Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap/David Cobb/Demockery Unlimited family tree...


How many names do these people have?


  1. Rose,so you think this Cobb-orama of coruption is bad? It is but it's chump leauge compared to Nichols baykeeper scam. Does anyone not still on dope believe these sue happy phonies care one farthing about fishermen. Baykeeper is a scam slicker than spotted owl shit. Cobb is simply full of shit.

  2. Yeah, I saw the predatory litigious "Baykeeper's" piece in the TS - seems they are angry that their prey got away - oohhhh, now they care about the Fishermen, who they are putting out of business, because using the Fishermen as a sob-story enables them to go after Dennis Hunter, who has a big fat target on his back, as one of the few obstacles standing in the way of complete activist control of the Harbor Commission.

    They've got their talking points and they are hitting them hard.

  3. And speaking of Sneaky Pete - what do you think Mark Lovelace, Pete Nichols and Clif Clendenen were meeting about - at a doctor's office in Eureka?

    What's cookin'?

  4. L'est we forget, Rose ...

    The campaign expense Form 460 for Measure T showed that Kaitlin purchased a shitload of inkjet printer cartridges at Staples and David purchased food for a campaign event at Costco.

    Hey wait, aren't those the kind of big, bad outta town corps these wieners were whining about?

  5. Ahh, but Chris - Costco donates to the Democratic party and Staples presumably has caved into the activist blackmail... and anyway we all know that Orwell was right, all pigs are equal but some pigs are more equal than others - there's the corporations they don't like and then there's the ones they do like. I'm sure they'd take a donation from Apple Computer for example....

  6. So, are the pigs with lipstick the ones that are more equal?

  7. Don't forget the Humboldt Green Party, which was purged of its nonconformist elements and is now a pathetic little subsidiary of Cobb Inc.

  8. cobb et al
    What a joke ...

    So one day my daughter went to one of their meetings. Later she called me and said, "It was so weird dad ... and scary."

    I said, "I thought I told you honey, its a CULT Cobb is with Katlin (much younger woman) and is just a sleazy old man hussling kids!"

    my kid (21) goes "Bingo dad, that's it its a clut! and no I don't remember you warning me!"

    Anyway that's my take on them - CULT ... old man hustling the youngsters ...

    Frist time I saw them i thought Katlen was his kid!

    think about it - also check out I don't know if they still are in exstance but when they were I heard all kinds of things about Cobb and Katlen going to these things. I kid you not ...

    I asume you know who this is -

    ta ta for now rose!

  9. Yes, there were witnesses to a certain risque Halloween party in 2004, right before the presidential election David Cobb was a fake candidate in. He went with Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap all right, except David Cobb was the one wearing the skin-tight bodice and leather chaps, dominatrix style.

  10. Hmmmm....3:13 a.m. meds must have been really in effect to keep you up that late fantasizing about that sight!!!Hope you at least cleaned off your keyboard.

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  14. C'mon Rose, listen to mresquan, he just wants us to be sensitive enough to support mass orgies -- just so long as you don't litter or take photos or play with your poopoo.

  15. I followed the links from the site anon 1:36 references. And I had posted the text from some of those pages. It's really something.

    BUT - it certainly ISN'T what I was getting at in the title of this post - I was referring to all the ACTIVIST groups that Cobb, like Salzman, starts, and then uses, as if they were not related... there is a trail of those, and it is taking a while to put the pieces in order.

    I have no way of knowing if they have attended any of these 'parties' so in the interest of fairness, I am removing at least the pages of text from the links.

    As to whether it is relevant, if true - it might not be if they were not people who seek to dictate and restrict the actions of others. But they do. And as such, people who are impacted by their domination attempts might have a right to look more at their lifestyle than might otherwise be warranted.

  16. So will you allow your critics to put a camera in your bedroom or your car, so one can document what you do in your private life?Actually,I'm kind of bummed you took the "club risque" stuff done as it benefits a great cause,agree with the "risque" or not.
    Why are people so obsessed with sex lives of others?The ACLU would or should not like this thread one bit despite any grievances with David or Kaitlin.

  17. Am I passing Measures to dictate the behavior of others, mresquan? No.

    Anyway - I took down the text, yes. I left the links. It's a compromise with myself - as I am in partial agreement with you, even IF it is true.

  18. The POINT, mresquan, is that nobody who expects to be considered a legitimate presidential candidate goes prancing around dressed like a leather dominatrix right before the election. It's like David Cobb was PAID to destroy the credibility of the Green Party, and has succeeded as much.

  19. Cobb in leather chaps, whip in hand?



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