Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Federal court denies request to restrain Measure T

☛ ER Federal court denies request to restrain Measure T
A federal court denied a request Monday by two companies suing Humboldt County over Measure T to have a temporary restraining order placed on the ordinance, except in one specific instance.

Both companies, Mercer-Fraser Co. and O & M Industries, tried to have the restraining order put into play so they could freely attend several political events this week and contribute to local candidates and measures....

...a preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for Monday, which could determine whether Measure T is restrained until the U.S. District Court of Northern California makes a ruling on the law...

Both O & M Industries Vice President Rob McBeth and Mercer-Fraser Vice President Justin Zabel wrote in their declarations that their companies were invited to a private fundraising dinner with other local businesses, scheduled for sometime today, where they expected to contribute $500 each.

“The purpose of the meeting is to convene a round-table discussion concerning candidates in the various local election races anticipated to be the most receptive to the needs of small business and creation of local jobs,” both wrote in their declarations.

The court ruled that both companies can pledge to support a candidate at the event, but cannot give any funds as of yet, said Randy Riddle, an attorney representing Humboldt County in the lawsuit.

Both companies also want to contribute $1,000 to oppose two sales tax increases scheduled for the November ballot – Measure D for Eureka and Measure G for Arcata.

On behalf of Mercer-Fraser, Zabel wrote that the company also wants to spend a total of $1,000 on two of the three candidates running for the 2nd District Humboldt County Board of Supervisors seat. The three candidates are appointed incumbent Johanna Rodoni, Estelle Fennel and Clif Clendenen.

On behalf of O & M Industries, McBeth wrote that the company wants to contribute $500 toward the creation of a candidate mailer for both the Eureka and Arcata city council races, which would be sent out to absentee voters on Sept. 30.

The one request the federal court did approve involved a campaign event being hosted by the Friends of Johanna Rodoni at the Fortuna Veterans Memorial Building. Tickets to the event cost $25.

The court ruled that McBeth can attend and pay the ticket fee, but couldn’t participate in any auctions or other fundraising events there, Riddle said.

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  1. I posted think link about the ACLU coming out in favor of the lawsuit at Heraldo's, but it never showed up. Go Figure.


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