Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crackpots and scams

Do we have more per capita than anywhere on earth?

☛TS Community currency gaining visibility

With the continuously bleak predictions for our nation's economy, a group of local consumers is urging the community to invest in itself through paper currency that can only be used in Humboldt County.

The Humboldt Exchange Community Currency Project, a volunteer-run group promoting the use of community currency in exchange for local services, produces the colorful bills, featuring local images created by local artists.

”The overall idea is not to displace U.S. currency, just to offer an alternative currency to meet people's needs,” said Jon Zaglin, the project's business outreach coordinator....

But can you pay for your pancake breakfast with it?

From the ☛ TS comments: TomTom Pssstttt...wanna buy the plates for making this Humboldt Home Grown fake money. All you need is a color printer and some Hemp toilet paper...

Let's get it straight - "The Humboldt Exchange Community Currency Project" is "Democracy Unlimited" (DUHC) is David Cobb Is Kaitlin Sopoci Belknap is _________ is ______________ is ______________ is ______________ - how many group names do these guys have anyways?

And how much did they pull in in the Measure T scam? Where's that check to reimburse the County for its REAL expenses that they were collecting money for?


  1. Still at war with Kaitlin and David? What have they done to you personally to cause you to be so vigilante? You may disagree with their politics, but recognize them for their successful community organizing. Why don't you join them for a breakfast and air your grievances?

  2. Richar, you stupid ass 4323456756358544351! I could just strangle youlyou are so Fing dumb. You were just pissing and moaning about no fish planting in the lagoon. These are scum sucking bums that support that crap. They are the same bums that want to kill the pulp mill,any work on the bay,saddled us with the poison measureT and on and on. Not to mention the lies they sell to wide eyed kids while getting into daddy's credit card. Richard how did you ever keep a job where you had to think? With your logic we should break bread with the child molester down the strret cause he sucessfully made it out of prison. Richard just go the F away till you can grow up.

  3. Well, I don't wish Richard ill or anything; heck I voted for the guy three years ago. But I sure do wish he would GROW UP and take the blinders off regarding Cobb and the DUHC scam artists, who, after all, backed corrupticrat Neely instead of him in that Supes race.

    As far as this currency scam, it's simply incredible that anyone would trust them with running a currency system when these same people won't even disclose where the "money to defend Measure T" went.

    They also have their "Community Currency Open Meetings" at David and Kaitlin's house, guaranteeing that most normal people will feel unwelcome. Their books aren't open either, and there's no way for the rest of us to know how much "extra" they print out to cover their own asses when their fundraising machine sputters.

  4. "Still at war" with Kaitlin and David?

    Actually, in the beginning, and until quite recently, I didn't pay them much attention at all. They were jut too ridiculous for words.

    But this practice of starting up all these "groups" and soliciting money under each of those banners is something I do pay attention to, Mr. Marks, as you ought to know.

    And soliciting money under false pretenses, claiming it is for 'defending Measure T' when in fact it is the County that had to pay to defend that piece of shit, that is a very real problem, and one that should OFFEND you, Mr. Marks, as one who strove to be a County Supervisor, who desired to represent the people, and to manage and safeguard their money.

    Where's the check, Richard? How much money is it? An embarrassingly low $50? Or is it over $10,000? Could it be as much as the $100,000 it cost the County?

    Where's the money? Did they return it to the donors with a note saying, "Thanks for being willing to stand up, but as it turned out, we did not have to cover this cost, the County did, so we are refunding your money."?

    Or are they using it to continue to travel around the Country, pushing this same boondoggle in other jurisdictions in concert with their 'expert' Mr. Bonifaz? How many plane tickets and hotel rooms have been paid for with this money?

    At war? Hardly. Just pointing out that local reporters who ought to know better keep printing up their little press releases, without even noting that Cobb/Kaitlin is DUHC is Community Currency is the ohony name they made up to push Measure T, and so on and so on and so on... A little connect the dots. A little transparency. A little smidgen of investigative reporting.

  5. and so on and so on and so on... A little connect the dots. A little transparency. A little smidgen of investigative reporting.

    I think you are expecting too much out of the tools here.

    I mean, expecting a gun to get up and "protect you" is too much, I believe. And so is expecting the tools in the propaganda organs to be able to take the initiative and do something they were never ordered and programmed to do.

  6. Hey! Am I being censored? I posted a reply afew hours ago and It is not here! Let me answer again:

    12:56pm-You compare Kaitlin and Cobb to Child Molesters? You are just sick. Get help for your anger.

    1:51pm-They backed Neely? I thought I had their vote. Damn, back to the drawing board.

    Rose: I ran for Supervisor with honorable intentions. I would have protected the publics trust. I feel I am pretty middle of the road politically. The intent was to represent working class families as best as possible. I failed, but I tried. That is more than most. I put my money where my mouth is. May do it again.

  7. You're not being censored, Blogger had a scheduled outage that affected comments.

    I know you ran with honorable intentions. That was very clear. In any race, only one wins, often there are many good candidates. It is not always a lesser of two evils thing.

    I still say it should bug you that they are collecting money under false pretenses. With so many groups.

  8. Listen into Cobb's KHSU cult show tonight? After a bunch of pre-arranged cheerleader calls on so-called 'open lines' night, the one call critical of Measure T gets cut off in less than a minute. Do we detect a trend, or will Herr Kirk continue with his lame denials?

  9. Richard you need therapy if you can't see an evil com job right in front of your face. They are molesters,it comes in many forms and you support her at the water district. Talk about needing therapy,dude you are a fool.

  10. Even better, Eric Kirk's intolerant wife described the caller as "crazy" because he disagreed with Measure T and Cobb. It was the only caller all night who disagreed with the high & mighty host -- you would have loved it Rose, it was bunch of pre-arranged callers on "open lines" night from Baykeeper, Cobb's controlled Green Party and Cobb's election committee.

  11. "I still say it should bug you that they are collecting money under false pretenses."

    Can you prove that?And what if one who donates to their causes doesn't care simply because they like the work that they do,and don't really care how they spend it?Can't people spend their money how they choose too?Should people not be allowed to barter goods and services if they choose too?If I want to give $5, or whatever form of currency to the DUHC house for some pancakes and conversation,should I not be able too?Do you hate freedom?

  12. I think that Cobb and Bellknap have broken federal law with this currency scheme. If I were them, I would be looking to relocate. Perhaps in a federal prison?

    Here's the scam: what better way to launder dope money? Everyone who has seen the Heraldo blog knows that Cobb and Bellknap are part of it and contribute significantly to all the hate there and the love fest with pot.

  13. I don't think David and Kaitlin are growers. They can't even install a rain gutter without running afoul of the law.

  14. Your over-reaction is quite telling, Richard. How is Rose, penning a little critique of a T-S propaganda piece puffing up the fake Democracy Unlimited currency scam, going "vigilante" on anyone? Is even the slightest murmur of dissent now equated with arson and assault?

    The DUHCs and their sympathizers are over-sensitive towards these criticisms precisely because they are hitting the mark square-on.

  15. A little googling of David Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap will give you an idea of the extent of the solicitation, Richard. 'we urgently need money for this, for that, your SECURE donations will do this will do that, oh please oh please send money, money, more money...'

    Check it out, man. How many group names are used?

    Take it further, add the group names in separate googles, with or without their names affiliated.

    Then, in addition to noting the begging that goes on, pay attention to who they are affiliated with and who shows up on Cobb's radio programs.

    They think you are dumber than a box of rocks, and that you won't even know when you are being scammed. They laugh at all of you behind your backs. But don't think about that.

  16. ?If I want to give $5, or whatever form of currency to the DUHC house for some pancakes and conversation,should I not be able too?Do you hate freedom?

    I hate to say dumb question, mresquan, but dumb question. Of course not. You are free to give your hard earned money to whomever you wish.

    But you have a right to know the truth about what it is being used for. If they tell you they need money for pancake batter, and you say, wow, I'll chip in, and then they go get their nails done, well, that isn't exactly right, now, is it?

  17. Eric in respect to someone willingly giving to COBB and being free to enter into that arraingment,I'd have to agree. Glad you see it that way and am glad you will support Arkley in his free will.

  18. Is Cobb's show on podcast?

  19. The KMUD show is searchable in KMUDs archives thanks to ASIS internet. The relevant portion of the KHSU show was recorded and will be distributed over You tube soon.

    You'll be disgusted Rose, it was so damn obvious that Larry from EPIC/Baykeeper was already on hold for the 'open lines' show which supposedly had no pre-arranged guests. Every single caller was affiliated with Cobb in some way, save the one poor soul who disagreed with His Highness.s

  20. This is standard practice. These guys have learned to use "free" shows to pump the propaganda - and it is often written into their grant applications - how they do "community outreach" as part of their "public service."

    Taking advantage of the Public Access Channels is another way they leech off the public's largesse.

    Politicians are happy to set it up for them, because they look so magnanimous, setting up public access so kid's plays and other performances can be shown, things that would never be allowed on commercial stations and networks. The Public Access Channel ought to be renamed the Subversive Network."

    And all public funding of Democracy Now! ought to be pulled immediately. :et 'em make it on their own, they're big enough, they've outgrown the public incubator.

  21. At least with the public access tv, you or I can submit a show and have a reasonable chance of getting it shown, Rose. In this sense, they're light years ahead of KHSU, where nobody with either your politics (paleo-conservative?) or mine (constitutional populist) has a snowball's chance of getting a show.

  22. Yes, the good side of Public Access is allowing students to show their work (though that is part of what has come to be abused), showing things like the Kinetic race, the Fourth of July fair, community concerts, and recitals, local bands and comedy acts, and public meetings. That's the reason why it had broad spectrum support. We can hope that the baby doesn't get thrown out with the bathwater when the public finally says "no!" to being used as free advertising for activist scammers.

    I'm not sure, since you mention it, exactly what the definition of my politics would be... conservative, yes, more libertarian than not... but either way, it is currently not pc.

  23. When I say paleo-conservative, I refer to the politics, of, say, Pat Buchanan, who wants a restoration of traditional values, but isn't so virulently pro-war and pro-deficit spending like the neocons.

  24. callmedominatrix1/23/2009 5:08 PM

    The slave is a cheap bastard. He weasels out of his bill with this community currency, and I make him suffer for it.

  25. Well, I'm not a Pay Buchanan fan, by any stretch of the imagination. Wasn't a Moral Majority fan either.

    I'm for small government, minimal taxes, fewer rules and regulations, and absolute support of the Constitution and the founding principles of this country. And I am pro defense, because without that, the most important job of the Federal Government, we could lose it all.

    Don't know how you would define that - or what a Constitutional populist is.

    Oh, - and I am very very anti con man.

  26. Here's that link to Cobb's KMUD show. He starts calling the one guy who rang in to disagree with him an "ass" and and "idiot" around minute 50:

  27. oh yes, I am an ass, and an idiot. Because I believe the people in power should be held accountable. How dare I!I never chose to be the public face of the rebellion, the rebellion chose me. The truth chose me, the people chose me. A burden? Yes! A thankless burden? Most certainly! The sheep see a horned lion butting heads with a wolf and they cheer the wolf. Are the sheep that self-deluded that they think the wolf will not eat them? May the wolf lead the foolish into a ravine where they will be devoured! May the lion shed his horns to reveal the halo and be known by his true name. The name, Aslan. Champion of righteousness. Continue mocking this royal beast. Will not be my flesh between the ravening jaws of the wolf. I shall turn my ears from your screams and shed a tear as I allow you to suffer the destiny you have chosen for yourselves.

  28. That was the KMUD show, Bravo. You called his KHSU show. Same Cobb intolerance, but a different time, a different frequency.

  29. Well. Thanks for the link. That was quite a show. All that talk about the importance of the minority voice, and freedom and open discussion - and then - well, not.

    I stand by my title - the guy is a crackpot.

  30. And here's the deal, with DUHC disciples now involved with the almost defunct but showing signs of life "Humboldt Watershed Council aka Healthy Humboldt" - look for Ms. DUHC/Community Currency/et al/Water District official to begin bringing said "Humboldt Watershed Council/HealthyHumboldt" and other activist groups like Baykeeper/NEC into Water District business as "stakeholders" - a. without disclosing her affiliations, and b. in place of the CSDs (Community Services Districts who are the real stakeholders.

    It's going to be up to the other Water Board representatives to make sure they don't get sucked into the activist agenda, and mistake them for the people they represent.

    And by the way, whatever happened to the missing $200,000 grant to Humboldt Watershed Council" - did they file an amended tax return? That might be a question for new President Carlos Quilez who has pledged openness and transparency...

  31. Richard Marks, pay attention. Your job is at stake.

  32. Do something good Richard. Call for these bums to open their books

  33. Yeah, when Zaglin starts accepting his DUHC-funded (from Measure T defense money?) stipend in fake hippy bucks, then I'll take him seriously.

  34. Here's the end of the article:
    For more information on community currency, go to
    The Associated Press contributed to this report.
    Donna Tam can be reached at 441-0532 or

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.?

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.!

    How is that possible? You mean DUHC sent out a press release, and the AP ran it?!? And THEN the TS picked it up? Is that what happened?

    This is NOT an AP worthy story.


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