Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ooooh! Nasty! - UPDATED


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


In addition to the 28 charges Gundersen faced in the trial that ended Wednesday, the former police chief was also held to stand trial on charges of forcibly raping a second victim at gunpoint and acting unlawfully with department records.

Friday, Clanton asked that the District Attorney's Office make a decision at the earliest possible time as to how to proceed with those charges.

”You can pester all you want councilor,” said Deputy District Attorney Arnie Klein, who appeared on behalf of the people. “We'll make (the decision) at the appropriate time.”

Funny, Mr. Klein, this case has sped along at the speed of light. From all reports this upcoming case has no evidence in sight. A decision ought to be easy. The decision ought to have been made when the charges were filed. No?

Also in the article: ☛ TS Protective order revoked in Gundersen case
Friday, Seal appeared in court on Gundersen's behalf and requested that Watson lift the protective order.
Gundersen, who appeared in court with his hands shackled in front of him and clad in a red jump suit, was also scheduled to have a bail hearing Friday, but that matter was continued to Monday, when District Attorney Paul Gallegos would be available to appear for the people.


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012



red said...

If PVG really thinks that DG committed a forcible rape then why is he dithering? Why does the acquittal in the first case have any effect on whether PVG will proceed with this case? Clanton, by the way, can pull time and force the issue, take it to trial in 60 days or dismiss it.

Fred said...

Gee. Since they keep piling on charges, even after being convicted on all the other charges, they definitely seem determined to keep Gundy in jail and not just cut their losses. I don't know about the rape or records charges, but maybe they should also charge him with the murder of Curtis Huntzinger- the Blue Lake kid who has never been found? No statute of limitations on murder.

I was wondering: Since the judge revoked that order that Gundy not contact Seals, maybe the judge should drop the conviction for violating a court order, or whatever it was? That protection order is what he is accused of violating, right?

Anonymous said...

Arnie Klien talking tough to Clanton, now that would be a sight to see.

Is PVG on vacation? Or affraid, ashamed, to show his face in court?

Seems like a reasonable bail would be in order after this disaster. Gunderson is almost certainly financially devastated after being OVERCHARGED by PVG and bled for every penny by PVG's former associate Clanton.

Set the trial in 60 days if that is possible. Let PVG show us his stuff again.

Lost another one to Ditech and one to the Army reserve for a year. Makes you wonder how the good citizens (and the bad ones) will there "justice".

Anonymous said...

Not to pick nits but, Councilor?
USAGE NOTE Council, counsel, and consul are never interchangeable, though their meanings are related. Council and councilor refer principally to a deliberative assembly (such as a city council or student council), its work, and its membership. Counsel and counselor pertain chiefly to advice and guidance in general and to a person (such as a lawyer or camp counselor) who provides it. Consul denotes an officer in the foreign service of a country.

Rose said...

The oddest rumors come out of things like this case.

Does anybody know what cases Gundersen was working on in Blue Lake? Or whose toes he might have stepped on?


Gundersen stepped on my toes when he signed on to the RECALL band wagon.

Woops...I spelled my name wrong.

Anonymous said...

Recall the Jerk? YES and disbar him

Anonymous said...

Gunderson had a open investigation about official that lied to try to get someone arrested I heard, and the best part about it, there was undisputable facts about the statements the official made that proved the official was lieing. Thats why they wanted control of all the BLPD records so they could distroy the evedence. What they did not know was copys were made of the evedence and sent to laywers out of the area. they are waiting for the dust to settle on the current cases, then several Federal cases will be filed I hear.

Anonymous said...

Did Paul take a little trip with Joan and Margret? Seems they were spotted some place together

Anonymous said...

was it on a beach? did margret have her arms spread out waving a dead chicken around? she was a scareshark...