Saturday, September 13, 2008

a TRO on T delayed.

☛ ER Companies challenge Measure T in court over definition of ‘local’ business
Two companies challenging the constitutionality of a voter-approved county ordinance are asking the U.S. District Court for Northern California to issue a temporary restraining order that would allow them to contribute to supervisorial candidates’ campaigns in the upcoming election.

Mercer-Fraser Company and O & M Industries filed a lawsuit against the county in August over Measure T, an ordinance that prohibits “non-local corporations” from contributing to any election inside Humboldt County borders.

On Friday, a hearing to have a temporary restraining order (TRO) placed on the ordinance so that the two companies may contribute was continued until Monday.

So, they're asking for a stay until the matter is finally decided. And the County is fighting THAT?


  1. Justice for all ??????? And I thought Mendocino County was corrupted.

  2. It's an outside law firm Rose.

    Gotta stack up all those billable minutes

  3. Anybody taking bets on the outcome of the Gunderson case next week?

    PVG is real nervouse.

  4. Based on what was in the papers, he should be - the case was a strange attempt to justify his own filing of the case - not about Gundersen's actions or guilt, or lack thereof, but what the recanting witness aid or didn't say and when and to whom. And whether she had Stockholm syndrome, or not

    The gun experts testified the guns were used by police, that there was training on the weapons...

    The Lunesta effects or lack thereof - looks like the only testimony about that is Darcie saying it didn't have much effect on her.

    Coupled with the the DA's wife, the ex-wife...

    I'd be cryin' in my beer.

  5. Remember Rose; this is Humboldt county. Enough prog/hippies on the jury and they may find Gundersen guilty of ordering the Bataan death march.

  6. Why do the two companies have to contribute? Don't they have a live person at the helm?

    Individuals can contribute, even those living outside of Humboldt County This seems to be a big stretch in asking for a TRO.

  7. So can Corporation A, the local jewelry maker (for example) IF they don't have people who reside out of the area - but not Corporation B, another local jewelry maker (for example) because one of their guys lives in, say Redding.

    That's the problem. Discrimination. Not whether Corporations can donate or not, but whether one can and another cannot... the ones the "Progressives" like can, the ones they dislike cannot.

    In the meantime, they, the "Progressive" Orgs, can donate at will, as can Unions, who historically go along with them, and who they have infiltrated and learned to manipulate.

    Make no mistake, Measure T was about one thing and one thing only - and that was to prevent Palco from being able to fight back against Gallegos/Ken Miller/Earth First/Michael Shellenberger/BACH - it was to give the activists clear sailing.

    No other reason.

  8. And, frankly, overturning Measure T is not enough.

    There needs to be legislation passed which brings the unregulated Orgs back under the checks and balances of our system of government.

    They have way overstepped their bounds, they are no longer about real grassroots citizens working to improve their communities, they are now about money and power and use the grassroots cloak to hide their larceny.

  9. Corporations are bad.

    Measure T is good.

    And brown paper bags of cash from marijuana growers is ????

    Corruption is right here in River City.

  10. And brown paper bags of cash from marijuana growers is ????


  11. And brown paper bags of cash from marijuana growers is ????

    Hey,Terry Farmer had the best of intentions when taking in that money.

  12. Yes Mr. Konkler, but at least he didn't give the dopers a key to the office and let them choose what cases he was going to file. Nor would I imagine that he had his stash under the front seat of his car either - something the current DA has been caught with - at least per his car dealer.


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