Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ditch the piercings

Slovenia with record low temperature -49
Slovenia registered the lowest temperatures ever. At the Bohin resort, a half frozen weatherman standing outside, reported minus 49°C.

Slovenian Media have reported recommendations of the meteorological institute of Germany, which alarms over the risks of having piercings – the metal earrings on people’s body could cause dangerous freezing.

No metal objects attached to the body should be worn, warns the media, for people who must venture outside.
For everyone else, Slovenian media urges its citizens to stay in their homes. //01.10.09

Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age (Pravda)

And, don't miss this one - ◼ Global Warming Contradictions: Record Snowfall in United Arab Emirates
Snow covered the Jebel Jais area for only the second time in recorded history yesterday.
So rare was the event that one lifelong resident said the local dialect had no word for it.
h/t: Rides a Pale Horse


  1. Picture almost reminds me of the thing that lives across the street from me.

  2. I look at this pic and all I can think is "Why?"
    Rose, somewhere I found a link to a hilarious 419 scam that you posted. could you point me back to it? I want to share it with a friend of mine who keeps getting these scam e-mails. I'm hoping it will inspire him.

  3. Yeah, there are two - one where the guy acts out the plea, and the other where the guy poses as a woman who is 'interested' in the Nigerian scammer... I'll find it and post the links for ya.

  4. Here's the other:
    First - This blogger says I Laughed Till I Cried

    This is what he is talking about... Patricia Heliotrope Kearney and the scammer
    Patrick Ngozi son of the defunct ex General of Central Africa tries to swindle poor thirty-three year old Patricia Kearney and the very Reverend William Farquar Felcher out of 40,000 Euro!

    Will they fall for his wicked plan? What starts as a high profile, top secret financial transaction involving 70,000,000 US$ and a chest full of gold bars, quickly deteriorates into a flaming love story of todger fixation, elephants, lions and Pete Townsend’s plectrum!

    1. Patrick Guilley NGOZI - The Scammer
    2. Patricia Heliotrope Kearney (me) - 33 year old woman
    3. Gwendoline Paxo Kearney (me) - The sister of Patricia
    4. Reverend William Farquar Felcher (me) - Head of the Church of the Kinky Mary Magdeline
    5. Dr. Wilhelm Winkler (me) - Consultant at the International Circumcision Association

    ..... make sure you have an hour to kill.

  5. Notice how Patrick keeps trying to get her back to her bank account numbers.

    The cellphone part is pretty funny, too...

    The whole thing is funny, actually.

  6. Thank you!
    I hadn't seen the acted out request.
    I love the way he spoke out all the poor spelling!
    So much fun!
    Everything about the romance one slays me, just so funny. I almost felt sorry for the idiot... almost.

  7. :) I agree - almost. I love that he knew exactly what brand, model and features for the cellphone he wanted, for him and his brother wasn't it?. Oh, yes, that would be lovely. :) It's been a while since i read it.

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