Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now online:

Searchable text version of Senate Generational Theft Act; House Dems’ package tops $1.1 trillion .... VIEW IT HERE

Sickening. It has passed.


  1. The conservatives want to privatize Social security, increase tax cuts, privatize medicare, lower minimum wage, protect foreign auto manufacturing plants located in the US, offshore American manufacturing, and sell the rest to foreign investors. Globalizing the free trade economy has subjugated your government to the board rooms of multinational corporations, trampled on your right to work by driving up unemployment levels and brought the middle class to its knees by redistributing wealth to the top of the pyramid and saddling you with debt.

    Do you know that Rush Limbaugh makes $200 million a year convincing you poor bastards what is good for you?

  2. $75 million for Smoking Cessation programs. Yeah, that's gonna fix the economy.

    The system works perfectly well. It's the overuse of credit, and spending beyond our means that has brought us to the brink of financial ruin. It's not just lack of responsibility, but rewarding those who are irresponsible that causes the problem. That thinking needs to be reversed.

    And you absolutely need a line item veto.

    Anybody who thinks that Washington DC bureaucrats are doing anything that is going to fix what they have created is crazy.

  3. create the problem then have the solution ready to go. The solution is always more control and more taxes.

  4. Spending beyond our means? You will say anything to get a new Walmart. The system isn't working very well for you. A line Item veto will never happen. Why not make it a law that that each bill passed may deal with only one issue. No hidden agendas. And put a higher burden of taxes on Rush Limbaugh. He deserves to have his wealth redistributed.

  5. This will not be the final version.


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