Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ken Miller's 'boondoggle' costs up to $1.5 million

Just for the record. Mad River bluffs stabilized Knowing this, can anyone take his cries about potholes and Richardson Grove seriously?


  1. Looks like they did a nice job. Now why is this Ken Miller's fault? Not sure if hillside reconstruction will be a gateway to development, but whatever. His argument is weak, regardless.

  2. So true Anon...neither will the Richardson Grove project. Read the EIR docs and not the Doc's fear based reasoning.

  3. Really, you just have to wonder what planet Ken Miller lives on. The entire highway has been improved over the last 30 years, it's now a pleasure to drive, with a few sticking points. Now, with this, pretty much the last one to be fixed, he decides to get a - oh well, I was going to say something crass about a hair and a derriere, but, there's no point.

    He's on the wrong side of history now - what with the HUGE economic stimulus package supposed to be heralding infrastructure IMPROVEMENTS.

    It's not like it was in the 30s though, when you could just build a road, all you needed then was the engineer, and the workers, and the equipment.

    Now, you can't even widen one hazardous curve without Ken Miller types calling out the battalions.

    He sure has no problem calling for improvements for his own property.

  4. In short, he's the worst kind of hypocrite: a greedy one!.


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