Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Assassins of the Mind

vanityfair.com/politics/ Christopher Hitchens
When Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa on novelist Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses, it was the opening shot in a war on cultural freedom. Two decades later, the violence continues, and Muslim fundamentalists have gained a new advantage: media self-censorship....


  1. Hey Rose. Sorry for the hijacking but I wanted to update people as to whats going on on Joel Meilke's blog. My last post which he will probably delete was this.

    "Maybe if you posted more than one story a week and weren't afraid of different opinions you'd have more viewers.

    You're one of the masses joel. You are common, and ignorant, like most of america. You think you're unique because your pre-packaged "alternative" media tells you you are. You don't even know why you believe he things you believe, you react like a puppet on strings. Your masters pull a string and you blindly follow.

    Yet when I and others attempt to cut those strings and help you be more than a slave you rise up and attack, not because its the ethical thing to do or even because you want to. You attack because its what your masters have ordered you to do...and what's pathetic is you think attacking me is your own original idea.

    I DARE you to leave this post up joel! I DARE YOU!"

  2. The muslim fundamentalists are experts of propaganda. The masters must keep the slaves dumbed down. This is because an educated individual can see the bullshit for what it is. The elites on top keep the people at the bottom of the pyramid fighting with each other.

  3. Muslims are rank amateurs when it comes to propaganda and manipulating information by Jews. Show us where Muslims are owning most of America's media information sources. Show us the Muslims on the White House staff advising our President on matters of foreign policy and national economic stability.

    Methinks the wolf is crying wolf here when Americans believe Muslims are capable of foisting Islamic ideology on Americans. You want to change Muslim behavior? Change your own first before telling others to change theirs.

    And Rose, why not listen to your friend for a change and stop posting these hate Muslim topics that you are doing for the benefit of whom? Not Americans who, like Obama, know we have to live in a world where there is over a billion believers in Islam. Start understanding who we are dealing with for a change to see how to go about overcoming Muslim fanatics reacting to Christian and Jewish imperialism.


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