards a huge number of human beings on the planet and only confirms for Muslims why they must fight the West in order to survive.

  9. Humboldt Heretic1/28/2009 6:14 AM

    I viewed this video on Pam's site and know why you posted it here. I also knew what the deranged one's reaction to it would be. You might as well be talking to the wall. Sad but true.

  10. keep the people at the bottom fighting each other so they cannot cooperate and take down those who 'd call them slaves.

  11. whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria?

    It is a wake up call, Stephen. Everything you hold dear is at stake. Your freedom to speak out, choose the music you listen to, decide what religion you want to adhere to, if any, everything.

    You cannot tell me that you want to encourage people who riot and murder over cartoons, not when you live in a country where we accept crucifixes in a cup of urine as 'art.'

    You cannot tell me that you think it is ok to torch every car in a neighborhood, I know that you do not because of your own history, and the reason why you denounced Earth First!. They violated the non-violence pact. You did not condone that then, nor would you now.

    You came here under the free-est of circumstances, alternative living, so I know you place absolute value on FREEDOM.

    The same cannot be said of Islam. Show me the evidence where they practice freedom.

  12. And, btw, I d not post the alleged America atrocities because so many of them have been PROVEN to be false. Staged. Propaganda, pure and simple. And because I do not fear for your life at the hands of Israelis. They will not saw off your head on camera, broadcasting your screams all over the planet while chanting to Allah. They do not behead women in front of an audience on what was intended to be a soccer field. And for all the other reasons noted above.

  13. Stephen, you are the worst sort of anti-semite.

    And your "facts"...are Devar vechatsi devar in the truest sense of the only sarcasm in the Talmud, "Something and half of something...which is:

    Nothing. As are you.

  14. "They do not behead women in front of an audience on what was intended to be a soccer field."

    Well the deeds weren't committed in the exact same way,but Rose Stephen is correct to point out a bit of hipocracy as you are unlikely to show anything in regards to the Inquisition.

  15. BECAUSE, mresquan, what matters is that RIGHT NOW, murderous evil must be stopped. It isn't acceptable now. It won't be tomorrow.

    Cut to the chase, quit wallowing in the American's love the angst of it BS.

  16. Rose, it is you who need the wake up call. Why are you being so un-American by ignoring your President's call to reach out to the Muslim world and by loading your blog with only a completely one-sided attack on Muslims. Do you really not know or wish to know what your dollars have bought in terms of death to Muslim children?

    I would think you'd be ashamed to parade jingoism in this day and age when FACTS are available that contradict the nasty picture you are trying to paint against ALL Muslims, not just their extremists. Bin Laden is considered a hero to most Middle East Muslims, a Robin Hood. Why is that, Rose? Why, after all that's happened since 9-11, is he still considered a hero to most Muslims?

    When you do your homework that you've never done, i.e. never seeming to crack open any book or reference that would tell you why Middle East Muslims hate Zionism and American support of Israel, never looked at the real history of how Jews took over Palestine, never seemed consider that perhaps the whole Muslim extremism is fueled by American support of a foreign Jewish colony that was imposed on Palestinian and the Arab world without their input in how this would so drastically alter their lives.

    Sparky and I talk about how incredibly dense and unfeeling European-Americans get when it comes to justifying the way Europeans went around the world destroying native societies. Most Americans are like you, Rose, oblivious to the harm of past European-American terrorism directed at Native Americans. You don't see it as relevant because you're white and privileged while so many non-white people are not. Just drive by any con-camp road crew or visit any American jail to see what I'm talking about. People of color are being locked up and hounded by police so that white people can sleep safely at night?

    Rose, why don't you do the right thing now and stop attacking the Muslim community? If you really want to wake up America, try waking Americans up to being better people than the people they criticize. Instead of making excuses for Goliath, Rose, why not understand where David is coming from with his sling and stones vs. the world's most powerful military nation and its puppet state of Israel. (Israel is our puppet state, btw, because without American military and financial aid propping up Israel, it probably wouldn't last a week surrounded as it is and has been for 60 years of angry neighbors.

  17. Rose has a point. You are defending people who saw heads off on camera while chanting so called prayers.

  18. Like all anti-Zionist activists, I am constantly being accused of "anti-Semitism" because I am not at all reluctant to expose Jewish connivance American foreign policy of supporting the rogue state of Israel that has stacked up more U.N. violations than any other country on earth. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I support Semitic peoples being attacked and overrun by waves of European and American Jewish immigrants given a green light by a fledgling U.N. totally under the thumb of the Big Five, not a one an Arab Middle East nation, to destroy a whole people while stealing their land. Zionist Jews and Israelis use Jewish religious mythologies proven bogus history time and again by archeologists as rationale for giving European Jewish converts Semitic people's land of Palestine. It's time to stop this European-American madness and let democracy rule the Holy Land.

    Look at Mazim's report in my blog today and see that Hillary Clinton is continuing the 2% minority's control over U.S. foreign policy with her recent appointments. We Americans are being used by Zionists as their big Rottweiler there to bite anyone who interferes with the Israeli agenda of taking every bit of Palestine they can away from Palestinian natives.

    You watch. At no point will Israel give up its settlements on its own in the West Bank which of course, with Israel "security" needs means road blocks, check points, an apartheid Wall, and no real Palestinian state where Pals control their own lands. Most Palestinians, even Hamas have said many times that if Israel went back to its borders before 1967 they would leave Israelis alone. But Israelis are people greedy for another people's land and they will not stop their mission to drive Palestinians out of Palestine altogether. Protest these foreign invaders by urging Congress to cut off their money given carte blanche to do whatever they want with Palestinians paid for from our U.S. taxes.

  19. Rose didn't see the settlers who bashed the skulls of Wiyot children, women and old men on Indian Island and then went to Arcata on Sunday to brag about their deeds to good Christians. Rose is ignoring all the hideous atrocities committed by "civilized" American and European Christians against native populations, atrocities that make the comparative rare Muslim beheadings look like child's play. Native children were put in baskets like kittens to drown in our local rivers, shot for sport as "bucks" and don't think our local NAs have long forgotten these white people's "civilized" behavior because they still have members alive who remember what we white savages did to them.

    Rose wants to forget our past so that she can feel self-righteous about Muslim atrocities committed against Westerners but she has to ignore her own people's history to do this and ignore the position of European white minority at the top of world power within a worldwide majority of non-Europeans. Time to think about your kid's future within democratically elected countries where white privilege and white sponsorship of colonial aggressors will be a thing of the past.

  20. Yes. At this point I am saying I side with the Zionists. I side with the people who choose life. I side with the people who CREATE, and build, and nurture, and not with those who destroy and obliterate innocent life, not with those who create nothing but suicide vests.

    I choose those who have corrected their course over the centuries, who strive to improve the human condition, not keep it mired in ancient, horrific religious dogma.

    I choose FREEDOM, Stephen. for myself, for my kids, my community, my state, my country and all the people in the world, I choose freedom.

    I choose life over death.

    That word Zionist is a pretty good word. You can call me that if you like.

    I wasn't really part of the international political movement that originally supported the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in the historic Land of Israel but, hey, like I said, I choose the people who are about life and freedom, joy and creative endeavor.

    Not the butchers and murderers.

  21. Time to think about your kid's future within democratically elected countries where white privilege and white sponsorship of colonial aggressors will be a thing of the past.

    That is exactly what I am talking about - and your statement shows that you know full well that they will not exhibit the same tolerance that we have. far from it.

  22. Rose, you are so damned prejudiced it is amazing you parade it publicly. Please just stop with your bigoted point of view of Palestinians. You just don't know what you're talking about because you've never seem to ever have looked objectively at the history of Zionists in Palestine, the history of Zionist Jewish terrorism especially. You don't look at Israeli atrocities, you don't look at what Sharon did in Sabra and Shantilla, you don't see 1400 Palestinian dead vs. what, 18 Israelis? as a problem of ethics when white phosphorus is used to burn Palestinian children in their beds. No, you see "creative" people who love life, while the Palestinians see foreign invaders who love life for themselves and will kill anyone who resists their "love" of life.

    European and American Zionists and their supporters are in the same moral league as those who supported Hitler's aggression into other countries, those who supported white South Afrikaaners, and those who think white Europeans "created" America in place of native savagery using blankets infected with small pox to help enlighten the indigenous savages to the benefits of white rulership and white people who know how to develop lands they steal away from native peoples.

    Keep your prejudices, Rose. I just think they belittle you and keep you from truth that you really do need in order to prepare your children correctly for today's multi-cultural world where even black slaves can rise to positions of power--they don't do this through listening to white people telling them they have no beef with white European colonial aggression and exploitation of non-white people's land.

  23. "Rose didn't see the settlers who bashed the skulls of Wiyot children, women and old men on Indian Island and then went to Arcata on Sunday to brag about their deeds to good Christians."

    Rose could respod to that with the "it doesn't matter what they did" mantra like she did when I referenced the Inquisition.
    Rose,have you stopped to consider that perhaps if Zionists and arch-conservative Christian zealots stopped meddling in Palestinian and Muslim life(err,well any lifestyle contrary to theirs),that maybe they could begin to take steps forward in coexixsting in a more just way?After Iran finally begin to achieve democratic and peaceful movements towards bettering themselves,do you think that leading a coup against its most influential leader who brought people together and installing the Shah was an advancement for the Middle East?

  24. Ernie addressed this better than I could.

    link - Permanently linked in the Sidebar under "Worth Your Time."

    What you guys seem to be saying is you want to see the US and Israel go down and the rise of Islamic power, because we deserve it, in your mind.

    Well, speak for yourselves. And go live there if you like it so much. Bow to Mecca at noon. I doubt your girlfriends are going to want to come along with you, but have at.

  25. I want my children and grandchildren and their children to be able to hold their heads high as Americans in the world. We and they cannot do this now and haven't been able to do so for decades because of European prejudices against non-white people, prejudices you seem to hold dearly, Rose, as you hypocritically ignore what white Europeans are doing to their darker skinned neighbors outside of Europe. Look at my blog today, Rose, and see yet another Amnesty International report of Israeli war crimes perpetrated by such good people they don't have to obey international laws protecting human rights.

    Rose, if you're really concerned about Muslims taking over America I suggest you look at the history of Islam's spread before going all paranoid with fantasies of Sharia law beheading your daughter's fiance. May I suggest that you remember the Inquisition and what Catholics like to do to infidels? What would you druther be, have your head removed or burned at the stake?

    You remove the threat of European takeover of Muslim lands and I guarantee you you will see the rise of a much more moderate Islam than what we have spawned by continuous European attacks on Muslim nations since the advent of Israel. We created the militant Muslim movement throughout the Middle East just as Israel has created Hamas. They have grown in power because they fight Western foreign aggressors and are looked upon as freedom fighters, which they are--as long as Westerners oppress their countries and take their resources to run Western societies. Stop taking, start giving, and you'll see amazing changes in Muslim behavior.

  26. I think Ernie is way off base. To even entertain the notion that Steve or Mark have a girl friend. Steve and Mark are probably hot for this bearded dude in the robes and head dress.

    In reality I read what Stephen has written, and Mark in support of Stephen, and I'm completely disgusted. It rubs me that these two lowlifes enjoy the freedoms of being an American and life in America.

    I don't have the vocabulary to adequately describe how I feel about Stephen and Mark, and their buddy. They are damaged goods, not actual human beings.

  27. There you have it. Zionist smear jobs, character assassination in place of reasoned debate because they don't have any ethical defense for Zionist evil actions. AIPAC, ADL, Eric, and these Zionons all use the slander option of their opponents because slander is all they have.

    I thank all Jewish people who have seen the dark side of Zionism and have been repulsed by it and speak up against it. You are not alone. Look at the growing numbers of anti-Zionist Jews and their organized protests of Israeli actions.

  28. Stephen, you are entitled to your opinion, as are we.

    The fact remains that if you went to Palestine, and, while there, were to criticize the Hamas leaders, you would be killed.

    If you went to Israel, even with the extreme opinions you espouse here, you would not be killed.

    Here in this country, people can, and did, talk about and mimic hanging Bush, they fantasized about his murder. They have not been jailed, nor even arrested.

    You take this for granted, and from this relative comfort, this safe place, you fail to realize that it is ice cold out there. That death is certain except here.

    WE are good. WE are the brightest beacon of hope the world has ever seen. Maybe that the world will ever see. If we fall, all that dies.

    What sympathy I have for any of the people you so ardently support if tempered by the recognition of the horrors they perpetrate upon THEIR OWN PEOPLE. They foment trouble and massacres wherever they go. They don't deserve your sympathy.

  29. Beautifully put, Rose. Thank you.

    A fan.

  30. "The fact remains that if you went to Palestine, and, while there, were to criticize the Hamas leaders, you would be killed."

    Well how has Hamas been enabled to do just that?Hamas arises out of western meddling via political strife.

  31. "What you guys seem to be saying is you want to see the US and Israel go down and the rise of Islamic power, because we deserve it, in your mind."

    Well I wish that all religious edict would cease to exis,but if it must,Muslims deserve equality.

  32. and mresquani deserves a good solid punch in the nose, which he won't get but he does deserve it.

    Stephen is still just a rabid bigot. And as sick and twisted as his beliefs are this is America and he can spout them without any serious fear.

    America is a great country despite these two clowns, and others like them.

  33. Anonymous, you're just proving my point about Zionists having nothing but slander in their defense, certainly not morality which Rose only thinks she has because she deliberately ignores Israel terrorism, brutality, hideous oppression of a people for 60 years. It's a friggin' wonder Palestinians have any compassion left after being trampled into the ground by Zionist Jews and their supporters in America.

    If your skin is brown and you are posting support of Zionist Europeans and European Americans I want to hear it because my prejudice here is that only white people are commenting in support of white people against brown people, and that is no good for you or me or any American in this day and age. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you're Native American or Black or Arab and you feel Israel is justified in carrying out such genocidal actions against the Palestinian people as we all saw in Gaza.

  34. The only ones carrying out genocidal actions are Muslims. They state it openly. they pursue it aggressively.

    BUT, have you paid attention to the LACK of outrage on the part of the rest of the Arab (for lack of a better succinct word) community? They are not exactly supporting Hamas. There's a reason for that.

    WE on the other hand are sending support and aid to the Palestinians as well as Israel. When Hamas launches rocket strikes, they ought to lose that funding.

    I have no problem with your sympathy for the poor citizens caught in the middle of this, Stephen. I agree with you. It is tragic. But they have not removed Hamas from power even now that they realize they are murderous thugs, not benevolent caretakers. They, like the good and decent citizens of Iran are or are about to be victims of their insane government. And that's the real truth, much as the left in this country likes to apply that scenario to our government, like they know it is happening, but just can't bring themselves to ascribe it to the proper body - it seems the murderous bastards don't get criticized, perhaps because you know they will kill you. Confront the real evil.

  35. Rose, I'm sick and tired of your ignorance about Palestinians and Hamas. Can you never get it through your brainwashed skull that Hamas is the democratically elected representative of Palestinians? You, like Bush, like the Neocons, want to toss democracy out the window when democracy doesn't agree with Western hegemony in the Middle East. Democracy for Palestinians means Palestinians elected to RESIST Jewish aggression and occupation as well they should, that's why Hamas was elected over the corrupt PLO/PA. Hamas, the great majority of Palestinians, most of the Middle East consider Israel not to be a legitimate state at all to most all because Israel was imposed with imperialist European force of arms (British, then American supplied) on Palestinian natives without their legal consent, totally without their representation at the U.N. which did the deed for the Western powers. Hamas is not going to give in to Israeli demands until Israel backs off its territorial aggression and occupation of Palestinian lands. Hamas has said repeatedly that if Israel goes back to its pre-1967 borders, Hamas would stop resisting and work out a peace plan. Israelis refuse to give up stolen land, land far exceeding the U.N. partition allotment for Israel. Israelis should be glad that Hamas is willing to do this as legitimately, Hamas has every right to continue their war against Israel until Israelis, and not Palestinians are gone from Palestine. Zionist greed for control of a land they never ever really controlled at any point in history as these religious fanatics use their myths, their fairy tales of origin to fool the world into giving them a chunk of someone else's turf.

    Israel is the last vestige of white European imperialism and colonization and has no place in our modern world which it seems most of the world understands except the white European-Americans loathe to admit their own past crimes against humanity.

    Israel is caught in the pincers between fascist repression of Palestinians that is unacceptable to the world or democracy in Israel which will eventually end Jewish control. The Israeli hawks are greedy vicious people who will never willingly concede an inch of occupied territory and will continue to sabotage any peace plan that forces them to give up control of the West Bank via Israeli settlements there with their ever present need for "security", read apartheid separation from the natives who hate them. Wonder why..

  36. Israel is the spotted owl, Stephen. The endangered species, that, if allowed to perish, not out of neglect, but at the hands of murderous zealots, marks the end for you as well.

    Israeli "hawks" fight to prevent their people from obliteration, even though many of their people, like you, would willingly excuse their murderers as they were being eliminated. It's that trait that got them into the holocaust in the first place, that trait of not fighting back, believing in the goodness of people, even when it is not evident.

    Talking about "European Imperialism" only gives the murderous zealots something to work with.

    Obama going over to Al Arabiya and telling them that the US is a dictator was stupid, ignorant and wrong.

  37. Stephen-Hypocrite. You monitor comments on your own blog and then go to others to spread your thoughtless rhetoric. Lucky for you that all blogs have not censored you.

    You have Nazi tendencies and need to stop this anti Jew commentary. Don't blame it on the neo-cons, the left doesn't want to listen to you either. You are speaking for a small minority thank goodness.

    Rose, we don't always agree, but I will here.


  38. "want to toss democracy out the window when democracy doesn't agree with Western hegemony in the Middle East."

    The desire to continually meddle in Mideast affairs is quite Socialist actually,something most righties claim to deplore,well,except when it suits them best.Rose,and etal. remember that Hitler openly gabbed about how he used the genocidal model inflicted in N.America to carry out his aggression.
    Of what religion and race were Hitler's ancestors?

  39. Rose said,"WE on the other hand are sending support and aid to the Palestinians as well as Israel. When Hamas launches rocket strikes, they ought to lose that funding."

    Rose,B-2 bombers ARE NOT are not aiding anyone,no matter how you manage to twist it.Yeah sure,we send "humanitarian" aid,but only after ensuring that the bombs and rockets are launched.Rose,there is internal strife in every country subserviant to NATO and to U.S. weapon manufacturers,and the banks that fund them.Are you surprised?

  40. Hey Stephen, address this thread you left before you jump on a new propaganda bandwagon, k.


  41. The desire to continually meddle in Mideast affairs is quite Socialist actually,something most righties claim to deplore,well,except when it suits them best.Rose,and etal. remember that Hitler openly gabbed about how he used the genocidal model inflicted in N.America to carry out his aggression.

    Hitler, once he knew blacks were allowed to serve in the US forces, viewed us as tainted and weak.

    You can take your lessons from Nazis all you want, but it won't make you right.

    Rose,B-2 bombers ARE NOT are not aiding anyone

    That's like saying you don't need a military or a police to protect your nation. Let's not go into lala land here.

    but only after ensuring that the bombs and rockets are launched.

    The only rockets we use are on the AH-64 Apache. Most otherwise we use wire guided, heat seeking, or GPS guided missiles and bombs.

    The military takes more care in preserving life than you do. Why? Because they actually know that their actions matter and they can see the consequences of any mistakes they make. You, however, can go blissfully on your journey unaware of anybody you cause to have "died" with your ill chosen support and words.

  42. Why are you being so un-American by ignoring your President's call to reach out to the Muslim world and by loading your blog with only a completely one-sided attack on Muslims.

    Because the 2nd Amendment allows Americans like me to defend her right to do so unto the death of all her enemies.

    That's why. It is also why British women can't speak out and Swedish women can't speak out. They are not allowed to, on pain of death and injury.

    Can you never get it through your brainwashed skull that Hamas is the democratically elected representative of Palestinians?

    So when Israel declares war on Palestine, they are perfectly justified in using nuclear weapons to wipe out a nation they are at war with? You said they would never willingly give up occupied territory. So why haven't they used their nukes before an Arab nation, Iran, gets them?

    That is what "democratically elected representatives of Palestine" means. It means that if they don't surrender, their people suffer. That's what war means, just in case you forgot.

    Rose, I'm sick and tired of your ignorance about Palestinians and Hamas.

    I can certainly understand how any cult member can get sick and tired of people not toeing the cult leader's line. But you have to realize something, Stephen. We are not and never will be members of your cult. Please understand that, for everyone's sake.

  43. After Iran finally begin to achieve democratic and peaceful movements towards bettering themselves,do you think that leading a coup against its most influential leader who brought people together and installing the Shah was an advancement for the Middle East?

    The Shah was achieving democratic and peaceful movement toward a more prosperous Iran until people like you helped Khomeini bring a Dark Age of Terror and Murder to the Iranians. Even though you are proud of your accomplishment, and of the executions and imprisoning Khomeini ordered for his former allies, we cannot be.

  44. Rose, I think you would be interested in reading this.


    Especially the part at the end, which has to do with the charge that Israel is an apartheid state. The truth doesn't get out, not because the information isn't available but because people will refuse to let it be seen. Even by their own eyes.

  45. Thank you, ymarsakar. That's always been my understanding.

    And I've always heard that Palestinians have more rights and freedoms under Israel's system than their own.

    Worth noting that Hamas has once again broken the ceasefire agreement.

  46. Iran to Obama: Your willingness to talk proves your weakness

    Klein: Hamas: We were in direct talks with Tony Blair for months. Comes as envoy recommends terrorist group join ‘peace process
    Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief for World Net Daily, writes that, according to a top official from Hamas speaking to WND, the terrorist organization has been in direct contact for months with Tony Blair, the former British prime minister and Mideast envoy for the international Quartet, which includes the U.S. among its ranks.

    “Yes, we have been talking with Blair for at least five months,” said Ahmed Yousef, Hamas’ chief political adviser in the Gaza Strip....

    ...In an interview with the Times of London published on the paper’s website yesterday, Blair stated, “I do think it is important that we find a way of bringing Hamas into this process, but it can only be done if Hamas are prepared to do it on the right terms.”

    Blair explained Hamas would need to renounce violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist. Still, he relented, his “basic predisposition is that in a situation like this you talk to everybody.”...

  47. Pay Attention, Stephen. Will YOU stand by and allow this to happen again?

    In Venzuela: “There is a well-orchestrated campaign on TV, radio, print and Internet media owned by the government, openly questioning Israelis right to exist, even including publication of such anti-Semitic materials as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A group of pro-government journalists is urging the population to boycott of businesses owned by Jews in Venezuela,” they added.

    Most frightening was a 'plan of action' published in a pro-government digital newspaper, Aporrea.org, giving direction against Venezuela’s Jewish community which included:
    publicly denouncing by name, the members of powerful Jewish groups in Venezuela, names of their companies and businesses in order to boycott them

    avoiding products, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and where Kosher food is sold which either belongs or has links with 'Zionist Jews'

    questioning the existence of Jewish educational institutions

    shouting pro-Palestine and anti-Israel slogans at Jews on the street

    inviting anti-Zionist Jews living in Venezuela to publicly express their disassociation from 'Zionist war crimes' and the imposition of artificial State of Israel on Palestine

    nationalization of companies, confiscation of properties of those Jews who support the Zionist atrocities of the Nazi-State of Israel, and donate this property to the Palestinian victims of today’s Holocaust

    sending all type of aid to Palestinians including weapons

    hacking pro-Zionist websites including governments or institutions that have relations with Israel

    organizing an international conference about the creation of the theocratic - Nazi state of Israel as a genocidal European colony, and about the myths and facts of the alleged Jewish Holocaust or Holohoax (a blackmailing industry)

    support the dissolution of the artificial State of Israel

    A letter from Center dean and founder Rabbi Marvin Hier to the Organization of American States (OAS) read in part, “Under the presidency of Hugo Chavez, the Jewish community of Venezuela has suffered repeated attacks, which were, at least tolerated, if not incited or promoted by State officials …. We believe it is time for the OAS to take action on this outrageous situation which makes a mockery of democratic and civil liberties and guarantees. We urge you to establish an OAS special field mission … to immediately investigate the situation … and recommend punitive action against all those who are responsible for this campaign of hatred against the Jewish people.”
    From atlasshrugs

    And if you truly believe Israel and the Jews are the problem and Zionists, meaning those who support Israel, are the problem, then what is your solution? Do you believe that eliminating all Jewish people will stop the Muslims from wanting to kill you?

    They will merely transfer the target. Chavez has already marked the US.


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