Thursday, September 11, 2008


So DUHC (Demockery Unlimited) has posted an ACTION ALERT! regarding Measure T! And whaddya KNOW! They are asking for MONEY, honey. And LOOK who they want you to send it to... it's the oddest thing.

What you can do:
Make a donation to support the people of Humboldt County in this lawsuit! Click here.

Crackin' me up.


  1. Rose, Thank you for this. I would like to ask you a favor, would you please post any (and I mean any)text from the book "Set Up and Sold Out: The Greening of America" and put it next to some of the fascist crap I found on the 'Democracy Unlimited' or 'Liberty Tree' site? It would be helpful to remind people that the ideas posted on these popular "progressive" sites are not only NOT new, but are actual re-iterations of historical representations of the likes of STALIN, HITLER et al. in the reality movement of opposition of the regressives - who would see us all put in dormitory style gulags so they can live on their 5 acre pieces and tell us what to do and what to think and where to work and how much we can drive and where to live and and and...Thank you.

  2. Sure.

    Like Gallegos' proposed Trust Fund - Measure T is a precedent setting move for the activist community. Once they get it in here, they can use that weapon to hamstring their targets in other areas.

    The orgs operate outside of all of our governmental safeguards. They are viewed as sacred cows and have become home to the worst kind of con men. There are no checks and balances to speak of.

    And Measure T codifies that into law - pinning down the prey, so the vulture/poachers can poke and torture at will. to the screams of delight from the Orks.

    I suspect that link to donate to PLF is a mistake and will be corrected. Can't pass up on that cash cow opportunity, the money is meant to go to DUHC. Though why they would need it is beyond me - the County will bear the cost - and their "pro-bono" lawyer, Bonifaz, isn't in the picture and isn't supposed to get any money, anyway.

  3. When did the Orcs start siding with men? Those Orcs must have switched sides when the one ring was delivered up to Mt. Doom and cast into the molten fires from whence it came, breaking the spell of it's evil power. Sadly the elves have left Humboldt County. But, the Age of Man has been revived with Measure T. And the power of corporations over man has been checked. Henceforth shall corporations bend to the will of men of integrity and honor those who toil!

  4. Rose said...
    Ahh, yesss, my preshussss.... but only SOME corporations. Those who doth PLEASE the "Progressives" will continue unchecked, if they pay up and handsomely... and those who displease the fascist "Progressives" will be punished....

    Orwell was right.

  5. Ahh, so there are still pockets of evil left in the land where Worm Tongue resides. Ever was his power bent to do the will of his evil corporate masters. He seems to have cast a spell over your mind, Rose, so that you cannot tell the difference between evil fascistic partnerships forged between government and moneyed interests in the Orc weapons factories of old and the Progressive movement for the equality of man that is the antithesis of fascism. Cast off Worm Tongue's spell, Rose. Gandolf the White no longer dwells in Humboldt County. He has sailed into the west with the elves. You must find the will to save yourself - only then will your mind be free of Worm Tongue's poisoned words.

  6. Don't give up yer day job. I've told ya before.

  7. 8:59 - wake up and live in the now with a memory of the mistakes from the past - not in some made up fantasy world; worm's tongue??? methinks YOU should LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!!

  8. A. I don't think Demockery Unlimited's site is 'popular' - but they sure work to get the word out, with a regular listserve "newsletter" pushing the community currency and asking for more money - asking you to donate when you shop at the Co-Op, pushing the pancake breakfasts... and all that.

    B. They seem to be following in the Salzman footsteps (or maybe he in theirs, with a multitude of groups, all pretending to be different, when in fact they are all, just Kaitlin and david in another money-making activist guise.

    C. You better take it seriously. This woman is now an elected official and with that comes some credibility.

    D. Run a google search - it's very interesting. Cross reference her and Cobb. Look at the pleas for money.

    E. The college she graduated from is belly up - a failed experiment. And that's exactly what you are getting from her and Cobb - Measure T in all its glory. It's all a crock of shit.


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