Sunday, January 25, 2009

John Matthews/Ann Coulter podcast

In case you missed it.


  1. Yawn.

    Hearing Nick Bravo call David Cobb a fascist was far more entertaining.

  2. Which station was that on? How many shows does Cobb have now?

    Got a link?

  3. KHSU, which doesn't archive their stuff on-line. Cobb has two radio shows now, on both so-called community stations, which begs the question about "diverse public radio" and all.

  4. Good job, John.

  5. Man Coulter VS David Cobb?
    I'll take Cobb.

  6. What a false choice, Tom!

    Luckily KMUD has a real talk show where people with different points of view (beyond the fake left-right paradigm) are actually allowed to speak.

    I rather enjoyed the one last night, where the guy from the ACLU was ripping the stuffing out of Dana Silvernale from the Green Party after she attacked the ACLU for opposing Measure T:

  7. Lord Cobb will be displeased with his apprentice. The Sith are always supposed to have the last word. Curses!

  8. When's nick gonna be callin into my show or erics? I really need the ratings!


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