Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is funny on so many levels. If you can get through it...


We should not underestimate the socioeconomic or aesthetic consequences of the CalTrans’ Richardson Grove widening proposal, which increases our dependence on obsolete, unreliable global market strategies, including big diesel trucks (“Drive-Thru Redwoods,” Jan. 8).

We should utilize 21st century know-how and exploit the minor inconveniences attributable to our geography and weather to develop regional self-reliance, while enhancing RG and its local businesses with slowed traffic and a safe bike lane.

CalTrans makes much of the alleged economic benefits of STAA trucks to some businesses, but never evaluates the impacts on local businesses of the inevitable chain store invasions and urbanization that soon follow highway thoroughfares. The environmental report mentions but never analyzes the impacts of STAA connection from 101 to I-5, so the whole area can be “served,” and developed. It doesn’t analyze the impacts of compressing big redwood tree roots, either.

The RG and Eureka-Arcata corridor projects are wasteful and destructive boondoggles that needlessly threaten our small-town lifestyles with rapid, overwhelming, faceless, exploitative development. Our geography buffers us, and we should exploit it to foster creative socio-economic solutions that enhance, rather than degrade, our quality of life.

With innovative, sustainable local development of our unparalleled recreational, agricultural, fishery, timber, manufacturing and other resources, using emerging energy, transportation (electric vehicles?), communication, and other technologies, we can retain what we love while improving our lot.

Twisty highways are like potholes in a country road. Fix ’em, and trouble follows. 
Widening roads is as irreversible as the consequences are inevitable, which we ignore at great peril.

— Ken Miller, McKinleyville
In The Journal this week.


Oh, crap, Mr "Mad River Bluffs Boondoggle" himself has ANOTHER one in the TS! Really toned it up, took out the "If you build potholes trouble will come" crap... his version of I have a dream, I guess.. ☛TS Imagine Humboldt. Channeling Lakoff?

Response: Isolationism is equal to suffocation


  1. Was that in the Times- Standard? I never saw it.

  2. I know how we can get needed goods into Humboldt....let's buy a fleet of unicorns.

  3. Opps, forgot the link, I'll fix that. It was in the Journal this week.

  4. What can you expect from Ken Miller? He hands out or sells 215 cards and says he does not. And his relationship with DA Gallegos and Tim Stoen to persecute PALCO!

  5. "With innovative, sustainable local development of our unparalleled recreational, agricultural, fishery, timber, manufacturing and other resources, using emerging energy, transportation (electric vehicles?), communication, and other technologies, we can retain what we love while improving our lot."

    So, you don't like Ken Miller. What are the other four things you hate about Humboldt County.

  6. I guess the people of Sonoma and Napa counties buy all the wine produced there. I guess Ken Miller thinks all goods produced here will be consumed by locals. We have unparalleled amounts of natural resources,fish,timber,and that huge amount of agriculture that will keep us sitting pretty for years to come,transported by the flying pig company.What drugs does Ken Miller have and can I have some??

  7. Ah, yes! Now that I'm here, let's build a gate across the highway & don't let anybody else in.
    What a strange & funny man is Ken Miller! I wonder if he knows Humboldt Co. existed before he arrived.

  8. good point Robin. how did we ever get along without him?

  9. Somebody musta fixed a pothole, and Ken slipped in!

  10. And I love he always brings in TIMBER as an asset. Mister destrcuto himself... the king of the boondoggles, Mr. Mad River Bluffs boondoggle himself.

    Mr. "Spend the money on ME!' Ken Miller! complaining about widening the road.

    Mr. MD doesn't want safer roads. Just call him Dr. Death.

  11. Poor Humboldt County.Its natives are so isolated from the rest of California, the Country, and the World. And here we are in the middle of the starving season while that lunatic Ken Miller calls for innovative, sustainable local development. Blast him! Doesn't he know what five generations of inbred Humboldt County natives really want is deregulation, unquestioned police authority, environmentalists and newbies out of here, and a new DA?

  12. Nice try. Any criticism of Ken always triggers the troglodyte straw man.

    You're so wrong, on so many counts. Is that you, Ken?

    Tell me this - How many people get to Richardson's Grove, and stop, and peer ahead, and say to themselves, "Ooooh, that's a n-a-r-r-o-w, t-w-i-s-t-y little road..." (you have to really pinch up your face when you say this... "It's scary!" "I don't think I can go any further than this." and turn around and head back to wherever they came from. How many?

  13. Not enough. That's what we have environmentalists, tree sitters regulations, and predatory litigious orgs for.

  14. Yeah, we need more Jeny Cards and Dumpster Muffins. More meddling dishonest, disingenous pot docs, too.

  15. What we need is more sex and beer, a Walmart, a Home Depot, a larger gene pool, a water pipeline from SE Alaska, more people, and infrastructure. Growth. Greed. Money. Sex. Beer.

  16. If you say so.

  17. The humboldt isolationists are cute. The "I've got mine and you can go to hell" mentality is so socially and environmentally responsible when people are starving or freezing to death.

  18. I assume you include Ken Miller in your full - of - shit assessment.

  19. The majority of Humboldt environmentalists are narcissistic a**holes. Blah, Blah, Blah and more Blah.

  20. All their women are strong, their men good looking, and their children are above average.

    Hey Lunatic, that is a nice picture of you on the Carson Park Ranger blog.

  21. Anon,R.mous had all the details on the trucks, Kym - here are some of his links:

    Word of the day: OFFTRACKING with diagrams of turning radius...Richardson's Groves low-speed causes more offtracking problems, one because of it's tight corners, and two, it's low speed. What it means it the corners need to be wider, and gentler so you don't have people sharing the same lane. You ever see the sign on the back of the trailers that say "Wide Right Turns?" That's offtracking.

    Links about STAA trucks and Richardson Grove, a year in review.
    GCWR and Oh, only one problem with the story though, the new trucks have new engines which already meet the new standard (2007) there was a major change at that time, the next major step is in 2010, where the big trucks will most likely be cleaner then your Pruis...
    STAA trucks mean more protection for the drivers, legally.

    Bigger STAA trucks mean less truck traffic.
    Most of the items getting trucked in and out of Humboldt County are under 80,000 pound gross. Sun Valley would have a hard time stuffing enough flowers in the back of a trailer to try and overload a truck. They would, and have said, that they could use 160 trucks less per year with the longer trucks. Why is this? It's because they are using more space than weight. I'd be surprised if the trucks leaving Sun Valley had more than 10,000 pounds in the box.

    Anon.r.mous' helpful picture guide to STAA trucks.


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