Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just askin'

It is ILLEGAL to commercially sell Sport-Caught Salmon, right? Non-profits have to buy the fish they serve at local fundraisers, by law. Does Pete Nichols/Baykeeper have a Commercial Fishing License? How about a sales license? How does this work exactly? And, will the DA prosecute his campaign manager's husband?
From: pete@humboldtbaykeeper.org
Save the Date: 2008 Birthday Bash
Join us for our third annual benefit dinner and dance on Friday, September 26 at the Arcata Community Center. We're aiming for yet another incredible night of dining, dancing, and celebrating our coastal waters with the people who make Bay protection come to life - that means YOU!

This year's event will feature Alaskan Copper River salmon, personally caught
(gill netted?) by Baykeeper director Pete Nichols - a fabulous silent auction and benefit drawing with incredible prizes - the third annual Waterkeeper of the Year award presentation - dancing to the sounds of the West African Highlife Band - and much more!

Menu by Hurricane Kate's will delight you with:
Salmon - fresh-caught from Alaska's Copper River;
Beef - last year's offering was sirloin steak; or
Vegetarian - last year's offering was African chickpea and sweet-potato stew
(Check back soon for full menu)

Download a ticket order form at right to purchase tickets for dinner by September 22. Music tickets are available in advance or at the door ($15-$25, sliding scale.)

Pete Nichols, Executive Director
Humboldt Baykeeper

Related info:
About Copper River Salmon - Hundreds of fishermen try their luck, flooding the local Alaskan fishing town of Cordova in a "salmon rush" frenzy. The 500 some gill-netters fish the 35-mile wide Copper River Delta (mouth) where depth and sandbars change yearly. The rushing waters of the Copper River empty steeply from the mountains above while breakers pound in from the ocean. Parralled with unpredictable weather and tides makes fishing the "Flats" of the Copper River a bit dangerous at times. But the catch is well worth it.
Federal Wildlife Laws - Lacey Act
Lacey Act Amendments of 1981


  1. I guess he is a "different" and "more special" non-profit than the others that have to buy their wild game from commercial outfits. What's next, is baykeeper going to be selling abalone dinners too?

  2. And by the way - every single donor to this fundraiser - every single "corporate" donor needs to be looked at - because if ANY of them violate Measure T, that should be an issue.

    These are people who make their larcenous living off of trying to hold other people accountable to small legal details.

  3. You are so lucky Rose. I never get this stuff sent to me! Maybe it is the Pulp Mill worker thingy.

  4. You sound jelious Rose

    Go enjoy a glass of wine-

  5. Jelious? How many have you had?

  6. It's probably not wine he's ... enjoying


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